Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sometimes I Play Dress-up or Something Else Entirely

This always starts with me going to my grandma's house. Anna and I go each fourth Sunday for a family dinner with our extended family in South Jordan. Usually everyone talks for the whole time, but there are times when I wander and find the weird things around the house... And that also doesn't make sense because we always seem to find weirder and weirder things, why haven't we discovered them all?

If you can't tell from the pictures, I often create a lot of... laughter at family dinners. But that's okay right?

So without further ado, my weird collection of "dress-up" clothes, if you can even call it that....

September '09
Maleficent! Notice the weird flower print on the left, I didn't try it on at that point but you'll see later...

February '10
Weird sparkly dress with necklace that was indeed worn during the 80's. I wore this last Halloween as a 80's prom queen.

October '10
I am indeed wearing a little kids flamingo costume that was much too small, hence you only see the top half of my body and the head is not all the way on. Now, I'm not entirely sure why my family has a flamingo costume, nobody seems to remember who wore it.

There are also some hilarious pictures of Kara wearing this outfit here if you are friends with me on facebook, or maybe you can see anyways, I'm not sure. I'm not even sure if anyone else reads this!

October '10
Same day as the last, and this is the dress from before, and it is a little big and doesn't entirely fit. It was my grandma's dress in High School that she remade into a play dress for little kids, that we remade into a skirt for me!

 October '10
At least I think this was October. I definitely did not fit this outfit, I'm pretty sure I had to pull and tug just to get it over my calves. PS-the tights I'm wearing totally make this outfit.

January '11
Not exactly dress-up, but I specifically posed with this... slanket? Fake snuggie? Something, and it definitely looks weird!

August '11
Again, not dress-up but definitely worth putting up... This was a pair of maternity pants. Now these were huge even for maternity clothes, plus they were stretchy, so of course we decided to put it on! Yes maternity clothes are supposed to be made for two (awww) but I'm not thinking this was right...

It seems like every time we do weird things, they just get ever so much weirder. So maybe that means there will be more exciting (strange) pictures in the future.

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