Friday, March 23, 2012

Did you Staple that Right?

This is the story of how Kara and I decided we were friends.

Freshman year was a little weird at the beginning. It's pretty much the same for everyone. You move in with new roommates you don't know. You talk but don't know how forward to be. It's sometimes a bad thing to reveal how crazy you are too early. New people will not want to get to know you, they will just think of you as an overwhelmingly crazy person.

Kara and I were at the point where we weren't completely open with each other. I was trying to be super normal, to the point where it was really boring. Kara was just not very open so she seemed normal. There were a few times she said strange things so we all knew it was in her.

We usually went to bed around the same time, between eleven and midnight. But this was one of those nights where we both stayed up later than normal, working on homework that had to be printed and stapled. I had just crawled into bed and was waiting for Kara to finish since she was just a couple minutes behind me. I watched as her paper printed, then she stapled it and put it in her folder.

At the moment, I was very exhausted. And apparently delusional. But then again, so was Kara. I looked at her funny when she stapled it and asked her, "Did you staple that right?" I'm not even sure if there is an incorrect way to staple something unless you staple in the middle of the paper. Kara in her tired state didn't question me and pulled out her paper. She examined it and told me that she had indeed stapled it correctly.

The next morning, we both woke up and laughed about that moment. Did I seriously ask that question?? Did Kara really not see anything wrong with that?? That's when we both decided that we are both ridiculous and crazy and we could be friends.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

But I Know You Know Her!!!

The beginning of last semester my ward had an activity to help everyone introduce themselves. Afterwards I talked to a few people that seemed interesting. At one point I met a guy who was telling me about his major, neuroscience. I happened to mention a friend from Richmond, Auri, studying the same thing. I asked if they knew each other. They did and apparently were in the same lab group for chem 107.

At this point I freaked out a little much. I knew that Kara was in the same lab group as Auri (because I creeped on Kara emailing her one time). So I asked if he knew Kara. And he did not. That was really awkward. Especially because I persisted in saying they KNEW each other. They HAD to!!

This went on for quite awhile. I continued telling him that they knew each other. He just looked at me like I was crazy. Then I would repeat it and describe her. I eventually decided to try something different after this went nowhere after 5 minutes. I found a picture of Kara on my phone. Except that all of my pictures of her look ridiculous. So the best I got is here.

Just look at her huge forehead. Kara always looks that way (jk).

He remembered her and realized that he thought she was Auri the whole time. So ridiculous.

Then we were actually going to Kara's surprise birthday party and we told him so. Other people overheard and asked whose birthday it was. Luckily Kara and Anna were born a day apart so we told them it was Anna's belated birthday. Then everyone sang for her and we quickly ran away.

I just thought it was hilarious that none of this happened on purpose. Maybe one day I'll be less awkward.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pizza Friday Gone All Wrong

My freshman year my roommates and I started pizza Friday. As that implies we had pizza on Fridays. Every Friday once it started. There were one or two times we didn't have it (which confused some of our friends) but for two semesters everyone used some of their Creamery money to buy ingredients for pizza. Then we would make it and it was always delicious.

Last year, we didn't exactly keep up the tradition but turned it into a special occasion sort of thing. One week I decided to invite friends over since we hadn't had one since the last semester. Later in the week I got sick and threw up in the testing center. Since I had already made plans for the party I couldn't cancel it the day before so I decided to try and get past my illness and do pizza anyway. I'm sure you can tell where this is going, and it makes a great story.

I had someone else make the dough so I wouldn't spread whatever it was and we ate it all pretty fast. I was perfectly fine for the next hour or so. After eating, my stomach felt weird again. I decided to lie down but that didn't help. Some of the girls decided to start a movie but I couldn't really concentrate and went to the hot tub instead.

Hot tub when you're sick? It seemed like a really good idea at the time, however it was not so much in practice. I just put my feet in the hot tub and was sitting for about ten minutes when the feeling that I would vomit at any second came upon me. I quickly yelled at Anna that we had to leave. In my brilliance, I grabbed the pool key and accidentally shut it, locking the pool gate. This left Anna trapped in the pool area while I threw up. Because I was running, I actually projectile vomited into the trash and on the wall.

Since it was dark, Anna could only partially see what was happening. At this point she did realize that I had thrown up and was demanding I let her out. I threw the key to her and started laughing really hard. I laughed until I cried since it was hilariously ridiculous. I had locked my shouting sister in the pool area while I projectile vomited. It just seemed so random.

We walked back through my apartment while the movie was still going. Everyone was really confused so I continued to laugh and cry because I had to explain what happened to them. And finally, while I showered Anna got to clean up my mess. In the dark. It was such a weird night but surprisingly a highlight from last winter semester.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Quotes

"I hate when I'm a jerk." -Brittany
"We hate it too." -Lauren

After Anna comes back from watching a movie.
"What movie  are you guys watching?" -Laura
"Lord of the Rings." -Anna
I knew that Anna has never really wanted to watch them. "I'm sorry." -Laura
"He's in the other room." -Anna
"That's embarrassing." -Laura

"I love it when I'm witty!" -Laura

"I don't like ferrets but I like this picture of ferrets wearing turtlenecks." -Anna

"That figs..." -Hannah
"Figs...?" -Kara and me
"For figures. They used it in my high school. I didn't realize nobody knew about it." -Hannah
"Well that's okay because abbrevs are cool." -Laura

"It's like killing Mr. Rogers or something." -Anna

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Frozen Chicken Nugget Incident

First off, I changed my blog's name! Although Supermegafoxyawesomehot is very descriptive of me as a person, it does not actually reflect what I write about. If you couldn't tell, I just write about the ridiculous things that happen in my life. Yes, everything is usually to an absurd degree in my life.

In the past, I have managed to get people to eat frozen food in the past. Kind of creepy and gross? Yes. Hilarious? Yes.

Last year at Sparks I lived with Kara. That in itself made everything that happened into a hilarious story. After church one day I went to make myself lunch. I pulled out the bag from the freezer and put it on a plate. At the same time, Kara came from behind me and jokingly tried to take one from the bag. I looked at her and laughed and told her that no, she could not eat one of my chicken nuggets unless she ate it frozen.

Kara took this as a dare. She pulled it out and started to put it in her mouth. We both realized that one of the reasons you don't eat frozen things is that they are really hard. As she started gnawing on it, Brett's visiting teachers came over. Now it was just an awkward situation and Kara was embarrassed. While the girls sat on the couch in the living room, Kara moved into the corner by the stairs and kept gnawing while I made my lunch. I couldn't help but look at the weird scene and laugh since it was so absurd.

Those girls probably thought I was crazy, which is true. But even more, Kara is crazy.

On a similar note, last year I dared our cousin who was 6 at the time to eat frozen pancakes. He did not want to eat anything we made, but if you're a boy, you just have to follow through on dares. That was how he ate a meal or two (of 2-3 frozen pancakes). Anna and I are really good babysitters.