Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sometimes People are too Competitive

This one time I played tag. From this game, I reason that if a serial killer or zombie were after me he would definitely catch me and I would die.

We played tag and it also happened to be called Zombie Tag. Our FHE dad made up how to play it. At the start everyone was told whether they were a zombie or a human. There were only 2 zombies to begin with and their goal was to tag everyone and make them turn into a zombie. The humans had to run to the garage of the house FHE was at which was the safe zone. The humans started at a park a couple blocks away and the zombies started at the house.

For the first round I was a human. I started at the park and ran with Anna and a few other girls. We decided to cut through different apartment complexes instead of going straight on the sidewalks. It worked fine until we were a block and a half away. Nobody had followed us through the complexes and nobody knew where we were. Our problem was that the last block and a half was straight and we would have to cross the street to where they would more easily see us. We ventured out to see if anyone was in that area. And yes there was. A guy saw us and immediately came running.

One of the girls and I ran through the parking garage and into the main complex. The guy was following us and was rapidly catching up. We both ran to the end of the complex and down some stairs. I turned quickly at this point and saw our pursuer running towards the perpendicular set of stairs. He was far enough away that I thought we were fine. I told the girl and we slowed down a little to catch our breath. I again turned and instead of running, he was putting his leg over the stair rail. We started running again but his huge leap off the railing and his very quick pace gave him an advantage and he caught us.

I've played tag hundreds of times over the years but I'm pretty sure that I have not had any games as intense as this one. Another point of this story, never let your guard down. You may think that catching your breath is good, but in the long run not so much; never lull yourself into a false sense of security.

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