Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sometimes I Walk Around With Music Coming from my Pocket

Lately I picked up the habit of accidentally turning on the mp3 player on my phone and then unknowingly walking around. It is apparently a bit too easy to turn it on since it's happened like everyday for a week.

So to turn it on, I have to unlock my phone if it is in my pocket by pressing 'unlock' then 'ok'. The other way is if I go onto the music player right before I put it in my pocket and then the keypad doesn't lock so if I hit my pocket I start the music playing. The funny thing is that I have to push the left button like three times in a row to get into the music player so I'm not really sure how it's happening either way.

These incidents started happening last winter semester. One time I remember being in the bookstore and right when I came in I was like ''oh, I like this song!'' I kept walking towards Jamba Juice and stood there talking to a friend for a few minutes. Then I was really confused because I heard two songs playing, one from Jamba and one from somewhere unknown.

Unfortunately, the music was coming from my pocket, and it was loud, turned up all the way. After a minute I figured out it was my pocket blaring. Then I thought about how I had a whole conversation with a friend while my phone was blaring. I'm sure they realized it was actually me and thought I was stupid for not noticing and turning it off.

At least lately I have turned the music down so it is only on the lowest setting and isn't blaring.

Basically, if you walk past me and hear weird music, yes that is really me and I probably haven't noticed yet. So just laugh and walk away, or maybe you can be nice and tell me, that is if you're a good friend.

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