Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Quotes

"What a pooper! Did I tell you that is my favorite insult because nobody can deny it." -Kara

"I don't like you but you have the key to my survival." -Laura talking how the cat thinks

"He looks much better with a nose!" -Anna

"My bum does not play footsie!" -Kara

"Look, people more important than me!" -Anna

"Kiss it better!" -Kara
"Piece of butter?" -Laura
"Piece of fire?" -Kara

"You know the lady who swallowed the fly and horse and all that jazz? I'm pretty sure this guy ate her." -Kaitlyn

"Snuggin' like a nugget." -Kara

"I have five heads and I'm a boy!" -Cindy

After water was spilled on Kara's pants: "I needed to wash my legs anyways..." -Kara

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