Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ode to Chicken

A creepy picture of Kara for your enjoyment.

One time during church, Kara wrote a poem for me. I found it last night and am now sharing it with the world. Pretty much if you say or write something for me, it may find its way onto my blog.

Laura is gonna make me some chicken.
Hip hip hooray, that is what I love.
Chicken is a beautiful thing
It can really change a person.
Once I was hungry, but now chicken fills that void.

This is a video of Kara yelling. Yes it is strange but it always makes me laugh when I see it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Everyone Likes to Dye their Food!

While I have lived with Kara, Madeline, Brett, Sarah and Amelia we have made a lot of baked goods. One of the common features of these baked goods is a strange color by added food coloring. We've had blue cinnamon rolls (a few times), red cookies, yellow cake always ends up strange colors and many other colorful foods. At one time, I even said that, "not dying your food is a crime." So when I was babysitting and I found out that Audrey also liked to dye her food I was very proud.

The first day I watched her, she wanted yogurt which is her favorite snack. But she wanted it purple. I thought it would be a Trix yogurt that came prepackaged as purple. But no, she had a normal white colored vanilla yogurt. She pointed to the cabinet to show me where the food coloring was and we put it in. She thought it was great, because it dyed her tongue.

A couple of weeks later, I used this technique to get her to eat something healthy. She wanted gold fish or something for snack but I told her that if she ate fruit we could dye it different colors. She picked a banana and I put on a few globs of blue and red and told her that it would mix in her mouth to make purple. This seemed to excite her and she quickly ate a few bites of the disgusting looking banana, then ran to the closest mirror. It actually did seem to work, her tongue looked purpley so she was thrilled.

Audrey loves Dora the Explorer. She has watched many episodes and has some Dora toys. When we went to the store she put some of the things Dora likes to say into action. I told her all the things we needed to buy which included fruit, yogurt, milk and cereal. After I read the list, in Dora fashion she said, "When you see milk, say milk!" When we got to the dairy section I told her that I saw the milk we needed and I got a couple of gallons. At that point it was almost too bad she didn't sing the "We did it" song.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Feelings of a Three Year Old

One day, Audrey got really mad. It was because I asked her to unload the dishwasher with me. She had just eaten lunch and was sitting at the table. She decided to take it out on the thing closest to her, which happened to be a table. She yelled, "I don't like this table here!!!"

Audrey then proceeded to push against the table to push it out of its position. However, her effort did not work, as she does not have the strength to push a table. She just pushed her chair further and further away until she could barely touch the table. She was so excited at her achievement, until she realized she still had to put the dishes away.

Another time I watched Audrey we looked at some pictures from her preschool. She just loves looking at pictures and telling me about everyone in it so I had already looked at her class picture before. However this time, she pointed out all the kids and told me about the kids she plays with. When she got to a certain boy she said, "That's Hayden, I love him. He's so handsome and so cute."

He just looked like a typical preschool kid with scruffy blond hair and a t-shirt but I guess that's next to perfect for a three year old.

Here's a cute video of Audrey being tickled. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

June Quotes

We were playing, little mermaid on the trampoline. I thought when she said I was an octopus that I was Ursula but apparently not.
"I'm a big, mean octopus!" -Laura
"Do you do the trash?" -Audrey

"I only watch crime shows so people think I'm crazy!" -Anna

"What are you doing?" -Audrey
"Putting on my socks."- Laura
"Good, or else your legs will crack." -Audrey

"Are you typing on your blog? I don't think you should type up anything I've been saying..." -Anna

"My mom said I could pee in the lake at camping." -Audrey

"Bradley, stop talking! I don't like hearing your creeper voice!" -Anna

"My mom feeds me sometimes..." -Audrey

"What color is your swim suit?" -Laura
"Orange, pink and whaley." -Audrey

--Along the same lines

"What color is my shirt?" -Laura
"Purple, white and flowery." -Audrey

"The girl who cut my hair did it right. So now my bangs don't look like a mustache." -Anna

"We have blanket power!" -Audrey

"Are we going to ostrasize Emily?" -Anna

"I'm a bad person! I lie to a three year old!"  -Anna

"Oh, I thought I saw a pogo stick." -Anna

"I bet I could pull off being a hipster." -Anna

"Audrey was playing her Blue's Clues game and it was hard. I couldn't even figure it out!" -Anna

"Lucky Charms have contributed to world peace... With their marshmallows." -Anna

"He's a gangster, don't worry." -Anna

Friday, June 3, 2011

Don't Take Everything Literally

At this point, the only thing I have going on is babysitting so of course that is what I am writing about.

Audrey LOVES to read books, especially anything with a princess or dancer in it. I go to the library twice a week and we always pick out a couple to bring back. A couple weeks ago I brought back a book called Belinda Begins Ballet. She loved it from the start. Most books we read once or twice and she's happy to return them but she kept that one for two weeks and read it at least once a day.

When reading Audrey likes to ask questions like: "is that her mom?" and "what color are her eyes?" She also likes to ask them during each time the book is read. So she had read the book many times at this point (at the end of the two weeks) so it was a surprise when she came up with a new question for me about the book.

On one page she asked, "where is the teacher's eye?" I quickly pointed it out for her but she was discontent. "No the other eye!" I tried to explain that the other eye was not shown because of how her face was oriented, but Audrey persisted. "Where is the eye on the girl's dress?"

I was a little confused because her wording didn't seem to make sense, but I looked at the sentence I had just read. It said that the teacher had her eye on the girl, Belinda. Then I understood that she took that sentence literally, she actually thought that the teacher's eye was on Belinda. Three year olds are hilarious.

"My sticker! He swiped it!" -Audrey as her sticker fell on the floor

Every time I wear earrings, Audrey looks at them and plays with them so I asked her about them.
"Do you like earrings?" -Laura
"No, they make your ears look weird." -Audrey

"Choose a different favorite color!" -Audrey because I had the same one as her

The other day Audrey took my glasses and ran around the house with them. When I caught her and put them back on I asked her why she took them. She told me that it was because she didn't like them.

Basically I know the cutest little girl.