Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sometimes Our Car tries to Kill us Part II

Since the last time I posted about our car, more interesting stuff has happened.

Luckily we've driven it around for the past month with few problems. We even made it to South Jordan from Provo without any issues but our car got a bit messed up this week.

On Monday, we got to drive for FHE. Of course, before we got in the car I reminded them of the last time our car almost killed people when the breaks didn't work. That scare tactic didn't work, they just laughed and said that it was such a funny story.

Driving to our Bishop's house was mostly fine. As we were driving the GPS on our friend's phone froze. We were a little panicked, but another guy had GPS on his phone so he pulled it up. The car was pretty tense for awhile as we hoped we didn't miss our turn. We asked again if it was working, and the response was that the second phone was dying. Then Anna told them to shut up because it was freaking her out. A second later, the first GPS unfroze and worked again. We got the rest of the way there with only one minor wrong turn.

FHE was super hilarious and everyone enjoyed the telephone pictionary game. It works by one person writing a sentence, and the second person draws it and a third writes what they think the sentence is supposed to show. It keeps going until it goes all the way around or you run out of paper. I only mention this because this is the one time I cry on a regular basis. Every stinking time I play this game I am in the corner laughing so hard I cry. And that is awkward.

Everyone got in the car perfectly fine, however it did not stay like that. The back door of our car would not shut. The people kept pulling until the door of our car popped off its hinges. This problem with our car door has happened to our cousins. We knew that if it is pulled open too hard it can get off the track but only partially. Usually when the door doesn't shut, someone can slightly lift the door back into the track and it will work again. When the door was pulled too hard it completely pulled off the tracks.

When the door fell off, luckily Tyler was trying to get in the car parked next to us. Tyler was able to hold up the door while we tried to put it back in. It was super late so it was completely dark outside and we couldn't really see what we were doing. It took us like 7 or 8 minutes to realize that we should tell the bishop to turn on his light outside. Tyler held the door during all 7 or 8 minutes. I'm not even sure how he lasted so long, but only after that time did he tell us how the car door was super heavy.

Eventually, they were able to maneuver the door back into the tracks and we got to leave. It was actually kind of funny because everyone was too scared to open the door again. Instead of going out of their door, the people went out through the passenger door. We still haven't opened the door so we'll see if it falls off again.

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