Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week Six

Wow it's already been six weeks! I'm writing less (or so I hope) because my work life is getting less exciting and because I bet nobody reads these whole things.

Work: I'm doing Acid Degree Value testing. I hopefully will get it down a lot better. It involves extracting the fat and then doing a titration. I have had a lot of issues with the buret I'm using. Good equipment is a necessity! I'll work on my cheesecakes at some point this summer. I will have something presentable by August or so I hope.

Beth and I went to Hershey, PA which is like 15 minutes away. Beth and I went to the museum and then to ice cream and one of the rides. Ice cream was ridiculous. We didn't realize how much they were giving us and we got a lot. Beth's came first and the immediate thought for both of us was that we should have shared. After awhile, I just couldn't eat any more. Beth suggested that I drink it and because I'm crazy I did. I am really giggly and giddy like a little girl when I'm with Beth. I was laughing the whole time so I'm not sure how I managed to drink any of the ice cream sloop without spilling it.

A couple weeks back I brought in apples because my coworkers decided they wanted to take advantage of my hotel breakfast. They keep joking I need to bring in other things so I brought in dish soap for the lab.

Anyone who has dined at my apartment knows Anna and I use garlic or garlic powder a lot and love garlic flavored things. Awhile ago I moved the decimal place over in one of my dressings so I added 2% garlic powder instead of .2%. It turned out pretty nasty.

Studying Spanish for my mission. One flashcard set I found online has "la música de Justin Bieber" on there. I was so confused why, but whatever, hilarious.

I quit facebook for a second time... I'm not sure for how long though. I think I really could go awhile, maybe the rest of the summer. I guess we'll see what I want to do. My quitting honestly went like this: "Self, it's 11 at night. Why are you on facebook? Get off, in fact you should quit so you don't get on late again."

There were a couple of long car rides this weekend. Friday we went to a picnic in the park but sadly very few people came. Later one of the guys sprained his ankle and was too stressed to drive. Beth and I volunteered to drive his car back with me following. In the middle of the drive we hit a huge storm. He lives about an hour away so we had to take the free way and just go slowly so we wouldn't hit anyone. I drove with my hazards on going 35mph, and even with my wipers up the entire way it wasn't enough. One thing about me is that I don't like driving unless I have to, so this was quite interesting. I've never been in a storm that bad but as long as I went slow it wasn't awful.

Saturday Beth and I went to the temple. On our way there we went to... Cafe Rio! It was delicious, I just love that there is one in DC. We even saw sister missionaries there which made me laugh. That was one of our whims, we were on the way then decided to go so we had to call my mom to get the address. As I went in to do baptisms I saw familiar faces, Sarah Andrew's parents! They went with the YSA branch, but Sarah wasn't there which made me sad. This same exact thing happened last summer so it was a funny coincidence. After baptisms I went to the visitor's center to wait for Beth. I ended up reading some of the Book of Mormon in Spanish. I was surprised, I remember a lot of Spanish from high school when I see it which is good news. I'll just have to learn to speak it better, since I can't say exactly what I want to yet, plus I need to relearn conjugating... that makes my brain hurt.

We took a detour to a creepy mall to get Chic-fil-a. We were driving when Beth said she wanted their lemonade so I found one on her GPS. When we got there, we were confused as we didn't realize it was in a mall. It had few store entrances on the outside and we were so confused whether it was open or not. Beth wanted to just drive home but I was bound and determined to get food there since we came out for it. It was less creepy inside the mall though so the delicious food was worth it.

Notice in the picture the creepy man reflected in the glass. It really was creepy.

It seems like whenever Beth and I drive anywhere with food nobody eats the food at the party so we eat like half of whatever we brought in the car. It happened with chips and cookies a few weeks back, this week it was lemon cookies!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Insert Something Witty about Movies Here

I’m not sure how many of my friends know this, but I love ridiculous movies, like really bad ridiculous movies. I'm talking about the ones that come on Disney channel, ABC Family or Hallmark. They are ridiculously implausible and the story lines are usually not well written but that being said, it’s what makes them hilarious. Other movies that go to the theaters can make it into this category as well, such as the Twilight movies.

Last summer, I was home and so some of my time I spent watching movies or TV shows on our TV. We have this capability called On Demand where many channels put shows or movies up so the users can watch them anytime. This enabled me to watch a lot of ABC Family movies.

Anna and I found one that has celebrities in it but before they were well known. The show was called Crimes of Fashion and it starred Kaley Cuoco and the villain was Megan Fox. The premise was about a girl played by Kaley who was going to fashion school when her grandfather, that she never knew, died. He left her the family business which turns out to be the mafia, making her the mob boss. The entire school finds out from a tabloid about her new job. The students and teachers are terrified of her which is hilarious because she never would hurt anyone and doesn't want to be a mob boss. One young cop follows her around the school, pretending to be a student, so he can find out about her nonexistent evil schemes. Of course, they end up falling in love. She ends up turning one of their fronts around so it becomes a legal business which happens to manufacture clothes, a perfect outlet for her. She finds out the villain (Megan Fox) has been stealing designs from one of the workers at the clothing factory and thus she is expelled. She even gets the rival mob boss to confess that he committed tax fraud while she is wearing a microphone, so her cop boyfriend arrests him. Then it turns out her grandfather isn’t dead, he was one of the mob members helping her all along. He just wanted her to help him turn around the mafia and he wanted to get to know her. Then they lived happily ever after. As you can tell, the plot is really out there but it is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever watched.

Another movie we watched had the awfully hilarious concept working perfectly although quite on accident. Two summers ago, Anna, Brett, Kara and I watched The Last Song with Miley Cyrus (yes don’t judge). We started the movie and it began really intense. There was a fire going and someone was coughing from the ash and soot. Since Nicholas Sparks wrote the book, we knew that someone was going to die tragically like in all his books (The Notebook, A Walk to Remember etc.). The coughing signaled to us that it would be that character. Suddenly the movie went all weird and jumped around. We took it out of the DVD player and cleaned it. When we put it back in, it started somewhere else. We realized that we had just watched the climax of the movie but we had no idea the lead up to that part. Everyone was highly confused and we started guessing ridiculous ways of how everything tied together. It’s already hilarious to watch a movie with that group of people, but the more outrageous than usual comments made it even better. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Week Five

New York!

Work was really busy. I had to pull a ton of samples from storage, move them to smaller containers and then ship them. One sample request had nine samples that each weighed five pounds.
Beth invited me to a party of some ladies in her last ward. There is a medical school around here and one of the girls finished her third year and took a crazy hard exam, so we celebrated. The ladies there were really hilarious. So here's a couple conversation topics.
Two knew each other from BYU-ID (one is married and one is not) and they kept bringing up people from their old ward. They mentioned a guy who owns a pork bbq place in Portland (they joked it should be named Pork in Portland or Porkland). They decided the girl should date him, because this group is apparently into matchmaking. Later I mentioned I was 21, and one of the ladies said her son is my age and a recent RM. They all gasped and looked at me excitedly. That's just a super awkward position to be in. At least I had a response ready, I mentioned my mission call, which is in fact a great way to ward off boys (although I already do that on my own).
We talked about smart phones because one of the ladies got a new phone. Her son was the one who just got off a mission, and he needed a smart phone so she got the one he had before his mission. I thought that was a little strange but apparently she hadn't updated her phone since 2003. She was so mad her family made her update it because she was convinced it was much better than any other phone out there. The other ladies were trying to console her, telling her it was time for her to get a new one, it was hilarious.

I got my cheesecake stuff ready to go! I'm starting on that first thing tomorrow!
Institute was fun, nothing too exciting. There's a mission prep class starting next week, so that will be good.

I started my cheesecakes! The normal version was delicious but the two I made with a concentrate were nasty. Luckily I was not using a recipe I made up so nobody could blame me! I'll have to tweak them a lot to get them right.
I haven't thoroughly explained what the concentrates are used for so I'll explain now. We take a regular product like salad dressing or cheesecake and make up a control. The control is the typical version of that product. My job is to add in our super concentrated cheeses to replace some of the actual cheese in the product since it is expensive. The companies are able to fill in the difference with cheaper ingredients like water, or oil. The end result should hopefully taste exactly the same as the control so you can't tell there is a difference in anything: taste, color, texture etc.

I started some testing of our enzyme modified products, the technical name is the Acid Degree Value test. Basically I spend time extracting the fat, then I take the fat and add some alcohol and do a titration. I never thought I would need to do one outside of chemistry class but here I am.

Today was a very slow day. I ended up doing the test from yesterday again. I had help from the chemist in our office yesterday so today I tried it on my own. I am not so good at it but I think I just need more practice. My data was at least reasonable, even though it wasn't what we got yesterday. I'll probably do it again next week and see if I can get it down.
Beth and I went to see Romeo and Juliet for free outside in a park. It was really fun. We brought chipotle and sat on a blanket. I only got one mosquito bite!

I went to a Walk for Autism in the morning with Beth. It was really fun. There was a raffle so we got tickets and put them into the Kindle Fire drawing. There were booths advertising services. We happened to know the guy doing massages so we got some for free. It was so nice to get a professional massage! The DJ put on Boyfriend by Justin Bieber because a little girl requested it. There was a boy over by us who ran off screaming "NOOO!!!" the second it started. It was hilarious!!
After the walk we went and saw The Hunger Games in the discount theater. This was the second time I saw it and I thought it was great. I even cried when Rue died... again.

Friday, June 15, 2012

New York, New York!

This past weekend I went to visit the lovely Sarah Anderson in New York City. I'm kind of assuming that whoever is reading this is my friend on facebook, so I'm not reposting pictures, so follow along there.

I got on a 9 am train and got to NYC at noon. It was perfect timing. Sarah got off work at her internship for lunch to pick me up from Penn station. The day before they were busy with dinner, a show and taking care of ambassadors from other countries. It meant they let her have the rest of the day off so we could spend time together! We took the subway back to her office, (which is in the same building as the temple) and went to EuroPan in the same building for lunch. We both ordered the same thing: tomato, basil and some type of cheese (goat possibly?) paninis. It was super filling and delicious. We even ate them in Central Park which was so pretty! Then we walked back and put my stuff down in her office so I wouldn't have to lug it around all day.

We went to Broadway and looked for a show to see that night. We picked a new show called It's Nice Work If You Can Get It which stars Matthew Broderick. We spent a few hours in Times Square. We went to the huge Toys R Us. Inside we looked at the huge candies in the Wonka section, we walked through the Barbie Dream House and watched the huge ferris wheel. We went in the Disney store, which was really cool, there's a lot of Brave stuff there. We stopped for drinks at McDonald's since it was pretty hot out. I got a frozen strawberry lemonade, and we talked for awhile. Next we went to the M&M store and the Hershey's store. All of the stores have so much merchandise, and I'm not even sure who buys it all! Some are geared to really specific people and for really ridiculous prices. We passed a few sites on the way back to Sarah's office to get our stuff. We passed Rockefeller Plaza, Trump Tower, the Lego store and we went through Central Park again. We grabbed leftovers from the dinner her office hosted the night before. We ate on a random area of grass. It was cool that we were in the middle of the city, surrounded by buildings.

We went to our show and it was great! It was about prohibition and thus one of the main characters was a bootlegger. We honestly had no idea what it was about when we picked it but it ended up being a good one! The music was written by the Gershwins and it was actually all old music compiled into a musical. We had to run out as soon as it ended so we could catch our train onto Long Island. However, we did not count on getting caught in a crowd because of.... Ricky Martin?! He's starring in Evita at the moment and apparently he has a ton of fans. All of Times Square was packed with fans screaming for him. I thought he was cool in the 90's but I thought most people were over him, but not so. We missed our train so we tried to wait around for Matthew Broderick and the rest of the cast from our show. We waited for half an hour or so but nobody recognizable came out so we decided to leave so we would at least make the next train. We think a few drunk men tried to follow us on the subway going to our train, but we changed compartments and got off. Interesting stuff, that doesn't happen so much in Provo!

Sarah had a dentist appointment so I slept in! We went into the city around eleven and started at the Natural History Museum. We basically toured the whole building which was so cool! They have areas for each part of the world and they showed how the early civilizations lived. One of the cooler areas contained a ton of dinosaur bones. They were really huge and cool. One of our favorites of the ancient animals was the turtle because it looked like it was grinning. We spent quite a few hours here, then we went and ate salad in front of the building. There was a super funny baby across from us that was excited to be surrounded with so many interesting things. Any new noise he heard, he would look at it and smile or try and reach for it.

We walked to Shake Shack, which is a famous fast food restaurant only found in NYC. According to Sarah, it is mentioned or seen within a bunch of movies, so that's pretty awesome. Then we went to Central Park again. We saw Belvedere Castle which is in the middle of the park. I went up to the top area and looked out  at the city while Sarah got directions to our next place. While walking around the park, we saw two couples taking wedding pictures. What a gorgeous place to take them! We walked to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We didn't have as much time so we walked through only a few sections. We started in the Greek section, looked at some European Victorian era things, Christian art, the Egyptian section, and some American art.

The plan was to go to the Wicked and Godspell lotteries to see if we could get tickets for either. Sarah had done them both before and knew we needed cash, which she didn't have. We tried to look for an ATM everywhere but we couldn't find the right bank. We ended up going into Staples so she could buy something with her debit card and get cash back. We then ran to the subway and from the subway ran to the right street off Broadway to get in the lottery. The drawing is usually at 6 on the dot, and we put our names in two minutes before that. We didn't have to wait long before they started calling names. Sarah's was the second one called. We were stunned, she's tried at the lottery about five times with a bunch of people and nobody has ever been called. We were shocked beyond belief when mine was the third name called. Our cards must have been stuck together on top, that's the only explanation I can think of. Each card gets up to two tickets so we had four tickets between the two of us. None of her family or friends could come, so we didn't know what to do. Other people noticed our situation and tried to get our attention so we would give them our extras. Too many people were involved and it was way too overwhelming so we ended up putting it back into the lottery, which was the best way to do it anyway.

There was two hours to go before our show so we got dinner. The entire time we were just amazed how lucky we were that we got in and on a Saturday! There was about 80 people there and maybe 30 tickets so only about fifteen names were called. We were so shocked we both got called, the chances of it happening were so slim. We made our way back to the theater after dinner. When the ushers pointed us to our seats we were even more shocked. We were on the front row! What?!? It was all too exciting, I was highly overwhelmed. It was exciting enough I was seeing Wicked on Broadway, but the front row?! We sat next to a couple and they were the ones who got our extra tickets, so their gratefulness made it even better. They agreed that they were also lucky, so we were all just starstruck and amazed altogether. I about cried when the curtain came up. It was so amazing. After the show Sarah and I grabbed dessert and got on the subway and train to her house.

Church was at one so Sarah, Galena (the other intern at Sarah's office) and I chilled for awhile at Sarah's house. Then the three of us took the train in and ate lunch at her office. We went to a YSA ward in the building the Manhattan temple is in. It was great to be with people my age again! Sometimes I just miss the BYU atmosphere where all my neighbors go to my ward and I know everyone. It sure is different in a family ward, where I have to drive to meet friends and go to activities. After church, I had an hour where Sarah, Galena and I talked and said goodbye before I got on my train.

It was such an exhausting weekend and I was so sad to leave New York! I really did make the most of my weekend though, I wouldn't change a thing!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week Four

Are you tired of these weekly things? They're really long but if people read them I'll keep writing!

I went to BtheF (break the fast), and it was about an hour away. There were some crazy hills on the way there and it was raining so it made for an interesting drive. We didn't even stay that long but the chicken was delicious and worth it.

I crunched lots of numbers today to see the money saved on my dressings. It saves a lot but I kind of want to do more with it to save more money.
I made a blue cheese concentrate today, it smelled really strong. In case you don't know, cheddar cheese is dyed orange. I had to add some dye to the velveeta type cheese on Friday. Well today I found some of the dye on the counter... whoops! Luckily it cleaned up pretty easily.
I finished reading The Count of Monte Cristo for the second time! It's definitely one of my favorite books, unabridged of course. It only took me three weeks. The last time I took close to three months. Crazy.

I made a cream cheese concentrate today and it was so thick it would not heat up. I spent all morning standing over it and then left to do other things, even then it took forever.
Institute was pretty fun we started going over talks from the last general conference. Afterwards we went to Texas Road House. So delicious. It was 9 at night so I just got some fries and of course a few rolls with cinnamon butter. We talked about missions which was awesome. It was me and five rm's (only one girl) which was an interesting ratio. It meant they all told me stories from their missions. I couldn't tell if they were trying to scare me or get excite me though... They started off telling me their horror stories and stated mine wouldn't be as bad as theirs, just different. That was... encouraging? There was some good advice in there though. The girl, Liz I think, said that if you are called you have the ability to get through it period. That means there is no need to worry or fear which is good advice for a worrier like me.

Talked about religion with a co-worker. It was such a good conversation. He made the comment that he wished other religions had missions like we do. He specifically wishes that for the guys it would be expected to go on a long term service mission just so more people in the world would have an understanding of their place in the world in relation to other people. It's all about service, it really is.
Beth and I went out to get ice cream again. This time we went to Wendy's and I got a frosty and fries. Love that place.

My coworker who is leaving showed me how to use the salt analyzer. I got the salt concentrations for all of the samples from the week then took their pH. Exciting stuff. I made a really stinky blue cheese concentrate it was ridiculous how bad the room smelled.
I am packing for my next trip... New York!!! I'm taking a train tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to it!

New York trip, separate post coming!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Post-Provo and Pre-Mission

Warning: This post may be a little scatter brained and it's a little lengthy.

This past semester I realized so many things. There are endless possibilities for life and so many things can be worked into the timeline of life. I think that some people get caught up in deciding between one thing or another that they don't realize everything can fit together and they can do it all. Also a lot of people just dream of the day when they are not in the situations they are in at the moment. Both of these ideas work against people. They don't do as much as they can and want to be elsewhere in their life.

To a small extent, I was in that place, but realizing some things, I was able to put my life in perspective. I can do much and I can have purpose in my current life so that I will be happy exactly where I am in life. The average life expectancy is 78 years old. Comparatively, a year and a half is a minuscule amount to fully give to the Lord. I'll be in California during my early twenties, some of the most exciting years of life, but does it really matter what I'll miss out on? It will be time well spent and will be exciting for its own reasons.

I have some amazing friends (you all know who you are, but just in case you don't, I have a few pictures). These friends really helped me with realizing all of this.

To quote Princess Diaries, "And then I realized how many stupid times a day I use the word 'I.' And probably all I ever do is think about myself. And how lame is that when there's like seven billion other people out there on the planet... But then I thought, if I cared about the other seven billion out there, instead of just me, that's probably a much better use of my time."

There are so many selfish things you can do with your time. Instead of thinking of yourself, you can think about the people around you and their needs. One of my friends, Anna, is an amazing example to me. She was one of the people who drove me places while my car was broken and is probably the most optimistic person I know. She always gives complements, telling people that they are rockstars and that she is lucky to know them. She drove one of our friends, Jordan, to take a test and then picked him up after and bought him a frosty! We laughed about how funny it was, he said, "I should be buying her the frosty for driving me around!" How much better of a friend can you have? From her I just see that if you are radiating as much happiness as she is, the only thing more you can do is share it.

Some of my other friends, specifically those who got off their own missions within the past year, have made me want to grow spiritually. When we went to Idaho as a group, Dustin and Nathan went to talk to one of their leaders who had gone inactive while they were away. They didn't even have to think two seconds about it, duty called and they stepped up. I've had conversations with Jordan, Dustin, and Nathan about missions and all that comes with it. They had such great experiences they wouldn't give up for anything. To hear them talk with reverence about the things they did and taught, made me want to have that as well.

In order to share and better myself, I am going on a mission. What better thing could I be doing than helping other people, by leading them to Christ while I grow spiritually? I don't think there is anything better. Looking back at the past few years, I'm sad I didn't realize this before. I always thought I would decide when the time came, but I realize the decision could have been made earlier. My freshman roommates almost all wanted to go, and everyone who wanted to is (minus one who is married). I am kicking myself because I could have gone along with them and decided the same from their awesome examples. However, my decision to go means a lot since I came to it on my own terms and I am grateful I did make that choice. I'm so glad I've had strong friends to influence me over the past few years. Everyone has made a world of difference to me.

Now if you're still reading, wow. That must mean you're either a really good friend or family and I am appreciative for both, so thank you. You guys are the best!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mission Call

So I got my mission call... I'm going to Arcadia, California. I'll be speaking Spanish and I leave October 3rd. That means I have to brush up on my high school Spanish. Hopefully I'll go through and remember a lot of it before I go into the MTC (very optimistic).

I know some of my friends don't actually know what this means so I'll explain. I'm leaving in October for eighteen months to serve the Lord. I will first go to the MTC or Missionary Training Center. While I'm there I'll learn Spanish and I'll prepare to teach people about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS church). After gaining the necessary skills I will head off to California where I will be for the rest of my mission, about sixteen months. I'll come back in March of 2014. As part of the missionary lifestyle I will not be allowed to call friends or family. I will be permitted to write letters though, so I hope to get some from anyone reading this! I will be able to call or videochat with my parents on Christmas and Mother's day. I'm actually really excited because my birthday happens to be on the Sunday of Mother's day so that will be a really exciting present!

I'm very excited to go to California! I love warm weather and will definitely not miss the snow! I'm excited to serve and to see what is in store for me.

Here's the picture of my mission as per my family's request.

I'll just say if you have any questions you can go to or you can ask me yourself!

Some of the things I will be teaching include:

  • The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ--After Christ died, his church became corrupt and the gospel was not correct anymore. The gospel was brought back through Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.
  • The Plan of Salvation--The Plan of Happiness that God has for everyone as individuals and within families.
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ--Christ's gospel consists of faith in Christ, repentance, baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost.
  • The Commandments--The Ten Commandments and other important commands like tithing, fasting, following the prophet, etc.
  • Laws and Ordinances--After baptism, the additional steps a person must take to gain eternal life. This includes things like going to the temple, doing missionary work and serving.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week Three

Mission call to Arcadia, California Spanish speaking. There will be a full post about this....

Pool party for Memorial Day!! I went at around two, and it lasted all day. Apparently the ysa has all day crazy parties. I'm up for it, except when I have to sleep for work... We had barbecue early on and watched a movie. Later on we got in the pool and swam. It is a circular pool so my first thought was to have a whirlpool, and I convinced them to do it. It was awesome. When we were going around we started throwing the balls around. It was kind of hilarious since we were going in circles, and we were all pretty bad at aiming at moving targets.
After the whirlpool we went inside and played on the Kinect. There were a couple dance games we played for most of the time-- Just Dance 3 and Dance Central. Those are the games on the wii or Kinect I like doing at parties. At one point I did like five songs in a row and was exhausted. Then we ate pizza and I left. I don't know how some of these people party all day it was tiring!

More salad dressings!
Institute. I was going to stay for volleyball but they didn't start until late so I left. Basically not much happened.

My coworker's birthday was yesterday but he took the day off (he had a four day weekend jealous!) so we partied today. We ate a cake and Mississippi mud pie. They were both delicious. He received some candy for his birthday from his relatives and shared with us. I ate one and later that day he was talking about them. There were two varieties bacon caramel and chocolate stout. I had the chocolate one and apparently it was made with some type of alcohol! Hahaha! I guess that's what you get when you leave Provo, people think everyone drinks alcohol. Apparently chocolate stout is a type of alcohol and he assumed I knew. I guess it's not any worse than using cooking wine, the alcohol content is reduced somewhat but does not dissipate completely. Anyway, it was funny yet sad, so I hope this doesn't happen again.
I got gelati at Rita's with a girl in my ward. Rita's is an east coast Italian ice/gelati place that somehow missed my area of Virginia so I haven't had it before. I got a fudge brownie gelati with vanilla ice cream. I definitely want to go back! We spent the time planning things to do this summer. She studied history in school so she will go to any historical site no matter how many times she's been. So that means.... road trip!! I'm really excited to go anywhere and everywhere!

I had an upset stomach so I didn't do salad dressings today. Instead I made up some velveeta type cheese. I already thought the stuff was disgusting and after making it I don't want to eat it ever again. It's cheese melted with a bunch of oil and other stuff. The oil does not go in very well and it just looked like a greasy mess.
I looked into some applications of our products. That meant I got to browse recipes online. Basically it was awesome.

One of the QA people just got a new job in Pittsburgh... That means that from the time she leaves until they find someone new I can help out with her job.
Yesterday I only made a similar product to processed cheese (velveeta) but today I actually made it. I even poured it into a loaf pan to make it all rectangular. Ewww, how does anyone eat that stuff??
There were thunderstorms all afternoon followed by a tornado warning. It was awesome. I don't like rain except on two conditions. 1. It is either raining but the sun is still out. 2. It is crazy raining like you can barely see and get drenched in a second and thunder is involved. It was exciting.
I got chinese food for dinner with my new friend Beth. It was delicious and it was in a really cute area. After dinner we went to a game night which was fun. The best part? When playing Loaded Questions the person reading accidentally read the wrong answer but it totally fit and was hilarious. Q: What are you most likely to go to jail for? A: Body odor. It was so hilarious I don't even remember the real answer.

I was sitting around and decided to go out to a thrift store I've passed. It was really awesome and much more vintage-esque of a thrift store than DI or goodwill. Almost everything was dated at least twenty years. I found some things for my mission, two skirts and a button down shirt. The guy at the counter was super nice. The machine for their cards wasn't working so I had to pay cash. I had $9 in ones and I could scrounge up the remaining two dollars in quarters and dimes but he didn't care, he just let me take my stuff for less. I tried pulling out more change but he really insisted, such a nice guy!
A few stakes around here bought a camp for boy scout camp and girls camp. I went to help clean it up and get it ready for the summer. Beth and I stopped at an out of the way grocery store to get chips and cookies to eat with dinner. We had a fire and we cooked hot dogs and ate lots of food. We made smores using Reeses instead of chocolate and they are totally the best! I was so happy to see the Reeses and that someone else knows that trick. Although it was small, only four people it was still fun.

Random additions:
My car here in PA has a couple programmed radio stations. The two on there are country and I was too lazy to find new ones... There's Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift which I'm used to mixed in with everything else, but I find I like most of it. That is kind of a new idea for me. I have always been against country but now I see that it was more my lack of getting used to it and actually listening for more than two seconds. Of course there are songs that I listen to that I don't like but I see most of them aren't as awful as I made them out to be. In fact a lot of them are hilarious , or not so serious and they tell stories much better than normal stuff on the radio. It is actually nice to understand 95% of the lyrics and I haven't heard many that swear either which is awesome.
The organist forgot to play the last verse of a song last week or maybe the week before. It was really funny, the director stopped and everyone turned to look at the organist. She had changed the stops after she finished playing so she had to readjust and it took a couple minutes before we starting singing again. It was pretty entertaining.

I used an eye make up remover with the warning: keep out of eye. I realized that when it got in and stung my eye. Why did I even buy it!?!?  It's not like I put it in my eye on purpose but if it happens I don't want it to hurt.