Monday, December 26, 2011

Sometimes I Have Weird Ideas

My freshman year for Halloween a group of us went to a couple of parties and haunted houses. Friday night was the 30th and we needed something fun to do. One of our friends was taking the beginning engineering classes and so he had some classes in the Clyde building. He saw some posters in the building advertising a haunted house in one of the labs there and we decided it would be fun to go. I wanted to go because I really like haunted houses because I don't get scared easily and it is hilarious to watch people scream and freak out.

There wasn't too long of a line so we only waited a few minutes before going in. When we went in they took us through some various rooms. I guess it wasn't thrilling enough for me because when we got to one room I had the weirdest idea. This room had a Frankenstein in the middle of it. The Frankenstein was some guy in a really funny outfit and green makeup all over his face but the best part of his outfit was that he was barefoot.

Why was his barefootedness my favorite part? It inspired weird thoughts. I decided that it would be a good idea to tickle his feet. During a haunted house. Sadly he stood up to do his part before I got around to doing it. He became alive and he chased us out of the room.

Leaving was not the end of this idea. We decided the next night to go back to the haunted house since we all had a good time. The second night, Halloween, was very busy. As we waited in line I told my roommates and friends and they all thought it was hilarious but that I was crazy. But I told them that I would tickle him this time. A concern I had was that I didn't really want to tickle a stranger's feet with my fingers. The solution was to use the stick on a lollipop that they gave each person as they walked in.  Sadly once we got to the Frankenstein, he was wearing shoes! How ridiculous is that?! So I did not tickle his toes, instead I got this weird story.

A second weird idea I have had is more of an impulse. In my dad's car when you drive it does not automatically lock you in like most cars. There have been a few times where I have really wanted to just fling the door open when we are on the highway. I am a little smarter though and I do not let myself do that. Although I did once when I was 6ish and really angry. As much fun as it seems, it really is scarier than anything else.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

December Quotes

"Did you just say Scallywag University?" -Kara
"No.... I said Galludet University it's for deaf people. But yeah a pirate university, that would be cool." -Laura

"There's a zombie living in every apartment." -Kara

"Did you want me to say, 'boys make me sweat?' No, false! Wearing a coat all day makes me sweaty." -Anna

"I should stop jumping! No, I should keep jumping!!" -Laura

"I was in a chugging contest.... I'm a really good chugger [of rootbeer]." -Kara

"We could climb rocks and look like Snooki!!" -Anna

"Everything is funnier [when lying] on the floor." -Laura

"Christmas brings out the stupid in people." -Anna

"Anna's a Slytherin!! She kicked me to prove it!!" -Laura
[Anna starts kicking me again] "I'M A SLYTHERIN!" -Anna

"Cat....! Cat!" -Anna
"How do you know she's a poser?" -Laura (talking about someone)
"She's... a cat." -Anna (responding like I'm talking to her)

"The cat's not going to come and I will say 'good cat.'" -Anna

"Where do they keep the wires??" -Anna at Best Buy

"I got a high score on Happy Birds!! I mean angry, except see here, that one looks happy!!" -Anna

"Hey Laura you need this!" -Bradley pointing at stuff in a ThinkGeek magazine
"A gyrobowl?" -Laura said truthfully
"No.....? I was pointing at a periodic table building blocks set." -Bradley

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sometimes People are too Competitive

This one time I played tag. From this game, I reason that if a serial killer or zombie were after me he would definitely catch me and I would die.

We played tag and it also happened to be called Zombie Tag. Our FHE dad made up how to play it. At the start everyone was told whether they were a zombie or a human. There were only 2 zombies to begin with and their goal was to tag everyone and make them turn into a zombie. The humans had to run to the garage of the house FHE was at which was the safe zone. The humans started at a park a couple blocks away and the zombies started at the house.

For the first round I was a human. I started at the park and ran with Anna and a few other girls. We decided to cut through different apartment complexes instead of going straight on the sidewalks. It worked fine until we were a block and a half away. Nobody had followed us through the complexes and nobody knew where we were. Our problem was that the last block and a half was straight and we would have to cross the street to where they would more easily see us. We ventured out to see if anyone was in that area. And yes there was. A guy saw us and immediately came running.

One of the girls and I ran through the parking garage and into the main complex. The guy was following us and was rapidly catching up. We both ran to the end of the complex and down some stairs. I turned quickly at this point and saw our pursuer running towards the perpendicular set of stairs. He was far enough away that I thought we were fine. I told the girl and we slowed down a little to catch our breath. I again turned and instead of running, he was putting his leg over the stair rail. We started running again but his huge leap off the railing and his very quick pace gave him an advantage and he caught us.

I've played tag hundreds of times over the years but I'm pretty sure that I have not had any games as intense as this one. Another point of this story, never let your guard down. You may think that catching your breath is good, but in the long run not so much; never lull yourself into a false sense of security.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sometimes I Faint

A couple weeks ago I almost fainted. I was on a field trip for Food Commodities (I just call it my field trip class). They gave us pizza for lunch but for drinks they only had sodas, no water. I was smart and knew I was a little dehydrated so I didn't take a soda.

After lunch we went on a tour through the plant at Welfare Square which produced different dairy products. I walked through 90% of the plant without any problems. I was thirsty but not too terribly, or so I thought. We got into the second to last room and I felt significantly warmer in it. I thought it had to do with the heat from some sort of heat treatment to the product but nope, just me. I felt the blood rush from my face and my vision started fading. I had fainted before so I knew that I needed to sit down and I did. Everyone turned to look at me noticed and how pale I looked. Apparently I looked paler than I usually do.

The group moved from the room and decided the tour should end because of me. There was one last machine before the tour was over. We went up to it and stood in a semi-circle around it. I was standing about thirty seconds when I thought I was going to pass out again. I crouched on the ground and although I don't think so I may have fainted at that point for a couple seconds and didn't realize it. My teacher came up and pulled me up then had me sit on a set of stairs leading up to some equipment. They gave me water and I sat there for a few minutes. The rest of the class went around the machine to see all the parts.

After that everyone went back to get samples of some of their products. I had to continue sitting and drinking water. Then I was taken to the lobby and sat on a chair. I didn't have to wait too long when the rest of the class came to where I was. Luckily someone was thoughtful enough to bring me one of the products they were giving out which was BYU chocolate milk! The sad part of that is because someone else picked I missed out on BYU Cookies 'n Cream milk which I think is even better than regular chocolate milk. Although chocolate milk does hydrate, it is not the best since it has protein and isn't straight water. That meant that I also got BYU orange juice. Since oj is just water with sugar and citric acid it does help to hydrate easily. After that no more problems.

The next Monday I skipped that class because I slept in. I then ran into my teacher a couple hours later and I felt really awkward about the situation. I told him that I was sorry I skipped his class my alarm just didn't go off (there is no way I can wake up for an 8am class without one). As I was telling this my teacher said that he worried about me that weekend. Since we were talking about different things I tried to tie my situation back into what he was saying. I responded saying the reason I missed class did not have to do with my fainting, and that I was fine that weekend. Moments like these make me think I should listen better and not blurt out things.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Quotes

"So many times my butt has been grazed today." -Anna

"Who I saw today..." -Laura awkwardly
"Guess...?" -Anna

"Don't make me touch my butt!" -Laura

"Do you feel like you're in a stealing mood?" -Anna

"Dance where I can see you!" -Anna to Laura

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sometimes Kara Breaks All My Utensils

Freshman year I had a small set of silverware. I got it from my choir teacher right before I graduated High School. It had four pairs of forks, knives and spoons. They weren't super expensive, they were college ones from Target. They had a metal top and the handle was made of plastic. Over my freshman year, they proved to be as cheaply made as the cost. I'm pretty sure that of the 12 utensils, 7 or 8 were broken by Kara and about 2 or 3 more were broken by others.

After Kara had already broken a number of my utensils it became a running joke in the apartment. Up until this point, I don't think I had ever witnessed her breaking them. The first I saw of one dying was once in the kitchen when Kara used a knife to cut her dinner. We were both sitting at the table eating when I heard a weird cracking noise. I looked around for the noise and thought it came from Kara. When I turned to look at her she told me to "Look out the window." Even though I knew what she was up to, I humored her and briefly looked out the window. Then I turned to her and asked her, "Kara, did you just break my knife?" I remember looking back at her and she had this funny expression on her face. She was frowning and tried to look innocent but instead looking 100% guilty.

That was just one time she broke my utensils. She broke plenty more over the year. I think she may have even broken a few by eating soft things like cereal or soup.

When I moved into Sparks my sophomore year, I was the first person in the apartment. This was really fun because I got first choice for everything. I picked my room, bed, which shelf my toiletries were on, and I got to set up the kitchen all before anyone even got there. It was great for those reasons, but not so much with the  things in the kitchen. I had about 2 or 3 utensils left of which none were spoons. In case you didn't know, spoons are pretty irreplaceable. I had basically no food, and some of the few foods I had were cereal and soup which both need spoons. I used teaspoons, tablespoons and the tops of some of the broken spoons (still not sure why I kept those). Luckily, my roommates moved in and I was able to eat cereal normally again.

This past year at the Brittany, Anna and I had the same problem. The funny thing is that Anna also has utensils but none of her spoons made it to this year. The first week, our roommates had no utensils so we had to make due with our minimum assortment of utensils. I had one fork that survived two years of college and Anna had about 3 or 4 of everything so not much. We ended up using a pack of plastic red utensils to supplement for a couple weeks until we had enough utensils to actually last us a dishwasher load.

One of these days, we'll have to buy completely metal utensils (so they can't break) for ourselves so that next year we won't be limited in our ability to eat food.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sometimes Our Car tries to Kill us Part II

Since the last time I posted about our car, more interesting stuff has happened.

Luckily we've driven it around for the past month with few problems. We even made it to South Jordan from Provo without any issues but our car got a bit messed up this week.

On Monday, we got to drive for FHE. Of course, before we got in the car I reminded them of the last time our car almost killed people when the breaks didn't work. That scare tactic didn't work, they just laughed and said that it was such a funny story.

Driving to our Bishop's house was mostly fine. As we were driving the GPS on our friend's phone froze. We were a little panicked, but another guy had GPS on his phone so he pulled it up. The car was pretty tense for awhile as we hoped we didn't miss our turn. We asked again if it was working, and the response was that the second phone was dying. Then Anna told them to shut up because it was freaking her out. A second later, the first GPS unfroze and worked again. We got the rest of the way there with only one minor wrong turn.

FHE was super hilarious and everyone enjoyed the telephone pictionary game. It works by one person writing a sentence, and the second person draws it and a third writes what they think the sentence is supposed to show. It keeps going until it goes all the way around or you run out of paper. I only mention this because this is the one time I cry on a regular basis. Every stinking time I play this game I am in the corner laughing so hard I cry. And that is awkward.

Everyone got in the car perfectly fine, however it did not stay like that. The back door of our car would not shut. The people kept pulling until the door of our car popped off its hinges. This problem with our car door has happened to our cousins. We knew that if it is pulled open too hard it can get off the track but only partially. Usually when the door doesn't shut, someone can slightly lift the door back into the track and it will work again. When the door was pulled too hard it completely pulled off the tracks.

When the door fell off, luckily Tyler was trying to get in the car parked next to us. Tyler was able to hold up the door while we tried to put it back in. It was super late so it was completely dark outside and we couldn't really see what we were doing. It took us like 7 or 8 minutes to realize that we should tell the bishop to turn on his light outside. Tyler held the door during all 7 or 8 minutes. I'm not even sure how he lasted so long, but only after that time did he tell us how the car door was super heavy.

Eventually, they were able to maneuver the door back into the tracks and we got to leave. It was actually kind of funny because everyone was too scared to open the door again. Instead of going out of their door, the people went out through the passenger door. We still haven't opened the door so we'll see if it falls off again.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sometimes Weird Stuff Happens to my Smoothies

One time in High School I left the school for something and then I had to be back for an after school activity. The thing to do in high school was to have smoothies, much like here at BYU (Jamba anyone?). Well I came back up to the parking lot and was about to go inside. I was talking to friends and something weird happened and my friend punched my smoothie. It seems I have forgotten the reasoning behind this... Why on earth would someone punch a smoothie? Jealous much? Regardless, my smoothie was slowly melting onto the ground through the newly formed holes at the bottom of the crushed container.

I had to find a way to solve my smoothie dilemma so I went inside to the cafeteria. The only people around were cafeteria workers who were cleaning everything so I went to talk to them. They thought I was trying to buy something but no I wasn't, I just needed a cup to save my poor smoothie. They looked at me funny but gave me a plastic cup anyways. I was able to pour a fragment from my smoothie into the cup, much of my smoothie was lost on the floor.

Another time was at Sam's Club when we lived in Texas when I was younger. At the end of every Sam's trip, our family would head over to the pharmacist's area because our mom's friend was the pharmacist. She would talk and talk and everyone there would get bored. We usually would bug her and instead of leaving she would give us some quarters to go buy a smoothie or a icee (most likely an icee, but smoothie goes with the title).

One time, we got sick of this waiting game and we played our own game. We stuck the smoothie cup into the machine that detects your heart rate. We put it inside and pressed the button, and the machine started to slowly constrict on the cup until it broke and we pulled it out.

We ran to our mom to show her the broken cup and the adults looked at it and us and laughed because the cup was so mangled on the bottom. They told us to go back and get a new cup to contain our mess. When we got there, the guy behind the counter didn't really ask what happened so we were willing to just go with the idea that it just broke, we did nothing. It was quite exciting because instead of just putting another cup underneath it, the employee gave us a whole new smoothie that was completely full. That day we got 1.5 smoothies all for breaking it on purpose. So sometimes there can be benefits for ruining your smoothie.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sometimes I Do Things to our Neighbors

When I was younger, about seven or so in Texas we had some neighbors move in next door that were pretty fun. We would play at their house sometimes or they would come to ours. The longer they lived there, the more things they added to play with. Their backyard started out with just a plastic playground with a slide and climbing wall. Then they added a shed that was really cool to look at with fun toys inside and finally they added a pool. We would often hang out because we were selfish and wanted to play with their stuff.

One specific incident was one of the boy's birthday party, specifically the younger one who was like 5 and the one we didn't really play with. We were getting back from grocery shopping or something and we saw a clown car in front of their house, and it specifically belonged to a clown named Doodlebug. She was a clown that we saw a few times every summer downtown at this carnival. We actually got to know Doodlebug a little, and she recognized us and would talk to us and our mom. We just loved Doodlebug, she was so cool because she face painted and did some fun magic tricks for the kids.

After we saw the car, Anna and I were slightly angered because we were not invited to this party. How dare they not invite their neighbors who obviously loved Doodlebug, and didn't care so much for the them, just their toys!! We decided to do something about it, we just HAD to get to that party. Anna and I came up with a plan, we would make an excuse to go over there and then they would invite us to the party. Our plan was simple, we threw a frisbee into their yard and rang the doorbell then explained about the frisbee. Luckily, the mom told us to come on in and that surprise, they were having a birthday party! We got to see Doodlebug and it was a pretty fun party.

Surprisingly, there was a lot of throwing things into their backyard as we grew up. Another incident involved a cat. See we weren't allowed to have animals growing up (until they got one last month after Anna and I left for college because they're hypocrites) and when we found any wandering around we would take to them very easily. A stray cat came into our backyard and was interested in what was going on because we were playing outside. We tried to pet the cat and play with it, but our mom wouldn't have it. She just wanted the cat to leave us alone, so she took the cat and threw it over the fence into our neighbors yard. All of the kids were so scared for that cat, we yelled at our mom about how horrible it was but she just shrugged it off.
The third incident started when we got an advertisement in the mail. Gatorade wanted us to buy things and so they gave us an incentive in the form of a small gatorade man.

He looks like that, except he didn't look that smiley, and had a green body. You put him into water for a few days and he was supposed to grow bigger. We did just that, he was in a bowl for a few days and he grew, but only like 1.5 times bigger, and he was only like two inches to begin with so it was not as cool as we thought. It made us mad, this toy looked so cool in the pictures but in real life, not so much. Instead of just throwing him away, we threw Gatorade man into their backyard where we never saw it again.

After we moved to Virginia we didn't have real fences or anything, so sadly, it's been a long time since we've thrown anything over the fence on purpose.

Monday, October 31, 2011

October Quotes

"Have you ever given someone a puppy?" -Anna
"Is that like a whale booty call?" -Anna
"Jacob Marshmallow is a person not a marshmallow!" -Kara Prestwich
"I don't even hate that!!" -Anna
"Did you buy this hippie bread??" -Anna

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sometimes I Ruin Birthday Parties

Last year for Anna's birthday she turned 21 and her roommates decided to throw her a surprise party. Since her birthday is at the end of August, her roommates had just moved in and knew nothing about her. They asked me and her roommate from the summer what she liked. It was suggested that since Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was one of her favorite movies we could use that as a theme.

Her new roommates planned a cake that looked like pancakes which is a scene from the movie. They made it in a neighbor's apartment and I was supposed to have Anna elsewhere for the set up. We went to her old roommate Stephanie's apartment and watched The Proposal, a very funny movie.

One of the funny things about planning this party was that her new roommates did not know anybody in the ward, and specifically any of Anna's friends. There were a few people from her FHE group invited, neighbors, and anybody who happened to stop by so at least the last minute party worked.

After the movie ended we went back to the apartment, and everyone yelled surprise! Anna was not expecting it at all and it was great. The cake turned out a little weird though. Her roommates asked if she knew what it was and she was completely stumped!

I don't care enough to actually crop out the weird legs and vase.

See, it was a little bit too chocolate colored, and the butter was bright yellow, so not so much.

Everyone ate cake, and had snacks and it was really fun. We also had music playing and people were talking and all that jazz. When everyone was finished eating and mostly talking I announced that there were games in the living room that we could all play.

And that's the point where I am a ruiner. Every guest, besides the roommates left. There were lots of excuses given out, "I have lots of homework..." (at that point it was the weekend before school, so homework really? Although that one we might have exaggerated during each telling of this story). "I have to meet a friend. Sorry!"

The real culprit of everyone leaving that nobody cared to admit? To quote Ever After, "I'm only here for the food."

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sometimes Our Car Tries to Kill Us and Other Stories

Anna and I have inherited a car this year! Yes, that sounds all good and dandy but it has really been a little ridiculous.... This one time, tonight, our car tried to kill us! However it does not start there, it started in August.

First, our car looks like this:
So now you can picture us driving our 1990 (older than me!) white Dodge Caravan around. And yes, it doesn't have a back door on the driver's side, we're that cool.

Back in August, we were driving down to South Jordan to go to Johnny Carino's. Anna usually drives on the freeway because it makes me antsy and I never want to go 60 or the 70 mph that most people usually go, I would go 45 all the time if I could.

We made it from Provo all the way to Ikea, and we were getting off of the freeway. The car was perfect on the freeway, but as we got off and were at a stop light we felt it shaking a little. This was also when the car was named. I was sitting there thinking she (yes she was already a girl) needed a name, and that she was super old and shaking but still holding out, so I decided that the car should be named Minerva, after Professor McGonagall of course. Simultaneously, I mentioned to Anna that I had named her and the car would not speed up after the stop light. We yelled a little, and quickly turned off the engine which luckily seemed to work.

The same technique followed each stop light, we would freak out, turn off the engine and the go again. It was kind of ridiculous, it happened over and over for like 4 or 5 lights. There was once in there where we managed to make it to the next light without the car being restarted but it kept going on like that. Eventually we pulled into the Target parking lot and were picked up by our grandparents so we could go to dinner. It stayed in the lot during dinner, and then seemed to work after. The diagnosis? It had accidentally gone into 2nd gear and started overheating, however we had no idea since the temperature gauge is broken!

We got our car back the next week with nothing wrong. The third Monday we went to a member of our bishopric's house for FHE. Anna drove our van, and everything was great! It worked the 30 minutes there and back, no problem. The problem was the Friday I tried to take the car out, it was completely dead. Anna had specifically checked to make sure the lights were off and so we're still puzzled about that one. They are pretty obvious when they're on, especially since we got back at like 9:30 or 10. Luckily our FHE dad was able to jump start the car and we could drive it like normal.

Two weeks ago, we were driving to different friend's houses when we noticed that one of the tires was losing air. That meant we had to go get it looked at. Luckily it was just a nuisance and not a huge problem, we were able to drive it to a tire shop and get it looked at in about half an hour.

This month our car had to go in for inspection. It went in this past Thursday and apparently there were a few things that had to be fixed before it could pass. There was a gas leak in our car, and we could tell, it smelled very bad when we drove more than 5 miles. The mechanics said that if the leak was not fixed our car could have caught on fire, which would have been an interesting experience to say the least.

Now this is the good part. Today we went to the recycling maze for FHE. It was pretty fun, a huge maze that we went through a couple times, then we decided to go through it as a race and then eventually as freeze tag. It was lots of fun but sadly we had to leave.

One of the cars (er couple in a truck...) left their other passenger (how awkward to be the third wheel!!) so we had an extra person in the car. Kaitlyn decided it was a good idea to sit in the trunk as her seat. The first time it was shut, it hit her head because there is only like 6 inches with the seat pushed back as far as it was.

After that everyone settled into the car, and I started the car, even though I didn't really want to drive. I pulled the car out of park, and instead of the breaks working, they didn't. We started rolling backwards, and luckily it was really slowly and everyone started freaking out. A few people yelled at me, telling me to brake, but then they realized I had my foot on the brake pedal.

I was kind of freaked out but also I was just trying to be calm and assess the situation. I wasn't sure what I should do but I knew we were in a parking lot with few people around so not much could happen. We were pretty close to the curb so I just waited for us to hit it and stop. It was actually really interesting, we were going like 7 mph but everyone was yelling and scared for their lives.

There was another car that was about to leave but they started watching as we were rolling down the parking lot. Everyone was so freaked out for us, and our van. We restarted the car a couple times and the brakes worked each time so it must have just been that time. They figured we were safe getting home, and that's when I told them that the car was inspected last week. Everyone kind of laughed and a couple people said something about having little faith in our government with cars like Minerva on the road.

Before we left, I forced Kaitlyn out of the trunk. If we were going to crash it would probably be bad in the trunk, she would hit her head because of the little space. At least she can now cross that off her bucket list, she has definitely always wanted to be in a car with broken brakes while sitting in the trunk....

We left the parking lot, and that's when more weird stuff happened. I got a phone call from a food science friend, and everyone was yelling and stuff and then Anna was backseat driving. So it was a great combination, Anna was yelling at me so I was yelling at her, and then other people were yelling to be louder than us.

When we tried to get into the Brittany parking lot it was full, both the lot behind our building and the one across the street. We had to do a 7 million point turn at the other Brittany because there were a ton of cars, plus I could not see anything because I was driving an excessively full van with already dark tinted windows. This is when yelling about my driving started. We left the lot and then various passengers in the car were yelling to tell us where to park, and so I got confused. There is a bright blue house on our street that people told me to park at, except I thought they meant in front of the front door but they meant the side door, so I went the wrong direction and we had to do a u-turn in the middle of the street.

We decided Kaitlyn and Hannah had to be dropped off so we didn't even use the parking spot. We went to campus and to their apartment, and found a spot on the street in front of the Brittany. We have had some really interesting times with our car in the short 2 months we have had her. Anna thinks she will last awhile longer, but I am under the impression that she could go down in smoke at any moment. We'll see who is right in the next year I'm sure.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sometimes I Play Dress-up or Something Else Entirely

This always starts with me going to my grandma's house. Anna and I go each fourth Sunday for a family dinner with our extended family in South Jordan. Usually everyone talks for the whole time, but there are times when I wander and find the weird things around the house... And that also doesn't make sense because we always seem to find weirder and weirder things, why haven't we discovered them all?

If you can't tell from the pictures, I often create a lot of... laughter at family dinners. But that's okay right?

So without further ado, my weird collection of "dress-up" clothes, if you can even call it that....

September '09
Maleficent! Notice the weird flower print on the left, I didn't try it on at that point but you'll see later...

February '10
Weird sparkly dress with necklace that was indeed worn during the 80's. I wore this last Halloween as a 80's prom queen.

October '10
I am indeed wearing a little kids flamingo costume that was much too small, hence you only see the top half of my body and the head is not all the way on. Now, I'm not entirely sure why my family has a flamingo costume, nobody seems to remember who wore it.

There are also some hilarious pictures of Kara wearing this outfit here if you are friends with me on facebook, or maybe you can see anyways, I'm not sure. I'm not even sure if anyone else reads this!

October '10
Same day as the last, and this is the dress from before, and it is a little big and doesn't entirely fit. It was my grandma's dress in High School that she remade into a play dress for little kids, that we remade into a skirt for me!

 October '10
At least I think this was October. I definitely did not fit this outfit, I'm pretty sure I had to pull and tug just to get it over my calves. PS-the tights I'm wearing totally make this outfit.

January '11
Not exactly dress-up, but I specifically posed with this... slanket? Fake snuggie? Something, and it definitely looks weird!

August '11
Again, not dress-up but definitely worth putting up... This was a pair of maternity pants. Now these were huge even for maternity clothes, plus they were stretchy, so of course we decided to put it on! Yes maternity clothes are supposed to be made for two (awww) but I'm not thinking this was right...

It seems like every time we do weird things, they just get ever so much weirder. So maybe that means there will be more exciting (strange) pictures in the future.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sometimes I Mess with People's Minds

Over the summer when I babysat Audrey, Anna and I would try to mess with her mind. See it's very easy to do so with a three year old so we took advantage of that.

One time after swimming, Audrey wanted a snack. Audrey eats way too much for her size. She has food envy where anytime anyone else is eating she has to eat what they are eating, and she's been this way since she was a baby. Since she is a bit large for her size, her family makes her eat better snacks.

Audrey asked for fruit snacks to eat but we were pushing her to eat actual fruit. I tried to use her food envy to get her to eat some of my orange, but she complained that the orange was too big for her, and she wanted a clementine instead. I bugged her a few times to eat it but she wouldn't do it. Then I told Audrey to close her eyes, and put out her hand. She was nervous and I could tell she knew what was coming but did it anyways. When she did it, I put a piece of the orange in her hand. Then she opened her eyes again and told me no! And threw it back into my lap. I tried to convince her to close her eyes again but she couldn't be fooled!! So I ate that orange all by myself.

Another time at the pool, Audrey tried to make me do princess dancing. It was almost exactly how it sounds, I would hold her and we would slow dance in the pool like how the princesses do with their princes which was oh so much fun.

Usually we would just stand there and dance but she would occasionally demand that we should have music. Audrey enlisted Anna as our singer, and told her to sing a Cinderella song. Anna started singing "So This is Love" which is in Cinderella, but Audrey did not think it was from Cinderella and told her to sing a different one. The other Cinderella songs are not really danceable, so Anna started singing "Belle Notte" instead. We danced for all of the song that we actually knew the words to. As soon as we finished Audrey told us, "That's from Lady and the Tramp!!" Sadly we could not convince her that it was Cinderella the next time we did princess dancing, she knew we had tried to fool her.

Princess dancing became a routine game at the pool, because it sure beat out Mermaid Hair Salon (I just love when 3 year olds try to do my hair!!). She knew exactly what to do when she was Cinderella. Towards the end of the song, she moved her hands from my waist and took her hand out of mine and wrapped them around my neck and she put her head on my shoulder.

Basically, Audrey is the epitome of a princess. She knows all the stories and sometimes she thinks she is one. She told us about how she needed a wedding veil because all princesses have one, and it was not just a suggestion, it was basically a demand. So I made her a veil.

Audrey in her veil, plus a random crown.

Audrey in her veil at the pool!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sometimes I Throw Food when I get Excited

One time I had a fun size packet of Skittles. I was sitting on the computer at home just facebooking probably. As I was looking at the different things online, something excited me and I threw my hands up in the air. Yes, usually I have weird reactions when I hear good news or anything fun and it has actually increased more since coming to college, specifically living with Kara. Well, throwing my hands in the air meant that I also threw my skittles into the air. As it was happening, I realized how silly it was of me to throw it in the air, and I just sat there watching the rainbow candy fall down. It even looked awesome in the air.

A similar incident happened my freshman year. Kara gave me a packet of M&M's and I opened it and started to eat it. Halfway through the packet, I again became excited, but this time it was because Kara was giving me another packet. Because I don't think sometimes, instead of putting the packet down to catch the second, I held it in my palm. I am really bad at catching things usually, and this was no exception. A little bit too enthusiastically, I threw my hands to where I thought the bag was headed. I threw the whole bag of M&M's in the air that I already had, and completely missed the bag Kara threw at me. It was pretty sad, but at least I picked up the unopened one from off the ground and could still eat it.

Incidentally, this same thing happened hours after I posted this. Anna and I were making some Mexican food and it called for chicken broth in the rice. I got the water boiling but when I went to put the chicken bullion into the water it exploded out and overflowed onto the floor and ground. I had only put in half the bullion, and in my stupidity, I threw the rest of the bullion still in the teaspoon on the ground when I of course threw my hands in the air.

I probably did it to myself for writing this.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sometimes I Only Eat One Type of Food

During my freshman year of college I had this phase that I went through that my roommates (Kara) teased me about for awhile. It involved me only eating wraps for like two weeks. Granted they were different types, sometimes I had turkey, other times chicken with different veggies inside. But seriously, I ate wraps for two meals a day for two weeks.

Recently, I have had a similar situation but with paninis. They are delicious! I have had them at least three times a week, ever since coming to college this year. It doesn't really matter what is in them, just that they are crunchy, golden and warm with melted cheese. I could just live off of them, and so I have started to, as they are currently my go to food. Even though it is exactly a sandwich (except with a fancy garlic bread we buy) it tastes 10 times better!! We've looked at recipes and they just all sound amazing.... Someone help me!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sometimes I Injure People When they Stand too Close

Today someone walked past me and I hit his stomach with my head because he was too close.

The best part of these stories I feel is those first words where people have no idea why I would do something like hit someone's stomach with my head and it just seems really weird and ridiculous. So here I am postponing the inevitable end to the funniness.

Well, it all started with a food science field trip. We drove an hour and a half up to Kaysville to see the church welfare milling. Our car had less people than usual, only five in a twelve passenger van whereas we usually have eight. Plus the car ride was an hour and a half each way.

Since there were fewer people talking and it was a longer drive, a few people decided to take naps. The guy I sat next to napped with his head just in front of him so he looked like a bobble head. It was pretty funny because if we had some larger bumps in the road, his head would pop back up.

I went to a food science presentation and afterwards was dinner in the Pen Court. I was sitting there with some friends and we were talking about how all of us were in different vans so we didn't have people to talk to and nobody in general talked.

I decided that telling them about the guy's bobblehead was a good idea. Well it was pretty funny, then I demonstrated right when someone walked behind me. It was really funny, I actually did it pretty hard so I like rammed my head into his stomach. He looked at me and was like, "I didn't realize I needed to let anyone know I was passing."

It was too perfect that he walked past when I was demonstrating throwing my head back. The next time he passed behind me, he made sure I knew not to injure him. Basically you should always beware when you walk past me.

Friday, September 23, 2011

September Quotes

"Think of all the things you can do while covered in fabric!!" -Anna

"DUMPER!" -Anna

"Facebook stalking can wait.... I guess." -Anna (said in a defeated tone)

"That's really catchy. Like pokemon!" -Laura

"For lunch you can have my.... salad (said in a ghost voice)." -Anna

"He's probably thinking those are the most ridiculous attempts at opening a door I have ever seen..." -Anna (about us)

"Laura's life revolves around me buying her smoothies." -Anna

"I have clearly underestimated this ward's facebook stalking abilities." -Anna

"What are you doing??" -Laura
"I'm smelling a paper towel... It smells gross." -Kara
"You can use my paper towel...?" -Laura
"Oh, I don't need one. I'm just smelling it." -Kara

"I LOST my money!!" -Anna

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sometimes I Walk Around With Music Coming from my Pocket

Lately I picked up the habit of accidentally turning on the mp3 player on my phone and then unknowingly walking around. It is apparently a bit too easy to turn it on since it's happened like everyday for a week.

So to turn it on, I have to unlock my phone if it is in my pocket by pressing 'unlock' then 'ok'. The other way is if I go onto the music player right before I put it in my pocket and then the keypad doesn't lock so if I hit my pocket I start the music playing. The funny thing is that I have to push the left button like three times in a row to get into the music player so I'm not really sure how it's happening either way.

These incidents started happening last winter semester. One time I remember being in the bookstore and right when I came in I was like ''oh, I like this song!'' I kept walking towards Jamba Juice and stood there talking to a friend for a few minutes. Then I was really confused because I heard two songs playing, one from Jamba and one from somewhere unknown.

Unfortunately, the music was coming from my pocket, and it was loud, turned up all the way. After a minute I figured out it was my pocket blaring. Then I thought about how I had a whole conversation with a friend while my phone was blaring. I'm sure they realized it was actually me and thought I was stupid for not noticing and turning it off.

At least lately I have turned the music down so it is only on the lowest setting and isn't blaring.

Basically, if you walk past me and hear weird music, yes that is really me and I probably haven't noticed yet. So just laugh and walk away, or maybe you can be nice and tell me, that is if you're a good friend.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sometimes I go by Birdie

During my freshman year of college I had an interesting assortment of roommates. We all did weird things together. The list included posting pictures from Twilight on our FHE brother's doors, trying to put a giant snowball down the stairs to their apartment, running around with a roaring stuffed dinosaur and some even weirder things I didn't mention/forgot about.

One of the more interesting things that went on throughout our freshman year was the ever present "hacking" of our facebooks from Kara. Whenever anyone would leave their computers open, Kara would immediately go to it and get on their facebooks. Then she would post things to every roommate's facebook wall.

Things like "You look like a man with make-up on. ily." (Kara wrote this to herself from Amelia's facebook)

"I want to be King Kong. You can be Cinderella." (Kara wrote this to Brett from Sarah's facebook)

During Christmas break our freshman year, Amelia gave Kara her password so that Kara could continue to post weird things. So we get this one, "Hey, if you get back to the appartment before me, you might want to throw the pumpkin I left under my bed out. Thanks a big ton" (Kara wrote to Madeline on Amelia's wall). That one confused our RA, so that was pretty funny because usually people could tell that the posts were totally made up.

During one of these hacks of my facebook, Kara decided to do a little more than post weird things. She decided to change my name! Luckily, my name change was only added in parentheses. I became Laura Johnson (Laura Birdie Conrad). Kara then changed my status to say that I was going by Birdie.

In the couple weeks after that, winter semester ended and everyone was moving out of the dorms. Kara and I were going to live with each other in Regency, an off campus complex, during part of the summer.

Kara told me that I should go by Birdie to our new ward since it was such a fun nickname. I didn't really want to but I told her I would introduce myself as Birdie to at least one person.

Our first day in the ward we did a ward FHE in the park, playing kickball. Some of the people knew we were new to the ward and asked our names. As promised I introduced myself as Birdie, which people thought was funny, although nobody legitimately wanted to call me that, they would much rather call me Laura.

Well, except for one guy in our ward, Dan-o (I'm not sure how he spells his name but that's how it's pronounced). He was a weird kid. Anyone that goes by a name like that has some interesting quirks for sure. Anytime he would see me would call me Birdie. Except that it was more of a yell, BIRD-ie. Then I would look away embarrassed because by this time, everyone had forgotten I had ever told them about being called Birdie. 

One specific time, he came by my apartment to tell people about a movie his apartment was watching or some event. He didn't come in the apartment, but stayed right at our doorstep. I was sitting behind the door, at our table eating lunch, and was completely hidden from view. But clever Dan-o looked through the small vertical space in between the door and the wall and saw me. Then yelled BIRD-ie, probably one of the loudest he ever had. 

At that instant, I looked shocked and had on a terrified face. The whole situation was ridiculous and absurd and I couldn't figure out why he had to yell my weird nickname everytime he saw me. Luckily we moved out of the ward, and I never saw Dan-o again. 

In our new ward at Sparks, Kara decided that she was jealous of my nickname and so before the semester started we decided that hers could be Bunny. People would ask her why she wanted to be called Bunny. I explained that she gave me a nickname and then was jealous so I gave her one. So for a couple months, she went by Bunny before people too thought it was too weird and called her Kara.

A year and a half later, my name is still there as Laura Birdie Conrad.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It’s Tradition!

My extended family has a tradition of going to the restaurant Johnny Carinos every time we go to Utah. It kind of started because when my family lived in Texas we loved to go there but when we moved to Virginia we didn’t have any close by. There just happened to be one a few minutes away from where my grandparents lived so we could all meet up and go to lunch or dinner. It is really good because almost everyone in my family loves it, including the really picky cousins.

As it turns out, having around twenty people at one table to eat is really interesting. Don’t get me wrong, it is always fun but sometimes it doesn’t turn out as planned.

 One of the best things about Johnny Carinos is their bread. It is made at the restaurant and they have delicious olive oil with herbs and garlic in it to dip the bread in. When you have so many people, that bread goes FAST. They give us two or three baskets with a couple of small loaves at a time.  Basically as soon as the baskets touch the table they are emptied. Even when we have our dinner everyone still takes bread. I don’t know how many loaves we end up getting, but it turns out to be like thirteen or fourteen baskets. That means the adults end up eating almost one basket a piece, I know I eat that maybe even more, which is a whole lot of bread.

Another amazing thing about Johnny Carinos is their Italian sodas. They are delicious! They are mostly fruit flavors and they have cream at the top and are carbonated. They aren’t like orange or grape soda though; I think they have the actual fruit in it instead of a flavoring. I guess they are like cream sodas with the various flavors added or something like that.

We end up having multiple waiters to be able to cover the whole table to refill drinks, bring bread and grab anything else we need. One time these waiters were really on top of things. One came by and asked me if I needed a refill. One minute later a different waiter came by and asked the same question. I had said yes to the first, and yes to the second not realizing I would be brought a second refill I didn’t need yet. Instead of telling him my mistake, or just having an extra drink I made up a plan. As soon as the first came I drank it in like ten seconds flat. It was ridiculous, but I just wanted to avoid anything awkward. Anna, and my cousins watched me do this, and they too thought I was insane. As soon as the waiter came with my second refill all of us started giggling at him. Every time we go out to dinner there, Anna and I always remember this and start uncontrollably laughing. It’s not even hard to bring up this memory, all we have to say is “remember that one time at Johnny Carinos?” This experience just shows how I can turn anything normal into something ridiculous and completely laughable.

Two years ago when we went, it was pretty hilarious because my cousin Jayben brought in a suction cup and started putting it on people's foreheads. Luckily nobody had any permanent impressions on their heads from this but it was pretty funny. Another funny thing was some random creepy joke involving Clue. Anna, my cousins Tye and Brittany, and I kept giving each other secret signals of some sort. We kept doing weird eyebrow raising and staring until the person looked at us. At one point I wrote "Mrs. Peacock, the dining room, the knife" on a napkin and put it under Tye's plate. He saw me doing something weird but didn't know what, so after awhile I gave him another telling him to look under his plate. When he read it, he was pretty creeped out that I did that in the first place, and secondly that I had done it under his nose.

Jayben putting the suction cup on Brittany.

Sadly, nothing of interest happened last year that I can really remember. 

This past time, there was some random things that went on. Tye had a mad libs app on his phone and we did some before our food came. Now that was interesting. We had some crazy words going in there that sounded hilarious in the stories. There was something about a beautiful gordita (fat woman), and turning urine into blood that was somehow indistinguishable. Eww. Another interesting thing was Jayben sitting with Anna. Usually he can be contained, at least a little, but not that night. He was laughing up a storm and could not stop! He sat in Anna's lap giggling over absolutely nothing for ten minutes. Well, I think it might have been less than that, because we started tickling him. It was ridiculous how loud and crazy the scene was. Jayben was flailing and laughing and our whole table was chatting, which was too bad for all the people around us.

Maybe next time it will be even more crazy than it has been in the past.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sometimes I Beat up Little Kids

One time I beat up a ten year old. I was not an elementary school kid, I was a junior in high school.

With my school I volunteered for Beta Club, a national club that does service. Everyone was supposed to do so many hours and have good grades to be in it so yay, it was a great club.

It was the end of the year and I needed my last few hours to fulfill the requirement. So I went to sign up to volunteer at the River's Edge Carnival.

We weren't given anything specific to do until everything was set up. I was with my friend Ryan and we set up some of the stuff behind the track. Then we were set up specifically with the football throw.

The kids had three tries from a line to throw the football through an inflatable football player where there was a mesh to hold the ball. The football player was about six feet away so that most of the younger kids could get it in. So the game was pretty easy.

The carnival was on a Friday and it was at 5 or 6 at night. Probably because of the time of day the carnival was pretty empty, and most kids were not heading to where we were since the track was in the back.

A few kids noticed this and decided to take advantage of our game. They started out wanting to play and threw the ball a few times. After that, they got pretty bored and wanted to do something else. Instead of just throwing the ball they threw the ball and ran up to tackle the inflatable football player. We let it happen a couple of times but when it kept going I decided it was a problem that needed to be stopped

I'm not sure why but I decided the best way to solve this situation was to grab the kid from behind in a kind of tackle. I then took the kid's arm to pull him up and kind of shoved him away towards his friends.

I think that it scared the kids, and they were a little freaked out. They decided at that point that it would be best for them to leave and started to walk away. I followed them and started chasing them away, so we were all running. Halfway across the field I stopped and yelled at them that I would find and tell their parents if they came to do it again.

I'm a great leader right? Not so much.

On a similar note, I can make little kids cry. I am a very scary person, I don't even have to beat people up before they cry. The cause is my sneezing.

We went to the pool over the summer with Audrey, and Kelsey. We were just playing around by the steps when I sneezed.

Now my sneezes are a little bit loud. The first time people hear my sneezes they often have a sudden start then wonder about where the noise come from. Kara almost fell off her bed the first time I sneezed.

Well, this was a particularly loud sneeze. And I sneezed twice in a row. There was a little two or three year old who freaked out during the minute in between my sneezes. He looked all around for the source of the noise. Then I sneezed again and he started crying.

Some of the adults around us just started laughing, the poor kid was crying because of my sneeze!

Maybe next time you see me, if you are with a little kid, you will be a little more wary and alerted.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cat Wars

So I’m not talking about an actual cats, it’s a stuffed animal cat. But it’s not just a stuffed animal, this cat symbolizes a feud between me and my cousin Tye.

It’s a cat from McDonald’s when they were doing toys for the movie Babe. Somehow the cat from the movie translated to the ugliest stuffed cat that I have ever seen. It has a flat face, and you can barely even see the eyes or nose. It’s ridiculously weird looking. Plus the eyes are kind of lop sided.

Don't mind me on the side.

Well this feud started at McDonald’s, when we were four years old (how do I even still have it???). Tye had a little brother Trevor, and when kids are young, they shouldn’t play with small things because they are choking hazards. Tye originally got the cat with his toy, and I don’t even remember what I got but it was something less cool. My mom saw the cat as a choking hazard, plus I’m pretty sure I wanted that cat, so a trade was done. This was not what Tye wanted and was done against his will. I am not really sure why both of us really wanted the cat, did we not notice it looked like a mutant cat? We must have overlooked it to focus on the fact we were fighting over it and that each of us wanted it more.

Every time we get together, the cat is brought up at least once. It is a very interesting subject to talk about. Tye always claims that it is rightfully his. I say that it was given to me by our parents and it’s too bad because I have it regardless of what he says. For some reason the cat has survived many clean outs in spite of the fact that it is super ugly to look at, and despite the fact that I've had it for sixteen years.

When I was thirteen I remember that when our grandparents came to visit. The cat was of course brought up. I decided that I needed to send Tye blackmail pictures of the cat. My grandma helped me take pictures of the cat in various places, mostly on top of a safe I had for money. Then we sent the pictures in an email to Tye and I wrote a nefarious email about how evil I was for having the cat. Yes I was a cool thirteen year old. I don’t remember the response, but it boiled down to him saying “what the heck??”

The cat is still with me and I have it in college as my prize-winning trophy. I am sure that I will have this cat for years to come so the feud will continue on.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rompers or Adult Onesies?

This past year rompers have been everywhere! Yet I think they are disgusting.

My idea of rompers has probably come from an experience in Forever 21 last spring.

I know that this is not a romper but this is what I automatically picture when I hear the word romper. But what is that anyways??? It is basically an adult onesie.

Last spring when they first started becoming trendy I couldn't remember the word romper. I still can barely remember it half the time so I started saying "those onsie things". Apparently people thought it was hilarious.

So let's look at some normal rompers.

Well maybe these aren't normal, but that's only because they're made out of terry cloth. But for real, now that you have heard my version, can you look at these and not think of an adult climbing out of an adult crib wearing this? Or at the very least someone wearing these to bed?

Here's some much more average rompers.

Sure these look good, or the top two do anyways. The bottom left? It's like a mixture of suspenders and overalls and neither of those are in style. Ever. Plus as Anna pointed out, the point of rompers is so you have one piece of clothing, you don't need a shirt underneath. So uh, what is with that one?

Now to the one on the right. Besides the really boring neutral, she looks like either a janitor or a zoo keeper. Basically if you wear one, it looks like it should be a really stupid looking uniform. I'm pretty sure that's one reason why most rompers are sleeveless or strapless.

Some of my friends commented on rompers.
"They're basically one-piece pajamas? Some people looked cute in it! It might've been just the people, though.. " -Andrew

"They can be cute i think, but it definately depends on the print. To be perfectly honest, they make me think of 1910-1920 women's swimsuits." -Kaitlyn

"I think not cute." -Hannah

"depends on the person wearing it. I never liked them, but I've seen some that are actually kinda adorable." -Brooke

It looks like overall people think rompers only look good if they have a good print on it, but they really vary depending on the person wearing it. So as long as you have one that isn't similar to pajamas, or a zoo keeper you could maybe look good and hopefully next time you look at a romper you simultaneously think of onesies.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Recent Occurances

Audrey strapped her Belle figurine to her shoe. She wore it around for a couple hours. I'm not sure why she put it there when she had pockets, after a couple parents were confused I did take it off at least.

This is from Busch Gardens in May when I went with Emily's choir. It's kind of sad that even though I make faces in a lot of my pictures on rides I can't keep them or even take pictures of the pictures. But I did sneak this one in.

This is a note from Kelsey which I think is hilarious. She is such a drama queen.

Trying on helmets at Target. Anna is a bunny, my dad is a shark, and I am a cat. I think writing that out looks stupid but I'm sure you really can't tell what they are anyways.

 This was not when I babysat Audrey, this was from Anna. The story here is that Audrey was drinking from a water bottle with a straw and was leaning forward to do it. Then Anna went over a speed bump and Audrey leaned the water bottle back at just the right time and it flew into her hair.

I have no idea what we were playing. I think it had something to do with princesses, and she took a ride on Kelsey, the monster or something like that. But I'm pretty sure Audrey would make a good nun.

 So this is the start of my cross stitch with a puppy.

Progress one week later and with a new pink embroidery hoop.

Next week's progress. Almost done!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August Quotes

"Who adopts a child in the middle of doing their taxes?" -Anna

"Which one is Yogi?" -Audrey (during the middle of the Yogi Bear movie)

"I'm pretty sure Helen Keller didn't make dinosaur noises." -Anna

"I could spit tooth paste on you!" -Emily to Bradley
"Tooth paste is biodegradable." -Bradley
"Well you're biodegradable, technically." -Laura

"Did you just say that 'squishing' is your middle name?" Anna to Kaitlyn

Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Cupcake Creation

Anna and I have been on a crafting/baking bug lately. This entails mostly looking at crafty things but sometimes we actually go out and make them.

Behold our rainbow cupcake!

It was just a cake mix that we split into different bowls then dyed using food coloring. I think this is the most epic you can get with dying your food.

So some things we have been doing with crafts:
  • Looking at
    • Tutorials for hair things so flowers and bows
    • Tutorials for shirt makeovers
  • Reading
  • Looking through
    • I now have some cross stitches I want to do
    • It has also inspired me to do some embroidery which I have never done before (I'm hopefully starting today!)
  • I have started the puppy cross stitch I said I would and I have another one with Cinderella and  Prince Charming that is cute, all of them will hopefully make it to Utah and live in our apartment
  • Yesterday, Anna and I made earrings! We made about 10 pairs or maybe a few more.... So that was fun!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sometimes I'm a Liar

There are times when I lie. But that's not because I do it on purpose, ok in certain situations yes, like when dealing with Audrey who is three.

Anyways, I said I would do the grandma cross stitch, but when we went to Michael's today I looked at it and it was not a counted cross stitch, it was a stamped cross stitch. That basically meant that it was on cloth that had some of the words and colors stamped on. So it was basically cheating. But I took a picture to show how fun it was.

Instead I picked one with a cute dalmatian puppy sleeping and underneath, it says Never underestimate the power of a nap.

Here is the cross stitch I am working on now, it is just about done, I just have the back-stitching left which is to add the accent (the brown and red) on top of the hummingbirds and flowers, and the blue border.

Back to me being a liar. When you work with a three year old you lie a lot. She asks questions and if I'm not paying attention then I just say yes to go along with it. Like this, "Is this Cinderella's wedding necklace?" "Yes, sure." And she believes it, and yes that was an actual conversation.

My favorite is her version of stores we go to. I'm sure you can catch on, but it is a simple formula, we are buying ___ so it is the ___ store. Some favorites are:
The Sweater Store
The Ice Cream Store
The Hair Cut Store
The Food Store
The Juice Store
The Parachute Store
The Band-aid Store
The Fruit Snacks Store
The Surprise Store
The Blue Ketchup Store
The Care Bear Oven Store
The Ballet Store

I just say yes, of course we are going to the "juice" store or whatever and don't care to correct her. Notice that half of the stores are about food, that just shows what her favorite thing in the world is.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Violence is my Answer?

This past semester Anna and I played Apples to Apples. Unfortunately for everyone else, we came in late after they had already made up the rules. The rules were that the person with the winning card got to judge the next round. Incidentally, Anna and I can read each others minds, and we have the same sense of humor, making it so we could easily play to the other.

We played a couple rounds and then Anna's card won. When she picked the green card, the adjective was violent. As I looked through my cards there was one that I thought was funny but was a little unsure about. I put it down anyway, and all the cards were revealed. When mine came up everyone laughed in surprise because it was a little shocking. My card was "going to grandma's". Yes, I put down that going to grandma's is violent.

Since it got the biggest reaction and was the funniest, my card won. Then I said that I had put the card down, and said that I had hoped Anna would pick it. Everyone just looked at us like we were crazy, then someone asked, "What goes on at your grandma's house...?"

During holidays Anna and I like to cross stitch while we watch movies and TV. I have done a few small ones but we went to Ben Franklin and I got one with hummingbirds. The next week we went to Michael's so Anna could buy yarn for a scarf. While there, we went looking through the cross stitches. I first saw a cupcake one that would be cute, but the next one I picked up was hilarious, it said "What happens at grandma's stays at grandma's."

Anna and I laughed and immediately thought of that game of Apples to Apples and violence. The cross stitch had lots of desserts on it, so I don't think it was talking about the supposed "violence" at grandma's house. After I finish the cross stitch I am currently working on, I think I will go get that one just because it makes me laugh.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

Audrey is very much into princesses at the moment. Every book from the library has to be about princesses and most of the toys she plays with are somehow made out to be princesses and their princes. One of the key parts of every princess story is their marriage and the happily ever after. Audrey is obsessed with weddings, and coming from Provo, I think it is hilarious.

This week my family received the Richmond bridal magazine. Audrey noticed it and went looking through it. She looked at a few of the dresses and said she really liked one for her mom. She didn't understand that her mom didn't need another one. On the pages with dresses on them, she would yell out, "I LOVE this dress." As this is an all too similar occurrence in Provo, I think she is growing up well.

Audrey has this funny thing where she hides whenever she knows someone is coming into a room to look for her. Well today, she went and hid in the bathroom, behind the toilet. When I came to look for her she popped out from behind it, ramming herself into the toilet paper dispenser. Her actions actually broke our toilet paper dispenser, she tore it out from the wall.

Anna and I took Emily, Audrey and Allyson to the pet store today to go look at the different animals. We went and looked at the cats, which were behind glass. The cats rubbed up against the glass and since Audrey couldn't touch them, she patted the glass which was adorable.

There was a dog training session in the front of the store that I took Audrey to watch. While in the dog section, Audrey loved looking at all the dog toys and the dog clothes. She even found a dog house and decided it was her size.

This is Audrey checking the roof of the dog house.

Basically, Audrey is always a handful but she gives us a lot of things to laugh about.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July Quotes

"That gangster is eating a Fig Newton! That is the least gangster of all cookies!" -Anna

"Why are you hugging and cuddling the toilet paper?" -Anna to Audrey

"There was a penny in my banana!" -Anna (after picking up her banana peel)

"Those shoes are stylish! Except I think boy feet are gross!" -Anna (about a pair of flip flops)

"You have junk in your trunk." -Anna
"There is nothing of the sort!" -Laura

"I think the dentist gave me a lobotomy!" -Anna

"One or two?" -Laura
"Brownie." -Audrey

"When I want candy, I turn into a super hero." -Laura

"That's not a bow. That's a space station." -Laura

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ode to Chicken

A creepy picture of Kara for your enjoyment.

One time during church, Kara wrote a poem for me. I found it last night and am now sharing it with the world. Pretty much if you say or write something for me, it may find its way onto my blog.

Laura is gonna make me some chicken.
Hip hip hooray, that is what I love.
Chicken is a beautiful thing
It can really change a person.
Once I was hungry, but now chicken fills that void.

This is a video of Kara yelling. Yes it is strange but it always makes me laugh when I see it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Everyone Likes to Dye their Food!

While I have lived with Kara, Madeline, Brett, Sarah and Amelia we have made a lot of baked goods. One of the common features of these baked goods is a strange color by added food coloring. We've had blue cinnamon rolls (a few times), red cookies, yellow cake always ends up strange colors and many other colorful foods. At one time, I even said that, "not dying your food is a crime." So when I was babysitting and I found out that Audrey also liked to dye her food I was very proud.

The first day I watched her, she wanted yogurt which is her favorite snack. But she wanted it purple. I thought it would be a Trix yogurt that came prepackaged as purple. But no, she had a normal white colored vanilla yogurt. She pointed to the cabinet to show me where the food coloring was and we put it in. She thought it was great, because it dyed her tongue.

A couple of weeks later, I used this technique to get her to eat something healthy. She wanted gold fish or something for snack but I told her that if she ate fruit we could dye it different colors. She picked a banana and I put on a few globs of blue and red and told her that it would mix in her mouth to make purple. This seemed to excite her and she quickly ate a few bites of the disgusting looking banana, then ran to the closest mirror. It actually did seem to work, her tongue looked purpley so she was thrilled.

Audrey loves Dora the Explorer. She has watched many episodes and has some Dora toys. When we went to the store she put some of the things Dora likes to say into action. I told her all the things we needed to buy which included fruit, yogurt, milk and cereal. After I read the list, in Dora fashion she said, "When you see milk, say milk!" When we got to the dairy section I told her that I saw the milk we needed and I got a couple of gallons. At that point it was almost too bad she didn't sing the "We did it" song.