Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sometimes I Only Eat One Type of Food

During my freshman year of college I had this phase that I went through that my roommates (Kara) teased me about for awhile. It involved me only eating wraps for like two weeks. Granted they were different types, sometimes I had turkey, other times chicken with different veggies inside. But seriously, I ate wraps for two meals a day for two weeks.

Recently, I have had a similar situation but with paninis. They are delicious! I have had them at least three times a week, ever since coming to college this year. It doesn't really matter what is in them, just that they are crunchy, golden and warm with melted cheese. I could just live off of them, and so I have started to, as they are currently my go to food. Even though it is exactly a sandwich (except with a fancy garlic bread we buy) it tastes 10 times better!! We've looked at recipes and they just all sound amazing.... Someone help me!

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