Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sometimes I Beat up Little Kids

One time I beat up a ten year old. I was not an elementary school kid, I was a junior in high school.

With my school I volunteered for Beta Club, a national club that does service. Everyone was supposed to do so many hours and have good grades to be in it so yay, it was a great club.

It was the end of the year and I needed my last few hours to fulfill the requirement. So I went to sign up to volunteer at the River's Edge Carnival.

We weren't given anything specific to do until everything was set up. I was with my friend Ryan and we set up some of the stuff behind the track. Then we were set up specifically with the football throw.

The kids had three tries from a line to throw the football through an inflatable football player where there was a mesh to hold the ball. The football player was about six feet away so that most of the younger kids could get it in. So the game was pretty easy.

The carnival was on a Friday and it was at 5 or 6 at night. Probably because of the time of day the carnival was pretty empty, and most kids were not heading to where we were since the track was in the back.

A few kids noticed this and decided to take advantage of our game. They started out wanting to play and threw the ball a few times. After that, they got pretty bored and wanted to do something else. Instead of just throwing the ball they threw the ball and ran up to tackle the inflatable football player. We let it happen a couple of times but when it kept going I decided it was a problem that needed to be stopped

I'm not sure why but I decided the best way to solve this situation was to grab the kid from behind in a kind of tackle. I then took the kid's arm to pull him up and kind of shoved him away towards his friends.

I think that it scared the kids, and they were a little freaked out. They decided at that point that it would be best for them to leave and started to walk away. I followed them and started chasing them away, so we were all running. Halfway across the field I stopped and yelled at them that I would find and tell their parents if they came to do it again.

I'm a great leader right? Not so much.

On a similar note, I can make little kids cry. I am a very scary person, I don't even have to beat people up before they cry. The cause is my sneezing.

We went to the pool over the summer with Audrey, and Kelsey. We were just playing around by the steps when I sneezed.

Now my sneezes are a little bit loud. The first time people hear my sneezes they often have a sudden start then wonder about where the noise come from. Kara almost fell off her bed the first time I sneezed.

Well, this was a particularly loud sneeze. And I sneezed twice in a row. There was a little two or three year old who freaked out during the minute in between my sneezes. He looked all around for the source of the noise. Then I sneezed again and he started crying.

Some of the adults around us just started laughing, the poor kid was crying because of my sneeze!

Maybe next time you see me, if you are with a little kid, you will be a little more wary and alerted.

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