Monday, October 10, 2011

Sometimes I Throw Food when I get Excited

One time I had a fun size packet of Skittles. I was sitting on the computer at home just facebooking probably. As I was looking at the different things online, something excited me and I threw my hands up in the air. Yes, usually I have weird reactions when I hear good news or anything fun and it has actually increased more since coming to college, specifically living with Kara. Well, throwing my hands in the air meant that I also threw my skittles into the air. As it was happening, I realized how silly it was of me to throw it in the air, and I just sat there watching the rainbow candy fall down. It even looked awesome in the air.

A similar incident happened my freshman year. Kara gave me a packet of M&M's and I opened it and started to eat it. Halfway through the packet, I again became excited, but this time it was because Kara was giving me another packet. Because I don't think sometimes, instead of putting the packet down to catch the second, I held it in my palm. I am really bad at catching things usually, and this was no exception. A little bit too enthusiastically, I threw my hands to where I thought the bag was headed. I threw the whole bag of M&M's in the air that I already had, and completely missed the bag Kara threw at me. It was pretty sad, but at least I picked up the unopened one from off the ground and could still eat it.

Incidentally, this same thing happened hours after I posted this. Anna and I were making some Mexican food and it called for chicken broth in the rice. I got the water boiling but when I went to put the chicken bullion into the water it exploded out and overflowed onto the floor and ground. I had only put in half the bullion, and in my stupidity, I threw the rest of the bullion still in the teaspoon on the ground when I of course threw my hands in the air.

I probably did it to myself for writing this.


  1. I do not remember this story, but I love it. Can we be friends forever?

  2. Yes friends forever! Actually I forgot about it but I found it on facebook in my wall to wall with Anna. So I decided it was something funny to write about.