Friday, November 11, 2011

Sometimes Weird Stuff Happens to my Smoothies

One time in High School I left the school for something and then I had to be back for an after school activity. The thing to do in high school was to have smoothies, much like here at BYU (Jamba anyone?). Well I came back up to the parking lot and was about to go inside. I was talking to friends and something weird happened and my friend punched my smoothie. It seems I have forgotten the reasoning behind this... Why on earth would someone punch a smoothie? Jealous much? Regardless, my smoothie was slowly melting onto the ground through the newly formed holes at the bottom of the crushed container.

I had to find a way to solve my smoothie dilemma so I went inside to the cafeteria. The only people around were cafeteria workers who were cleaning everything so I went to talk to them. They thought I was trying to buy something but no I wasn't, I just needed a cup to save my poor smoothie. They looked at me funny but gave me a plastic cup anyways. I was able to pour a fragment from my smoothie into the cup, much of my smoothie was lost on the floor.

Another time was at Sam's Club when we lived in Texas when I was younger. At the end of every Sam's trip, our family would head over to the pharmacist's area because our mom's friend was the pharmacist. She would talk and talk and everyone there would get bored. We usually would bug her and instead of leaving she would give us some quarters to go buy a smoothie or a icee (most likely an icee, but smoothie goes with the title).

One time, we got sick of this waiting game and we played our own game. We stuck the smoothie cup into the machine that detects your heart rate. We put it inside and pressed the button, and the machine started to slowly constrict on the cup until it broke and we pulled it out.

We ran to our mom to show her the broken cup and the adults looked at it and us and laughed because the cup was so mangled on the bottom. They told us to go back and get a new cup to contain our mess. When we got there, the guy behind the counter didn't really ask what happened so we were willing to just go with the idea that it just broke, we did nothing. It was quite exciting because instead of just putting another cup underneath it, the employee gave us a whole new smoothie that was completely full. That day we got 1.5 smoothies all for breaking it on purpose. So sometimes there can be benefits for ruining your smoothie.

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