Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sometimes I Injure People When they Stand too Close

Today someone walked past me and I hit his stomach with my head because he was too close.

The best part of these stories I feel is those first words where people have no idea why I would do something like hit someone's stomach with my head and it just seems really weird and ridiculous. So here I am postponing the inevitable end to the funniness.

Well, it all started with a food science field trip. We drove an hour and a half up to Kaysville to see the church welfare milling. Our car had less people than usual, only five in a twelve passenger van whereas we usually have eight. Plus the car ride was an hour and a half each way.

Since there were fewer people talking and it was a longer drive, a few people decided to take naps. The guy I sat next to napped with his head just in front of him so he looked like a bobble head. It was pretty funny because if we had some larger bumps in the road, his head would pop back up.

I went to a food science presentation and afterwards was dinner in the Pen Court. I was sitting there with some friends and we were talking about how all of us were in different vans so we didn't have people to talk to and nobody in general talked.

I decided that telling them about the guy's bobblehead was a good idea. Well it was pretty funny, then I demonstrated right when someone walked behind me. It was really funny, I actually did it pretty hard so I like rammed my head into his stomach. He looked at me and was like, "I didn't realize I needed to let anyone know I was passing."

It was too perfect that he walked past when I was demonstrating throwing my head back. The next time he passed behind me, he made sure I knew not to injure him. Basically you should always beware when you walk past me.


  1. I can only imagine the 'bobble head Laura' jokes that came from that incident.

  2. No it wasn't Nate, for both the bobblehead guy and the one I hurt.
    Well I'm not sure my food science friends are going to make fun of me, or so I hope.