Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sometimes I'm a Liar

There are times when I lie. But that's not because I do it on purpose, ok in certain situations yes, like when dealing with Audrey who is three.

Anyways, I said I would do the grandma cross stitch, but when we went to Michael's today I looked at it and it was not a counted cross stitch, it was a stamped cross stitch. That basically meant that it was on cloth that had some of the words and colors stamped on. So it was basically cheating. But I took a picture to show how fun it was.

Instead I picked one with a cute dalmatian puppy sleeping and underneath, it says Never underestimate the power of a nap.

Here is the cross stitch I am working on now, it is just about done, I just have the back-stitching left which is to add the accent (the brown and red) on top of the hummingbirds and flowers, and the blue border.

Back to me being a liar. When you work with a three year old you lie a lot. She asks questions and if I'm not paying attention then I just say yes to go along with it. Like this, "Is this Cinderella's wedding necklace?" "Yes, sure." And she believes it, and yes that was an actual conversation.

My favorite is her version of stores we go to. I'm sure you can catch on, but it is a simple formula, we are buying ___ so it is the ___ store. Some favorites are:
The Sweater Store
The Ice Cream Store
The Hair Cut Store
The Food Store
The Juice Store
The Parachute Store
The Band-aid Store
The Fruit Snacks Store
The Surprise Store
The Blue Ketchup Store
The Care Bear Oven Store
The Ballet Store

I just say yes, of course we are going to the "juice" store or whatever and don't care to correct her. Notice that half of the stores are about food, that just shows what her favorite thing in the world is.

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