Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sometimes Kara Breaks All My Utensils

Freshman year I had a small set of silverware. I got it from my choir teacher right before I graduated High School. It had four pairs of forks, knives and spoons. They weren't super expensive, they were college ones from Target. They had a metal top and the handle was made of plastic. Over my freshman year, they proved to be as cheaply made as the cost. I'm pretty sure that of the 12 utensils, 7 or 8 were broken by Kara and about 2 or 3 more were broken by others.

After Kara had already broken a number of my utensils it became a running joke in the apartment. Up until this point, I don't think I had ever witnessed her breaking them. The first I saw of one dying was once in the kitchen when Kara used a knife to cut her dinner. We were both sitting at the table eating when I heard a weird cracking noise. I looked around for the noise and thought it came from Kara. When I turned to look at her she told me to "Look out the window." Even though I knew what she was up to, I humored her and briefly looked out the window. Then I turned to her and asked her, "Kara, did you just break my knife?" I remember looking back at her and she had this funny expression on her face. She was frowning and tried to look innocent but instead looking 100% guilty.

That was just one time she broke my utensils. She broke plenty more over the year. I think she may have even broken a few by eating soft things like cereal or soup.

When I moved into Sparks my sophomore year, I was the first person in the apartment. This was really fun because I got first choice for everything. I picked my room, bed, which shelf my toiletries were on, and I got to set up the kitchen all before anyone even got there. It was great for those reasons, but not so much with the  things in the kitchen. I had about 2 or 3 utensils left of which none were spoons. In case you didn't know, spoons are pretty irreplaceable. I had basically no food, and some of the few foods I had were cereal and soup which both need spoons. I used teaspoons, tablespoons and the tops of some of the broken spoons (still not sure why I kept those). Luckily, my roommates moved in and I was able to eat cereal normally again.

This past year at the Brittany, Anna and I had the same problem. The funny thing is that Anna also has utensils but none of her spoons made it to this year. The first week, our roommates had no utensils so we had to make due with our minimum assortment of utensils. I had one fork that survived two years of college and Anna had about 3 or 4 of everything so not much. We ended up using a pack of plastic red utensils to supplement for a couple weeks until we had enough utensils to actually last us a dishwasher load.

One of these days, we'll have to buy completely metal utensils (so they can't break) for ourselves so that next year we won't be limited in our ability to eat food.

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