Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rompers or Adult Onesies?

This past year rompers have been everywhere! Yet I think they are disgusting.

My idea of rompers has probably come from an experience in Forever 21 last spring.

I know that this is not a romper but this is what I automatically picture when I hear the word romper. But what is that anyways??? It is basically an adult onesie.

Last spring when they first started becoming trendy I couldn't remember the word romper. I still can barely remember it half the time so I started saying "those onsie things". Apparently people thought it was hilarious.

So let's look at some normal rompers.

Well maybe these aren't normal, but that's only because they're made out of terry cloth. But for real, now that you have heard my version, can you look at these and not think of an adult climbing out of an adult crib wearing this? Or at the very least someone wearing these to bed?

Here's some much more average rompers.

Sure these look good, or the top two do anyways. The bottom left? It's like a mixture of suspenders and overalls and neither of those are in style. Ever. Plus as Anna pointed out, the point of rompers is so you have one piece of clothing, you don't need a shirt underneath. So uh, what is with that one?

Now to the one on the right. Besides the really boring neutral, she looks like either a janitor or a zoo keeper. Basically if you wear one, it looks like it should be a really stupid looking uniform. I'm pretty sure that's one reason why most rompers are sleeveless or strapless.

Some of my friends commented on rompers.
"They're basically one-piece pajamas? Some people looked cute in it! It might've been just the people, though.. " -Andrew

"They can be cute i think, but it definately depends on the print. To be perfectly honest, they make me think of 1910-1920 women's swimsuits." -Kaitlyn

"I think not cute." -Hannah

"depends on the person wearing it. I never liked them, but I've seen some that are actually kinda adorable." -Brooke

It looks like overall people think rompers only look good if they have a good print on it, but they really vary depending on the person wearing it. So as long as you have one that isn't similar to pajamas, or a zoo keeper you could maybe look good and hopefully next time you look at a romper you simultaneously think of onesies.


  1. I totally thought a romper was like a jumper dress!

  2. Laura, I think you should post a picture of you in a romper just to give us the full effect :)