Friday, October 28, 2011

Sometimes I Ruin Birthday Parties

Last year for Anna's birthday she turned 21 and her roommates decided to throw her a surprise party. Since her birthday is at the end of August, her roommates had just moved in and knew nothing about her. They asked me and her roommate from the summer what she liked. It was suggested that since Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was one of her favorite movies we could use that as a theme.

Her new roommates planned a cake that looked like pancakes which is a scene from the movie. They made it in a neighbor's apartment and I was supposed to have Anna elsewhere for the set up. We went to her old roommate Stephanie's apartment and watched The Proposal, a very funny movie.

One of the funny things about planning this party was that her new roommates did not know anybody in the ward, and specifically any of Anna's friends. There were a few people from her FHE group invited, neighbors, and anybody who happened to stop by so at least the last minute party worked.

After the movie ended we went back to the apartment, and everyone yelled surprise! Anna was not expecting it at all and it was great. The cake turned out a little weird though. Her roommates asked if she knew what it was and she was completely stumped!

I don't care enough to actually crop out the weird legs and vase.

See, it was a little bit too chocolate colored, and the butter was bright yellow, so not so much.

Everyone ate cake, and had snacks and it was really fun. We also had music playing and people were talking and all that jazz. When everyone was finished eating and mostly talking I announced that there were games in the living room that we could all play.

And that's the point where I am a ruiner. Every guest, besides the roommates left. There were lots of excuses given out, "I have lots of homework..." (at that point it was the weekend before school, so homework really? Although that one we might have exaggerated during each telling of this story). "I have to meet a friend. Sorry!"

The real culprit of everyone leaving that nobody cared to admit? To quote Ever After, "I'm only here for the food."

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