Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Cupcake Creation

Anna and I have been on a crafting/baking bug lately. This entails mostly looking at crafty things but sometimes we actually go out and make them.

Behold our rainbow cupcake!

It was just a cake mix that we split into different bowls then dyed using food coloring. I think this is the most epic you can get with dying your food.

So some things we have been doing with crafts:
  • Looking at
    • Tutorials for hair things so flowers and bows
    • Tutorials for shirt makeovers
  • Reading
  • Looking through
    • I now have some cross stitches I want to do
    • It has also inspired me to do some embroidery which I have never done before (I'm hopefully starting today!)
  • I have started the puppy cross stitch I said I would and I have another one with Cinderella and  Prince Charming that is cute, all of them will hopefully make it to Utah and live in our apartment
  • Yesterday, Anna and I made earrings! We made about 10 pairs or maybe a few more.... So that was fun!

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