Monday, January 30, 2012

I make a Fool of Myself

Sophomore year I started taking food science classes for my major. Fall semester I took the intro class with other beginning food science majors and other similar majors. Winter semester I took the first one that was more specified for food science majors, called Food Analysis (which stunk). I was in the class the whole semester, and really only skipped once or twice.

The last day of the semester I went home to my apartment where another food science major sat on my couch. First of all, it was super weird seeing him at my apartment. Second, he was apparently on a date with my roommate (although I didn't make that connection at the time). Since we knew each other I thought it would be awkward if I didn't acknowledge him. As it turns out, I was wrong.

I said hi to him and said something like, "Aren't you a food science major?" He looked at me like I was crazy and creepy for knowing that. I tried to make it sound better, "We're both in Food Analysis with Dr. Lloyd, remember?"

Luckily that sparked some memory. "Oh yeah." But that realization was only that we had to be in the same class for me to have known that, not that he recognized me. We chatted for a little bit and then I awkwardly ran into my room to grab a few needed things.

I went to my neighbors' house because we were doing a sleepover. Katie did my hair, and it turned out super curly.
Notice that I am sitting in a closet. Also, this set of pictures never made it to facebook, so this is the most anyone's going to get.

After doing our hair, we all chose coordinating outfits except that I had to change into a shirt I didn't have with me. I tried walking past saw my roommate and her date but my hair confused them and they asked me about it. Then I had to explain that we were just doing a fun girls night for the last day. Although they were less confused, I'm sure that didn't make it any less weird.

We were also going to take pictures but I was the only one with a camera that had charged batteries. The problem? My camera was in my room. I grudgingly went back to my apartment again and saw my roommate and the boy again. This time I did not make eye contact and went into my room to get my camera. I'm pretty sure I just looked ridiculous and my cheeks were bright red until I left for good.

Meaning of the story? If you aren't sure if you know someone well enough (or at all) to have a short couple minute chat, then don't assume anything. You will just make a fool of yourself and they will think that you are a creeper.

Monday, January 23, 2012

BYU Bucket List

This year we have decided to start a BYU Bucket list for random things we want to do here. This is in part because my friends Kara and Hannah are leaving! Kara is graduating at the end of this semester and Hannah is leaving for France next school year (probably). Even though I still have another year, I thought it would be fun to be apart of this because many of the things I still have yet to do.

A couple of weeks ago we did our first thing on the list! We went to Shirley's Bakery and got some of their rolls. We got a dozen, where half were raspberry rolls and the other half were orange rolls. They were deliciously amazing!

This past weekend we did some a few things on the list.

Firstly, we ate King Kong Kones at Maceys. In one sitting!! It took Kaitlyn about 30 minutes, and everyone was surprised at that speed. Kara probably took about an hour, then Hannah and I finished within minutes of each other at about an hour and twenty minutes. Last was Anna at around two hours, granted she did drive from Maceys to our friends and got hers last.

Look at the size of those!! It was something like 12 swirls. Completely ridiculous!

I tackled (or tickled if you're Kara) the ice cream!

The gang. L-R Anna, Kara, me, Kaitlyn and Hannah. 

Secondly we took Hannah to Ikea! Hannah is from Alaska and they don't have all the same stores as we do on the mainland. We decided that going to Ikea is a must, even if it isn't a BYU thing.
Looking at the Ikea map.

Thirdly we took Hannah to Chic-fil-a. Again, not exactly a BYU thing but it needed to happen. I mean she had never been to Chic-fil-a! It's a favorite fast food place for most people. Sadly no pictures for that one, but you can imagine what that looked like.

My official Provo list includes:

  • Going to Jump on it
  • Sammy's for pie shakes (Anna has never been)
  • Eating at Pita Pit
  • Dumpster diving for Krispie Kreme doughnuts
  • Comedysportz--I've been but I want to take my friends
  • Sparks for mocktails--just because everyone thinks of the restaurant when I say I visit my friends at Sparks II
  • Diet coke and mentos--I have always wanted to do this and why not at BYU
  • Shakes from the Malt Shoppe
Kara has some things she wants to do that I would put on here but facebook isn't working... stupid facebook and I can't remember them. Hopefully we can get these all done before my friends leave!! I'll probably add more posts with the pictures I take.

My official BYU list

  • Get a note at the Testing Center
  • Throw pennies from the top of the SWKT stairs, make it a race
  • Run into Cecil O. Samuelson, shake his hand
  • Look at the liger in the Bean Museum, find Hedwig
  • Find a train ticket, join the Flash mob on campus
  • Try and pet the feral cats on campus
  • Find the fish tank in the WIDB
  • Go tunnel singing
  • Get published in the Daily Universe
  • Roll down the hill by the library
  • Stay in the library until midnight
  • Grill chicken in the library

Edit: I'm sorry if this was not what you were expecting, but it's just my personal list (I also never intended for it to be shared). Half of these are inside jokes but take what you will from it! Just some fun stuff to do when bored around Provo! I gave more commentary here since it was shared.

And here's a great bucket list from the 100 hour board. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Quotes

"What a pooper! Did I tell you that is my favorite insult because nobody can deny it." -Kara

"I don't like you but you have the key to my survival." -Laura talking how the cat thinks

"He looks much better with a nose!" -Anna

"My bum does not play footsie!" -Kara

"Look, people more important than me!" -Anna

"Kiss it better!" -Kara
"Piece of butter?" -Laura
"Piece of fire?" -Kara

"You know the lady who swallowed the fly and horse and all that jazz? I'm pretty sure this guy ate her." -Kaitlyn

"Snuggin' like a nugget." -Kara

"I have five heads and I'm a boy!" -Cindy

After water was spilled on Kara's pants: "I needed to wash my legs anyways..." -Kara

Sunday, January 15, 2012

When Voldemort Falls in Love

I usually don't watch scary movies. I have a few times but I always find them pretty boring generally because I don't get scared (same as haunted houses as mentioned here). The fun part about scary movies is watching with people who do get scared easily because they are the entertainment.

Anna and I watched a few movies over winter break including Maid in Manhattan which stars JLo and one of my favorites Stanley Tucci. We looked through the information for it and realized that the love interest is played by Ralph Fiennes better known as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (Voldemort!!).

Usually someone who plays a villain in one movie can easily switch to a hero type role or love interest with no problems. Ralph Fiennes however cannot, which created our scary movie. Why do I think this? There are a few reasons.

His smile shows you that even when he is supposedly happy, he still wants to kill you.

His death glare.

Any reference to Harry Potter-esque things could be taken badly. 
  • In Maid in Manhattan Ralph Fiennes is at the zoo and says, "Come on, we haven't seen the snakes." This could be taken as a death threat. He is luring JLo and her son to Nagini for lunch.
  • In another part of the movie, he goes on a date with the girl JLo impersonated. She thought it went well and kept bugging him, to which he responds, "Caroline, the first lunch was a mistake. A second would be complete torture." I could easily see that if they went on a second date it would end with him using  Avada Kedavra and killing her.
The first week back from the break Anna and I got it from the library to watch with our friends. The first response when we showed them the cover was from Kaitlyn who yelled,  "Voldemort!!!" and then hissed. 

From the beginning, this movie did not mix well with Kaitlyn. She sat on the floor hugging her knees and whimpering. Then he would smile and she would go into hysterics for the next few minutes. She eventually pulled her scarf from her lap and wrapped it around her head like a turban and pulled at it. When he wanted to go see the snakes, Kaitlyn couldn't take it. She got up and ran into the back screaming, "SNAKES!!" with her eyes bugging out. We thought it was hysterical and a little over the top. Anna decided to be nice and help her so she brought out her stuffed sheep to calm her. For the rest of the movie, Kaitlyn sat there in her turban, petting a sheep. It was a little weird but helped calm her down. It was definitely one of the most entertaining "scary movies" I've seen in awhile.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

That Time my Grandma got Black Eyes and I Laughed

That title makes me sound like a bad person. And that is true. I laughed because my grandma got black eyes and now, while I'm writing this I'm laughing again.... well here we go.

Every month throughout college Anna and I have gone to our grandparents house  so we could have family dinner on the fourth Sunday. My freshman year they came up a few other times to give us things or fix stuff that was broken. I can't remember why but they came up the third Sunday to help us with something.

I was at a dinner for my ward, and it was in September so we were outside eating. I had gotten calls from my grandparents saying they were there but I didn't hear my phone since I was outside. Luckily my roommate went back for something and saw that they had tried to go into our apartment. She also saw that my grandma had fallen while going down the stairs and needed an ice pack. She helped her then came back to get me.

When I was back at my apartment I got a good look at her. She had two black eyes and a rug burn on her chin. It looked really bad. I was very surprised because my roommate did not mention anything about my grandma. We were all wondering what happened to her. Apparently she fell because one of the landings was small and had a sharp turn. Her feet didn't quite turn on the landing and she tripped over them and fell down the rest of the stairs.

The next week we went to their house for fourth Sunday dinner. My grandma told us about her week at school as a teacher. Everyone commented on her black eyes at school, because they were scared for her. It apparently looked really bad, like she was beaten up, for the first couple of days. This is what I got to see.

Her face is not so funny (supposedly) but for some reason I thought it was hilarious (and still do). That Sunday I was making brownies with Anna. My grandma had come in and out of the room a few times. I couldn't stop thinking about how weird her face looked. I started laughing while I was making the batter and I got to the point where I started crying because I was laughing so hard. I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom so I could calm down and stop crying.

I have laughed every other time I've looked at that picture. Luckily I'm not that bad and I haven't laughed until I cried because of her black eyes since.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sometimes Anna Spits on Me

Over Christmas break my mom, Anna and I went to Sam's Club a ton, maybe 5 or 6 times over both weeks. As I've mentioned before my family gets smoothies or icees a lot there, and we have since I was younger. The week before, we got home from a semester at school. When our parents picked us up, our mom had a cough. Anna has taken a lot of medical type classes and automatically yelled that she had chronic bronchitis (even though she didn't). These accusations continued throughout the break.

At one of these trips to Sam's Club our mom had one of her coughing fits. We were right by the registers so she gave me some money to buy something to help. One of the things I like getting there is a triple berry ice cream where it is layered ice cream and berries. When we were looking I saw that they had a similar thing but as a smoothie. The original is delicious and so I decided we should try the smoothie.

Anna and I ordered then got our smoothie. Anna had the first sip and she had issues getting anything out because there were still a couple of fruit pieces that weren't blended. We decided it would just be easier to grab a spoon and eat it that way. I took out the straw so that I could eat the smoothie at the bottom of the straw. I turned it upside-down to get it all easily.

Tipping the straw turned out to be a big mistake. Apparently Anna had filled the straw with her spit when she couldn't get anything out. I'm not even sure how that happened. I would think that sucking would pull a vacuum which would make sure nothing went in or out. Maybe when she gave up it went in? Well anyways, Anna's spit came out of the straw and all over my hand. I thought it was nasty and Anna thought it was hilarious. At least we were still in the store so I could clean up!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sometimes I Make a Mess

My senior year of high school up until I left for college I worked for a local craft store called Ben Franklin. That year I also got texts from Chic-fil-a for discounts on their food. This was really helpful because there was  a Chic-fil-a in the parking lot of my work and I could go there on break.

One day over the summer I was going to work when I got a text from Chic-fil-a. They were trying out various new shakes that summer and some of them they were giving out for free. The text said they had peach shakes for  free when you showed them your text. My plan was to grab a shake and go to work and leave it in the employee fridge. It was a great plan but not so much in reality.

I got my shake and drank about half of it. I then transferred it to the cup holder in the car. That day I was driving my mom's minivan which has kind of weird cup holders. They pull out and there is a piece on the bottom to hold the cup up and one that only goes partially around the side, like a semicircle.

I put my shake in the holder and started driving across the parking lot to work. In the two minutes it took to drive over I spilled my peach milkshake on the floor because the cup didn't fit adequately.

In that moment I discovered that a peach milkshake looks exactly like vomit. It looked disgusting! The color was spot on, and the consistency was perfect down to the various sized chunks. The smell was the one thing that made it apparent it wasn't vomit. It smelled sweet and peachy and not at all bad. I cleaned it up and that was that. If I had kept it in the sun it might have produced a nasty odor, which could have been good for a prank... If only I had that on my mind when I did this. That would have been hilarious.