Friday, October 14, 2011

Sometimes I Mess with People's Minds

Over the summer when I babysat Audrey, Anna and I would try to mess with her mind. See it's very easy to do so with a three year old so we took advantage of that.

One time after swimming, Audrey wanted a snack. Audrey eats way too much for her size. She has food envy where anytime anyone else is eating she has to eat what they are eating, and she's been this way since she was a baby. Since she is a bit large for her size, her family makes her eat better snacks.

Audrey asked for fruit snacks to eat but we were pushing her to eat actual fruit. I tried to use her food envy to get her to eat some of my orange, but she complained that the orange was too big for her, and she wanted a clementine instead. I bugged her a few times to eat it but she wouldn't do it. Then I told Audrey to close her eyes, and put out her hand. She was nervous and I could tell she knew what was coming but did it anyways. When she did it, I put a piece of the orange in her hand. Then she opened her eyes again and told me no! And threw it back into my lap. I tried to convince her to close her eyes again but she couldn't be fooled!! So I ate that orange all by myself.

Another time at the pool, Audrey tried to make me do princess dancing. It was almost exactly how it sounds, I would hold her and we would slow dance in the pool like how the princesses do with their princes which was oh so much fun.

Usually we would just stand there and dance but she would occasionally demand that we should have music. Audrey enlisted Anna as our singer, and told her to sing a Cinderella song. Anna started singing "So This is Love" which is in Cinderella, but Audrey did not think it was from Cinderella and told her to sing a different one. The other Cinderella songs are not really danceable, so Anna started singing "Belle Notte" instead. We danced for all of the song that we actually knew the words to. As soon as we finished Audrey told us, "That's from Lady and the Tramp!!" Sadly we could not convince her that it was Cinderella the next time we did princess dancing, she knew we had tried to fool her.

Princess dancing became a routine game at the pool, because it sure beat out Mermaid Hair Salon (I just love when 3 year olds try to do my hair!!). She knew exactly what to do when she was Cinderella. Towards the end of the song, she moved her hands from my waist and took her hand out of mine and wrapped them around my neck and she put her head on my shoulder.

Basically, Audrey is the epitome of a princess. She knows all the stories and sometimes she thinks she is one. She told us about how she needed a wedding veil because all princesses have one, and it was not just a suggestion, it was basically a demand. So I made her a veil.

Audrey in her veil, plus a random crown.

Audrey in her veil at the pool!

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