Monday, November 7, 2011

Sometimes I Do Things to our Neighbors

When I was younger, about seven or so in Texas we had some neighbors move in next door that were pretty fun. We would play at their house sometimes or they would come to ours. The longer they lived there, the more things they added to play with. Their backyard started out with just a plastic playground with a slide and climbing wall. Then they added a shed that was really cool to look at with fun toys inside and finally they added a pool. We would often hang out because we were selfish and wanted to play with their stuff.

One specific incident was one of the boy's birthday party, specifically the younger one who was like 5 and the one we didn't really play with. We were getting back from grocery shopping or something and we saw a clown car in front of their house, and it specifically belonged to a clown named Doodlebug. She was a clown that we saw a few times every summer downtown at this carnival. We actually got to know Doodlebug a little, and she recognized us and would talk to us and our mom. We just loved Doodlebug, she was so cool because she face painted and did some fun magic tricks for the kids.

After we saw the car, Anna and I were slightly angered because we were not invited to this party. How dare they not invite their neighbors who obviously loved Doodlebug, and didn't care so much for the them, just their toys!! We decided to do something about it, we just HAD to get to that party. Anna and I came up with a plan, we would make an excuse to go over there and then they would invite us to the party. Our plan was simple, we threw a frisbee into their yard and rang the doorbell then explained about the frisbee. Luckily, the mom told us to come on in and that surprise, they were having a birthday party! We got to see Doodlebug and it was a pretty fun party.

Surprisingly, there was a lot of throwing things into their backyard as we grew up. Another incident involved a cat. See we weren't allowed to have animals growing up (until they got one last month after Anna and I left for college because they're hypocrites) and when we found any wandering around we would take to them very easily. A stray cat came into our backyard and was interested in what was going on because we were playing outside. We tried to pet the cat and play with it, but our mom wouldn't have it. She just wanted the cat to leave us alone, so she took the cat and threw it over the fence into our neighbors yard. All of the kids were so scared for that cat, we yelled at our mom about how horrible it was but she just shrugged it off.
The third incident started when we got an advertisement in the mail. Gatorade wanted us to buy things and so they gave us an incentive in the form of a small gatorade man.

He looks like that, except he didn't look that smiley, and had a green body. You put him into water for a few days and he was supposed to grow bigger. We did just that, he was in a bowl for a few days and he grew, but only like 1.5 times bigger, and he was only like two inches to begin with so it was not as cool as we thought. It made us mad, this toy looked so cool in the pictures but in real life, not so much. Instead of just throwing him away, we threw Gatorade man into their backyard where we never saw it again.

After we moved to Virginia we didn't have real fences or anything, so sadly, it's been a long time since we've thrown anything over the fence on purpose.