Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Recent Occurances

Audrey strapped her Belle figurine to her shoe. She wore it around for a couple hours. I'm not sure why she put it there when she had pockets, after a couple parents were confused I did take it off at least.

This is from Busch Gardens in May when I went with Emily's choir. It's kind of sad that even though I make faces in a lot of my pictures on rides I can't keep them or even take pictures of the pictures. But I did sneak this one in.

This is a note from Kelsey which I think is hilarious. She is such a drama queen.

Trying on helmets at Target. Anna is a bunny, my dad is a shark, and I am a cat. I think writing that out looks stupid but I'm sure you really can't tell what they are anyways.

 This was not when I babysat Audrey, this was from Anna. The story here is that Audrey was drinking from a water bottle with a straw and was leaning forward to do it. Then Anna went over a speed bump and Audrey leaned the water bottle back at just the right time and it flew into her hair.

I have no idea what we were playing. I think it had something to do with princesses, and she took a ride on Kelsey, the monster or something like that. But I'm pretty sure Audrey would make a good nun.

 So this is the start of my cross stitch with a puppy.

Progress one week later and with a new pink embroidery hoop.

Next week's progress. Almost done!

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  1. That puppy looks kind of ill. You should probably give it some water and vitamins or something.