Friday, August 26, 2011

Cat Wars

So I’m not talking about an actual cats, it’s a stuffed animal cat. But it’s not just a stuffed animal, this cat symbolizes a feud between me and my cousin Tye.

It’s a cat from McDonald’s when they were doing toys for the movie Babe. Somehow the cat from the movie translated to the ugliest stuffed cat that I have ever seen. It has a flat face, and you can barely even see the eyes or nose. It’s ridiculously weird looking. Plus the eyes are kind of lop sided.

Don't mind me on the side.

Well this feud started at McDonald’s, when we were four years old (how do I even still have it???). Tye had a little brother Trevor, and when kids are young, they shouldn’t play with small things because they are choking hazards. Tye originally got the cat with his toy, and I don’t even remember what I got but it was something less cool. My mom saw the cat as a choking hazard, plus I’m pretty sure I wanted that cat, so a trade was done. This was not what Tye wanted and was done against his will. I am not really sure why both of us really wanted the cat, did we not notice it looked like a mutant cat? We must have overlooked it to focus on the fact we were fighting over it and that each of us wanted it more.

Every time we get together, the cat is brought up at least once. It is a very interesting subject to talk about. Tye always claims that it is rightfully his. I say that it was given to me by our parents and it’s too bad because I have it regardless of what he says. For some reason the cat has survived many clean outs in spite of the fact that it is super ugly to look at, and despite the fact that I've had it for sixteen years.

When I was thirteen I remember that when our grandparents came to visit. The cat was of course brought up. I decided that I needed to send Tye blackmail pictures of the cat. My grandma helped me take pictures of the cat in various places, mostly on top of a safe I had for money. Then we sent the pictures in an email to Tye and I wrote a nefarious email about how evil I was for having the cat. Yes I was a cool thirteen year old. I don’t remember the response, but it boiled down to him saying “what the heck??”

The cat is still with me and I have it in college as my prize-winning trophy. I am sure that I will have this cat for years to come so the feud will continue on.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rompers or Adult Onesies?

This past year rompers have been everywhere! Yet I think they are disgusting.

My idea of rompers has probably come from an experience in Forever 21 last spring.

I know that this is not a romper but this is what I automatically picture when I hear the word romper. But what is that anyways??? It is basically an adult onesie.

Last spring when they first started becoming trendy I couldn't remember the word romper. I still can barely remember it half the time so I started saying "those onsie things". Apparently people thought it was hilarious.

So let's look at some normal rompers.

Well maybe these aren't normal, but that's only because they're made out of terry cloth. But for real, now that you have heard my version, can you look at these and not think of an adult climbing out of an adult crib wearing this? Or at the very least someone wearing these to bed?

Here's some much more average rompers.

Sure these look good, or the top two do anyways. The bottom left? It's like a mixture of suspenders and overalls and neither of those are in style. Ever. Plus as Anna pointed out, the point of rompers is so you have one piece of clothing, you don't need a shirt underneath. So uh, what is with that one?

Now to the one on the right. Besides the really boring neutral, she looks like either a janitor or a zoo keeper. Basically if you wear one, it looks like it should be a really stupid looking uniform. I'm pretty sure that's one reason why most rompers are sleeveless or strapless.

Some of my friends commented on rompers.
"They're basically one-piece pajamas? Some people looked cute in it! It might've been just the people, though.. " -Andrew

"They can be cute i think, but it definately depends on the print. To be perfectly honest, they make me think of 1910-1920 women's swimsuits." -Kaitlyn

"I think not cute." -Hannah

"depends on the person wearing it. I never liked them, but I've seen some that are actually kinda adorable." -Brooke

It looks like overall people think rompers only look good if they have a good print on it, but they really vary depending on the person wearing it. So as long as you have one that isn't similar to pajamas, or a zoo keeper you could maybe look good and hopefully next time you look at a romper you simultaneously think of onesies.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Recent Occurances

Audrey strapped her Belle figurine to her shoe. She wore it around for a couple hours. I'm not sure why she put it there when she had pockets, after a couple parents were confused I did take it off at least.

This is from Busch Gardens in May when I went with Emily's choir. It's kind of sad that even though I make faces in a lot of my pictures on rides I can't keep them or even take pictures of the pictures. But I did sneak this one in.

This is a note from Kelsey which I think is hilarious. She is such a drama queen.

Trying on helmets at Target. Anna is a bunny, my dad is a shark, and I am a cat. I think writing that out looks stupid but I'm sure you really can't tell what they are anyways.

 This was not when I babysat Audrey, this was from Anna. The story here is that Audrey was drinking from a water bottle with a straw and was leaning forward to do it. Then Anna went over a speed bump and Audrey leaned the water bottle back at just the right time and it flew into her hair.

I have no idea what we were playing. I think it had something to do with princesses, and she took a ride on Kelsey, the monster or something like that. But I'm pretty sure Audrey would make a good nun.

 So this is the start of my cross stitch with a puppy.

Progress one week later and with a new pink embroidery hoop.

Next week's progress. Almost done!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August Quotes

"Who adopts a child in the middle of doing their taxes?" -Anna

"Which one is Yogi?" -Audrey (during the middle of the Yogi Bear movie)

"I'm pretty sure Helen Keller didn't make dinosaur noises." -Anna

"I could spit tooth paste on you!" -Emily to Bradley
"Tooth paste is biodegradable." -Bradley
"Well you're biodegradable, technically." -Laura

"Did you just say that 'squishing' is your middle name?" Anna to Kaitlyn

Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Cupcake Creation

Anna and I have been on a crafting/baking bug lately. This entails mostly looking at crafty things but sometimes we actually go out and make them.

Behold our rainbow cupcake!

It was just a cake mix that we split into different bowls then dyed using food coloring. I think this is the most epic you can get with dying your food.

So some things we have been doing with crafts:
  • Looking at
    • Tutorials for hair things so flowers and bows
    • Tutorials for shirt makeovers
  • Reading
  • Looking through
    • I now have some cross stitches I want to do
    • It has also inspired me to do some embroidery which I have never done before (I'm hopefully starting today!)
  • I have started the puppy cross stitch I said I would and I have another one with Cinderella and  Prince Charming that is cute, all of them will hopefully make it to Utah and live in our apartment
  • Yesterday, Anna and I made earrings! We made about 10 pairs or maybe a few more.... So that was fun!