Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Violence is my Answer?

This past semester Anna and I played Apples to Apples. Unfortunately for everyone else, we came in late after they had already made up the rules. The rules were that the person with the winning card got to judge the next round. Incidentally, Anna and I can read each others minds, and we have the same sense of humor, making it so we could easily play to the other.

We played a couple rounds and then Anna's card won. When she picked the green card, the adjective was violent. As I looked through my cards there was one that I thought was funny but was a little unsure about. I put it down anyway, and all the cards were revealed. When mine came up everyone laughed in surprise because it was a little shocking. My card was "going to grandma's". Yes, I put down that going to grandma's is violent.

Since it got the biggest reaction and was the funniest, my card won. Then I said that I had put the card down, and said that I had hoped Anna would pick it. Everyone just looked at us like we were crazy, then someone asked, "What goes on at your grandma's house...?"

During holidays Anna and I like to cross stitch while we watch movies and TV. I have done a few small ones but we went to Ben Franklin and I got one with hummingbirds. The next week we went to Michael's so Anna could buy yarn for a scarf. While there, we went looking through the cross stitches. I first saw a cupcake one that would be cute, but the next one I picked up was hilarious, it said "What happens at grandma's stays at grandma's."

Anna and I laughed and immediately thought of that game of Apples to Apples and violence. The cross stitch had lots of desserts on it, so I don't think it was talking about the supposed "violence" at grandma's house. After I finish the cross stitch I am currently working on, I think I will go get that one just because it makes me laugh.

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  1. This is exactly how playing Apples to Apples with Rebecca is! Haha you girls crack me up