Monday, December 26, 2011

Sometimes I Have Weird Ideas

My freshman year for Halloween a group of us went to a couple of parties and haunted houses. Friday night was the 30th and we needed something fun to do. One of our friends was taking the beginning engineering classes and so he had some classes in the Clyde building. He saw some posters in the building advertising a haunted house in one of the labs there and we decided it would be fun to go. I wanted to go because I really like haunted houses because I don't get scared easily and it is hilarious to watch people scream and freak out.

There wasn't too long of a line so we only waited a few minutes before going in. When we went in they took us through some various rooms. I guess it wasn't thrilling enough for me because when we got to one room I had the weirdest idea. This room had a Frankenstein in the middle of it. The Frankenstein was some guy in a really funny outfit and green makeup all over his face but the best part of his outfit was that he was barefoot.

Why was his barefootedness my favorite part? It inspired weird thoughts. I decided that it would be a good idea to tickle his feet. During a haunted house. Sadly he stood up to do his part before I got around to doing it. He became alive and he chased us out of the room.

Leaving was not the end of this idea. We decided the next night to go back to the haunted house since we all had a good time. The second night, Halloween, was very busy. As we waited in line I told my roommates and friends and they all thought it was hilarious but that I was crazy. But I told them that I would tickle him this time. A concern I had was that I didn't really want to tickle a stranger's feet with my fingers. The solution was to use the stick on a lollipop that they gave each person as they walked in.  Sadly once we got to the Frankenstein, he was wearing shoes! How ridiculous is that?! So I did not tickle his toes, instead I got this weird story.

A second weird idea I have had is more of an impulse. In my dad's car when you drive it does not automatically lock you in like most cars. There have been a few times where I have really wanted to just fling the door open when we are on the highway. I am a little smarter though and I do not let myself do that. Although I did once when I was 6ish and really angry. As much fun as it seems, it really is scarier than anything else.

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