Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sometimes I'm a Liar

There are times when I lie. But that's not because I do it on purpose, ok in certain situations yes, like when dealing with Audrey who is three.

Anyways, I said I would do the grandma cross stitch, but when we went to Michael's today I looked at it and it was not a counted cross stitch, it was a stamped cross stitch. That basically meant that it was on cloth that had some of the words and colors stamped on. So it was basically cheating. But I took a picture to show how fun it was.

Instead I picked one with a cute dalmatian puppy sleeping and underneath, it says Never underestimate the power of a nap.

Here is the cross stitch I am working on now, it is just about done, I just have the back-stitching left which is to add the accent (the brown and red) on top of the hummingbirds and flowers, and the blue border.

Back to me being a liar. When you work with a three year old you lie a lot. She asks questions and if I'm not paying attention then I just say yes to go along with it. Like this, "Is this Cinderella's wedding necklace?" "Yes, sure." And she believes it, and yes that was an actual conversation.

My favorite is her version of stores we go to. I'm sure you can catch on, but it is a simple formula, we are buying ___ so it is the ___ store. Some favorites are:
The Sweater Store
The Ice Cream Store
The Hair Cut Store
The Food Store
The Juice Store
The Parachute Store
The Band-aid Store
The Fruit Snacks Store
The Surprise Store
The Blue Ketchup Store
The Care Bear Oven Store
The Ballet Store

I just say yes, of course we are going to the "juice" store or whatever and don't care to correct her. Notice that half of the stores are about food, that just shows what her favorite thing in the world is.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Violence is my Answer?

This past semester Anna and I played Apples to Apples. Unfortunately for everyone else, we came in late after they had already made up the rules. The rules were that the person with the winning card got to judge the next round. Incidentally, Anna and I can read each others minds, and we have the same sense of humor, making it so we could easily play to the other.

We played a couple rounds and then Anna's card won. When she picked the green card, the adjective was violent. As I looked through my cards there was one that I thought was funny but was a little unsure about. I put it down anyway, and all the cards were revealed. When mine came up everyone laughed in surprise because it was a little shocking. My card was "going to grandma's". Yes, I put down that going to grandma's is violent.

Since it got the biggest reaction and was the funniest, my card won. Then I said that I had put the card down, and said that I had hoped Anna would pick it. Everyone just looked at us like we were crazy, then someone asked, "What goes on at your grandma's house...?"

During holidays Anna and I like to cross stitch while we watch movies and TV. I have done a few small ones but we went to Ben Franklin and I got one with hummingbirds. The next week we went to Michael's so Anna could buy yarn for a scarf. While there, we went looking through the cross stitches. I first saw a cupcake one that would be cute, but the next one I picked up was hilarious, it said "What happens at grandma's stays at grandma's."

Anna and I laughed and immediately thought of that game of Apples to Apples and violence. The cross stitch had lots of desserts on it, so I don't think it was talking about the supposed "violence" at grandma's house. After I finish the cross stitch I am currently working on, I think I will go get that one just because it makes me laugh.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

Audrey is very much into princesses at the moment. Every book from the library has to be about princesses and most of the toys she plays with are somehow made out to be princesses and their princes. One of the key parts of every princess story is their marriage and the happily ever after. Audrey is obsessed with weddings, and coming from Provo, I think it is hilarious.

This week my family received the Richmond bridal magazine. Audrey noticed it and went looking through it. She looked at a few of the dresses and said she really liked one for her mom. She didn't understand that her mom didn't need another one. On the pages with dresses on them, she would yell out, "I LOVE this dress." As this is an all too similar occurrence in Provo, I think she is growing up well.

Audrey has this funny thing where she hides whenever she knows someone is coming into a room to look for her. Well today, she went and hid in the bathroom, behind the toilet. When I came to look for her she popped out from behind it, ramming herself into the toilet paper dispenser. Her actions actually broke our toilet paper dispenser, she tore it out from the wall.

Anna and I took Emily, Audrey and Allyson to the pet store today to go look at the different animals. We went and looked at the cats, which were behind glass. The cats rubbed up against the glass and since Audrey couldn't touch them, she patted the glass which was adorable.

There was a dog training session in the front of the store that I took Audrey to watch. While in the dog section, Audrey loved looking at all the dog toys and the dog clothes. She even found a dog house and decided it was her size.

This is Audrey checking the roof of the dog house.

Basically, Audrey is always a handful but she gives us a lot of things to laugh about.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July Quotes

"That gangster is eating a Fig Newton! That is the least gangster of all cookies!" -Anna

"Why are you hugging and cuddling the toilet paper?" -Anna to Audrey

"There was a penny in my banana!" -Anna (after picking up her banana peel)

"Those shoes are stylish! Except I think boy feet are gross!" -Anna (about a pair of flip flops)

"You have junk in your trunk." -Anna
"There is nothing of the sort!" -Laura

"I think the dentist gave me a lobotomy!" -Anna

"One or two?" -Laura
"Brownie." -Audrey

"When I want candy, I turn into a super hero." -Laura

"That's not a bow. That's a space station." -Laura