Thursday, December 15, 2011

December Quotes

"Did you just say Scallywag University?" -Kara
"No.... I said Galludet University it's for deaf people. But yeah a pirate university, that would be cool." -Laura

"There's a zombie living in every apartment." -Kara

"Did you want me to say, 'boys make me sweat?' No, false! Wearing a coat all day makes me sweaty." -Anna

"I should stop jumping! No, I should keep jumping!!" -Laura

"I was in a chugging contest.... I'm a really good chugger [of rootbeer]." -Kara

"We could climb rocks and look like Snooki!!" -Anna

"Everything is funnier [when lying] on the floor." -Laura

"Christmas brings out the stupid in people." -Anna

"Anna's a Slytherin!! She kicked me to prove it!!" -Laura
[Anna starts kicking me again] "I'M A SLYTHERIN!" -Anna

"Cat....! Cat!" -Anna
"How do you know she's a poser?" -Laura (talking about someone)
"She's... a cat." -Anna (responding like I'm talking to her)

"The cat's not going to come and I will say 'good cat.'" -Anna

"Where do they keep the wires??" -Anna at Best Buy

"I got a high score on Happy Birds!! I mean angry, except see here, that one looks happy!!" -Anna

"Hey Laura you need this!" -Bradley pointing at stuff in a ThinkGeek magazine
"A gyrobowl?" -Laura said truthfully
"No.....? I was pointing at a periodic table building blocks set." -Bradley

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