Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Quotes

"So many times my butt has been grazed today." -Anna

"Who I saw today..." -Laura awkwardly
"Guess...?" -Anna

"Don't make me touch my butt!" -Laura

"Do you feel like you're in a stealing mood?" -Anna

"Dance where I can see you!" -Anna to Laura

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sometimes Kara Breaks All My Utensils

Freshman year I had a small set of silverware. I got it from my choir teacher right before I graduated High School. It had four pairs of forks, knives and spoons. They weren't super expensive, they were college ones from Target. They had a metal top and the handle was made of plastic. Over my freshman year, they proved to be as cheaply made as the cost. I'm pretty sure that of the 12 utensils, 7 or 8 were broken by Kara and about 2 or 3 more were broken by others.

After Kara had already broken a number of my utensils it became a running joke in the apartment. Up until this point, I don't think I had ever witnessed her breaking them. The first I saw of one dying was once in the kitchen when Kara used a knife to cut her dinner. We were both sitting at the table eating when I heard a weird cracking noise. I looked around for the noise and thought it came from Kara. When I turned to look at her she told me to "Look out the window." Even though I knew what she was up to, I humored her and briefly looked out the window. Then I turned to her and asked her, "Kara, did you just break my knife?" I remember looking back at her and she had this funny expression on her face. She was frowning and tried to look innocent but instead looking 100% guilty.

That was just one time she broke my utensils. She broke plenty more over the year. I think she may have even broken a few by eating soft things like cereal or soup.

When I moved into Sparks my sophomore year, I was the first person in the apartment. This was really fun because I got first choice for everything. I picked my room, bed, which shelf my toiletries were on, and I got to set up the kitchen all before anyone even got there. It was great for those reasons, but not so much with the  things in the kitchen. I had about 2 or 3 utensils left of which none were spoons. In case you didn't know, spoons are pretty irreplaceable. I had basically no food, and some of the few foods I had were cereal and soup which both need spoons. I used teaspoons, tablespoons and the tops of some of the broken spoons (still not sure why I kept those). Luckily, my roommates moved in and I was able to eat cereal normally again.

This past year at the Brittany, Anna and I had the same problem. The funny thing is that Anna also has utensils but none of her spoons made it to this year. The first week, our roommates had no utensils so we had to make due with our minimum assortment of utensils. I had one fork that survived two years of college and Anna had about 3 or 4 of everything so not much. We ended up using a pack of plastic red utensils to supplement for a couple weeks until we had enough utensils to actually last us a dishwasher load.

One of these days, we'll have to buy completely metal utensils (so they can't break) for ourselves so that next year we won't be limited in our ability to eat food.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sometimes Our Car tries to Kill us Part II

Since the last time I posted about our car, more interesting stuff has happened.

Luckily we've driven it around for the past month with few problems. We even made it to South Jordan from Provo without any issues but our car got a bit messed up this week.

On Monday, we got to drive for FHE. Of course, before we got in the car I reminded them of the last time our car almost killed people when the breaks didn't work. That scare tactic didn't work, they just laughed and said that it was such a funny story.

Driving to our Bishop's house was mostly fine. As we were driving the GPS on our friend's phone froze. We were a little panicked, but another guy had GPS on his phone so he pulled it up. The car was pretty tense for awhile as we hoped we didn't miss our turn. We asked again if it was working, and the response was that the second phone was dying. Then Anna told them to shut up because it was freaking her out. A second later, the first GPS unfroze and worked again. We got the rest of the way there with only one minor wrong turn.

FHE was super hilarious and everyone enjoyed the telephone pictionary game. It works by one person writing a sentence, and the second person draws it and a third writes what they think the sentence is supposed to show. It keeps going until it goes all the way around or you run out of paper. I only mention this because this is the one time I cry on a regular basis. Every stinking time I play this game I am in the corner laughing so hard I cry. And that is awkward.

Everyone got in the car perfectly fine, however it did not stay like that. The back door of our car would not shut. The people kept pulling until the door of our car popped off its hinges. This problem with our car door has happened to our cousins. We knew that if it is pulled open too hard it can get off the track but only partially. Usually when the door doesn't shut, someone can slightly lift the door back into the track and it will work again. When the door was pulled too hard it completely pulled off the tracks.

When the door fell off, luckily Tyler was trying to get in the car parked next to us. Tyler was able to hold up the door while we tried to put it back in. It was super late so it was completely dark outside and we couldn't really see what we were doing. It took us like 7 or 8 minutes to realize that we should tell the bishop to turn on his light outside. Tyler held the door during all 7 or 8 minutes. I'm not even sure how he lasted so long, but only after that time did he tell us how the car door was super heavy.

Eventually, they were able to maneuver the door back into the tracks and we got to leave. It was actually kind of funny because everyone was too scared to open the door again. Instead of going out of their door, the people went out through the passenger door. We still haven't opened the door so we'll see if it falls off again.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sometimes Weird Stuff Happens to my Smoothies

One time in High School I left the school for something and then I had to be back for an after school activity. The thing to do in high school was to have smoothies, much like here at BYU (Jamba anyone?). Well I came back up to the parking lot and was about to go inside. I was talking to friends and something weird happened and my friend punched my smoothie. It seems I have forgotten the reasoning behind this... Why on earth would someone punch a smoothie? Jealous much? Regardless, my smoothie was slowly melting onto the ground through the newly formed holes at the bottom of the crushed container.

I had to find a way to solve my smoothie dilemma so I went inside to the cafeteria. The only people around were cafeteria workers who were cleaning everything so I went to talk to them. They thought I was trying to buy something but no I wasn't, I just needed a cup to save my poor smoothie. They looked at me funny but gave me a plastic cup anyways. I was able to pour a fragment from my smoothie into the cup, much of my smoothie was lost on the floor.

Another time was at Sam's Club when we lived in Texas when I was younger. At the end of every Sam's trip, our family would head over to the pharmacist's area because our mom's friend was the pharmacist. She would talk and talk and everyone there would get bored. We usually would bug her and instead of leaving she would give us some quarters to go buy a smoothie or a icee (most likely an icee, but smoothie goes with the title).

One time, we got sick of this waiting game and we played our own game. We stuck the smoothie cup into the machine that detects your heart rate. We put it inside and pressed the button, and the machine started to slowly constrict on the cup until it broke and we pulled it out.

We ran to our mom to show her the broken cup and the adults looked at it and us and laughed because the cup was so mangled on the bottom. They told us to go back and get a new cup to contain our mess. When we got there, the guy behind the counter didn't really ask what happened so we were willing to just go with the idea that it just broke, we did nothing. It was quite exciting because instead of just putting another cup underneath it, the employee gave us a whole new smoothie that was completely full. That day we got 1.5 smoothies all for breaking it on purpose. So sometimes there can be benefits for ruining your smoothie.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sometimes I Do Things to our Neighbors

When I was younger, about seven or so in Texas we had some neighbors move in next door that were pretty fun. We would play at their house sometimes or they would come to ours. The longer they lived there, the more things they added to play with. Their backyard started out with just a plastic playground with a slide and climbing wall. Then they added a shed that was really cool to look at with fun toys inside and finally they added a pool. We would often hang out because we were selfish and wanted to play with their stuff.

One specific incident was one of the boy's birthday party, specifically the younger one who was like 5 and the one we didn't really play with. We were getting back from grocery shopping or something and we saw a clown car in front of their house, and it specifically belonged to a clown named Doodlebug. She was a clown that we saw a few times every summer downtown at this carnival. We actually got to know Doodlebug a little, and she recognized us and would talk to us and our mom. We just loved Doodlebug, she was so cool because she face painted and did some fun magic tricks for the kids.

After we saw the car, Anna and I were slightly angered because we were not invited to this party. How dare they not invite their neighbors who obviously loved Doodlebug, and didn't care so much for the them, just their toys!! We decided to do something about it, we just HAD to get to that party. Anna and I came up with a plan, we would make an excuse to go over there and then they would invite us to the party. Our plan was simple, we threw a frisbee into their yard and rang the doorbell then explained about the frisbee. Luckily, the mom told us to come on in and that surprise, they were having a birthday party! We got to see Doodlebug and it was a pretty fun party.

Surprisingly, there was a lot of throwing things into their backyard as we grew up. Another incident involved a cat. See we weren't allowed to have animals growing up (until they got one last month after Anna and I left for college because they're hypocrites) and when we found any wandering around we would take to them very easily. A stray cat came into our backyard and was interested in what was going on because we were playing outside. We tried to pet the cat and play with it, but our mom wouldn't have it. She just wanted the cat to leave us alone, so she took the cat and threw it over the fence into our neighbors yard. All of the kids were so scared for that cat, we yelled at our mom about how horrible it was but she just shrugged it off.
The third incident started when we got an advertisement in the mail. Gatorade wanted us to buy things and so they gave us an incentive in the form of a small gatorade man.

He looks like that, except he didn't look that smiley, and had a green body. You put him into water for a few days and he was supposed to grow bigger. We did just that, he was in a bowl for a few days and he grew, but only like 1.5 times bigger, and he was only like two inches to begin with so it was not as cool as we thought. It made us mad, this toy looked so cool in the pictures but in real life, not so much. Instead of just throwing him away, we threw Gatorade man into their backyard where we never saw it again.

After we moved to Virginia we didn't have real fences or anything, so sadly, it's been a long time since we've thrown anything over the fence on purpose.