Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quotes from Freshman Year cont...

Sadly it has taken me up until the end of another school year to get the rest of these up. But hopefully that means to those who said these they will be more funny.

"You said I'm going to get married first?? You guys must plan on waiting til you're twenty!!" -Amelia (who is now married at 19, and the first of us married)

"Laura has a friend?" -Amelia

"I like singing with myself. It is good to me!" -Sarah

"My mints mean business!" -Laura

"Some ridiculous mazes are hard." -Sarah

"I'm not looking at wedding pictures!" *hides computer* -Kara

"Ha ha ha ha he he he he it's not working! He he he ha ha ha that's not what she said!" -Amelia

"There's a flipping dinosaur in my bed!!!" -Sarah

"Right now I would thrill him." -Laura

"You should eat cake it's good... unless you want cold then it's just another disappointment that will ruin your life" -Kara

"It's like a big wet spot because it is a big wet spot!" -Madeline

"It's very important that we all rhyme in this apartment." -Sarah

"Laura, he (Michael) is less sexist than you!" -Kara

"I'm an interesting choice of a person." -Sarah

"No, zero is between 2 and 4." -Robert

"Gross face, I'm never going to taste your face." -Kara to Will

"Pretend that you're a pickle." -Laura to Kara

"Stringed-cheese is just about one of the BEST THINGS EVER!" -Kara

"COLDEMORT and the Meth-Eaters!" -Sarah

"Let us eat CAKE!" -Laura to Kate

"Don't you think Brett would taste good with seasonings?!" -Madeline

"We don't wear PANTS in here!" -Sarah

"Maybe I should grow up and buy some deoderant that doesn't have boy repellant in it." -Kara

"I'm still trying to figure out if you like him or not." -Sarah
"Me too." -Amelia

"Did you staple that right?" -Laura to Kara

"...hold on mom." -Will

"Get some pants or we will put you in a skirt." -Kara

"I'm going to eat you!" -Sarah

"I'm so glad I look cute while grating cheese." -Laura

"I think I turn into a frog at midnight." -Kara

"Don't touch dead bodies!" -Madeline

"I like MEN." -Sarah

"For example, my roommate's cactus is in my room. I should probably tell her about that, return the cactus, and apologize profusely." -Kara

"We'll spark the pot." -Amelia

"...that is ack.....ward." -Sarah
"That was awkard." -Amelia
"Well I was going for odd but then I said then I just said ward."-Sarah

"Don't send me away!" -Kara

"I don't need to tell him (Will) he's weird, he already knows it." -Laura

"Snow pants don't have a future!" -Madeline

"We're not compatible either- he's wearing a bandana." -Kara

"What?!" Inner-feminist going beserk!!!" -Sarah

"I feel good! And my bootay is HOTT!" -Kara

"I don't want to be fined for having a random dance zone." -Laura

"...but what else is new?" -Sarah
"Well I'm pregnant, but other than that, not much." -Will

"I learned not to guess women's deodorants." -Alex

"Why do you have two pairs of bloomers?" -Kara

"Geez then stop kissing frogs Kara." -Sarah

"You'll see him again one day when you're running towards each other and he yells 'Kara!!'" -Sarah

"Apparently my roommates just aren't funny." -Kara

"Farts are like ninjas, the more silent... the more deadly!!!" -Bob

"Boys + Poetry = Trouble!" -Sarah

"I feel like a barf. I'm a werebarf." -Kara

"Define 'angst'." -Kate

"You're friends on Facebook you can stalk him." -Laura (very matter of factly)

"Repel all BOYS." -Madeline

"My mind doesn't work!" -Kara

"What if WILL was your father?" -Sarah

"That's not true. I was a duck in eighth grade. I did all kinds of stuff. I sang..." -Amelia

"D-nut???!" -Laura

"Are you ready?... I didn't get asked to any of those dances." -Will

"Way to give away... the beginning!" -Kara

"It's good...I dropped my muffin in the garbage can." -Brett

"No Kara. Chick flicks are for girls and..." -Sarah

"Do you need my body?" -Kara

"Do you think I need my rape whistle?" -Amelia
"Well, you are going to their apartment..." -Laura

"Is he in our cage? He (Gregory) is not an animal." -Kara

"Weird sauce." -Kara

"It's 'cause you're lame." -Amelia
"It's true." -Will

"Robert was dumb. I am your lover, so you should come out right now, I am waiting for you!" -Laura to Will

"What can I do in bed that I can't do right here?" -Kara

"I don't know what her brain consists of!" -Sarah

"Kara belongs in a 'mustle'" -Kara

"There's no 'f' in your name." -Kate
"K-fara." -Laura

"Getting married would ruin my life. And make everything perfect..." -Kara

"I'm so distraught!" -Madeline

"This is the donate-your-body-to-science-dance." -Laura (while Kara peforms rapid arm movements)

"Can I borrow one of your lamps? The bathroom died... [Ten minutes later] Nevermind, I figured out the problem. I forgot the lightswitch has to be on!" -Kara

"What if Robert was your father?" -Amelia

"I'll have you on my feet so I can squish you when I walk." -Kara

"He's uglier than a man being a woman." -Sarah

"Have you guys ever noticed how homework questions are called problems?" -Kara

"I can only imagine what he'll look like in scrubs." -Madeline

"He looks so cute in his huge white Indian outfit!" -Kara

"Your face is a dungeon." -Sarah
"Your mum is a dungeon." -Amelia

"We should probably close the blinds since we'll be dancing in mermaid costumes later." -Kara

"Gahhhh! You're not supposed to take videos of me in pajamas!" -Madeline

"I haven't kissed any frogs let alone boys." -Kara

"I wouldn't go run off with a muffin. It'd have to be a cupcake at least." -Sarah

"I deserve to get married!" -Kara

"Robert, kiss me my love. I hate you."-Becca

"If it makes you feel any better I'll stare at you and pretend you're pretty." -Kara to Robert

Dear Laura,
Love, Kara

Dear Kara,
You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you'll find, you get what you need.
Love, Laura

Dear Laura,
I love that song... (some other stuff)
Love, Kara

Dear Kara,
I am glad you knew which song I was talking about. It is a very good song indeed, although not as cool as that nap song.
Love, Laura

Dear Laura,
I think my favorite is the don't bite your friends song. It's ridiculously funny. Why would anyone not bite their friends?
Love, Kara

Should you really be nice to people?

Answer: yes.
Does that always happen? No, see below.

Last year in my chemistry class we liked to play youtube videos for fun. One day a guy showed us this gem. The song lyrics "don't bite your friends" became an inside joke between Kara, Anna and I. We thought it was hilarious and sometimes when Kara was being mean to me I would remind her not to bite me.

This week I babysat my cousins Jayben and Lincoln. That meant we watched Nick Jr. a few times. During a commercial break that song played although I didn't get to watch it so Kara said this funny quote: "Sad day. Friends are for biting!"

On a related note Yo Gabba Gabba is really creepy! Each character has their own area except for the robot which is really sad. Anna and I felt bad for him. They had an art show and one had like junk which was art, so the other characters were awkward about it. They said anything can be art even if it doesn't look good. The black guy wears like gospel choir robes and has an orange furry hat?? Weird. And at the end of the show he turns them into toys again and puts them in a briefcase and takes them away. I thought that was creepy!!

So here's my story. People always think that I am nice and quiet and that sort of thing. I am for the most part, but around certain people not so much. So you may think I am mean but that might be because I am around someone who annoys me greatly.

One day I was next door with my friends. It was a Sunday and we were at the end of a game of Monopoly. I was about to leave when a bunch of people walked in to watch a movie afterwards.

I had brought a plate of cookies over and let my friends have some. When this group came in, a boy I didn't know asked for a cookie. I politely gave him one. I then got all my things to leave and soon walked to the door. When I was right in front of the door he asked for a second cookie.

I looked at his group of friends, of the rest of them, none had asked for a single cookie yet he was asking for a second and when I was leaving, no less. I did not want to give him one but because I am nice I gave him one. Although my method was a little... rude. Since I was across the room I threw the cookie, but at the wall behind him. It broke on the wall and fell to the ground.

The guy looked at me and gave me a very confused thanks. I said you're welcome before walking out the door. Because their door was still open, I heard everyone in the room start laughing as soon as I was out of the room.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Why I Should Never Stay up Late

A couple weeks ago my friends and I stayed up pretty late. I think I had been up since 7 AM and it was Saturday morning around 1:30 AM. Luckily it was a Saturday so I could sleep in.

The guys had to leave due to curfew so just the girls were left. That meant the fun had ended and we were tired anyways, so we all wanted to sleep.

We went around cleaning up the cups left on the floor, and putting pillows and blankets away. I went to put my cup in the dishwasher when I noticed a bottle of medicine. Apparently I did not read the entire bottle label, just the last half. My brain interpreted it as "mustache relief". What it really said was headache relief. I really don't know how I got to that point, other than I just read the -ache relief part and my brain put in the most used word ending in ache.

Yes, at BYU mustaches are a big issue. I have had many conversations about mustaches and how gross they are (THEY'RE NASTY GUYS). They guys think that they should grow mustaches to prove their manliness, because the honor code prevents beards (thank goodness because they're worse!). Thus it becomes a topic in everyday conversation.

I thought about that phrase. Who would need mustache relief? Then I thought about those poor girls either dating or married to guys with mustaches at BYU. I decided that if anyone ever came up with a "mustache relief" it would be quite popular at BYU.

After that I started hysterically laughing. I like to think that I have a really great sense of humor, and when I think something is ridiculously awesome (when standing), I tend to bend over and grab my knees. If it is even more hilarious than that I will literally fall on the ground laughing, and I will start crying.

At that point I grabbed my knees and cried, but only a little. Then I turned to my friends who really wondered what just went through my head. I told them the story and we all had a good laugh about it. Then they had to question my thinking, if I was insane or just tired. I was indeed tired, so they looked at me sadly and said, "Laura, just go to bed."

April Quotes

"Hate is a very common word in our apartment." -Brett

"It's not my birthday." -Kara

"Don't take a picture of me with trash." -Anna

"I just ate a chocolate chip." -Kara
"Off the ground?!?" -Laura
-giggling from Kara-

"My heart is menopausal." -Kara

"Get your boy love on." -Kara

"Do you want to curl my hair into troll sized splurgs of awesomeness?" -Kara

"Who's telling you about my chicken nuggets?!?!" -Laura

"I don't want police looking in my room!" -Kara

"I have hair on my toes. At least one toe." -Kara

"Although we hooked you... With our hooks." -Kara

"Brett you're inconsiderate!" -Laura
"I just assumed she was literate!" -Brett

"You never need to apologize for talking about puppies." -Anna

"I once got in trouble for starting a gang." -Sarah

"I need to take your pants!" -Anna to our baby cousin

"I don't want diaper glasses!" -Anna

"I have poop hands!" -Anna

"I accidentally put some noodles in a drawer..." -Laura

"I miss you like I miss chocolate milk when I don't have nesquik." -Anna

"You would like a drinking song." -Anna

"Those snotties turned into gum." -Jayben (our 6 year old cousin)