Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last year's Quotes

So I have a huge pile of them so I will be putting them up here sporadically. A lot of them don't make sense and I doubt I can give a reason for them, so don't ask.

"Will is not smart enough to pimp." -Kara, Laura

"It wasn't a poop sewer!" -Will

"I have to debase him because he's destroying my life!" -Sarah

"I don't know why, but she didn't believe when we told her we were just hugging the fridge 'cause it was sad." -Sarah

"Did you hear that? There's a sheep in this song!" -Kara

"I like you when you're cranky and tired... I like you other times too." -Amelia to Laura

"You could sing about your heart's desires." -Laura to Madeline

"Our lives would be so boring if Robert wasn't so deep, dark and dramatic."

"Look at me, I painted these pants on this morning, so I'm not wearing any pants!" -Kara

"Marriage and death are very similar." -Kara

"It's something deeper. More profound. One they write stories about." -Kate

"That's not true. I was a duck in eighth grade. I did all kinds of stuff. I sang..." -Amelia

-Talking about a man-
"Who is a man?" -Kara
"You are a man." -Sarah
"That's true." -Kara

Dear Kara,
That is a good point, whenever I become friends with someone I bite them to show my affection, MY VAMPIRE AFFECTION.
Love, Laura

"it's cold. I should have put pants on." -Kara

"Keep moving, keep moving!!" -Will

"Will, who exactly thought it was a good idea for you to have a voice?" -Amelia

"I don't want to say 'hi' to you at 3:30 in the morning!" -Michael about Amelia

"Always together... Eternally APART." -Robert

"You should see my chimney sweep portfolio." -Kara

"Hey look! It's a nut smasher! You use it on boys!" -Kara

A few months later:
*giggles* "I just got that! Nut-smasher that's funny!!" -Sarah

"I probably do belong in a straight jacket... but no more than Kara." -Sarah

"I was hoping he'd rhyme chalk with stalk." -Amelia

"I was FERTILE when I was 1!!"- Will

"It's because they don't think. That's why we kick them away for two years." -Laura

"I am deodorant. Without me your life would STINK." -Amelia

About Robert and his previous girlfriend
"So are they still together?" -Melissa
"Yeah! -Well...." -Amelia and Laura

"I am a cheez-it racist." -Kara

"You're like Bella! That's dumb." -Kara to Sarah

"Amelia, speaking of being naked..." -Kara to Amelia

"I hope that you...." -TCU game

"When you're eating with a fork this big, you have to make eating sound effects. OM!" -Kara

"It made me excited because I have issues with doors!" -Laura

"Will you ever forgive me?" -Kara
"If you buy me some knives!" -Laura

"Apparently she's a closet tuna lover." -Kara

Thursday, September 9, 2010

September Quotes

"Can you scream any more fan-girlish?" -Laura

"They gave me legos with my newspaper!! I mean wheaties!" -Kara

"Let's pretend you never said anything." -Laura

"So I want a night stand right here. And a wine-rack." -Kara

"We have oodles of plungers!!" –Brett

"It sounds like a yodel!" -Brett

"Your mom's 10 ounces." -Madeline

"I was born on the border!" -Kara

"I like it when you have random men as your thumbnail." -Laura to Kara

Monday, September 6, 2010

Do you know where liars go?

So this is the blog for Sparks 22. We're a pretty sweet group--Kara, Madeline, Brett, Song, Allie and Laura. And our next door neighbors who lived with us last year Sarah and Amelia will probably be the stars of this blog.
Basically we say weird things all the time and this will be where they are posted.

Hopefully you know us because that would be creepy if you didn't, but anyways, happy reading!

PS-The answer is to Brett's house, or Kell High School