Monday, January 2, 2012

Sometimes I Make a Mess

My senior year of high school up until I left for college I worked for a local craft store called Ben Franklin. That year I also got texts from Chic-fil-a for discounts on their food. This was really helpful because there was  a Chic-fil-a in the parking lot of my work and I could go there on break.

One day over the summer I was going to work when I got a text from Chic-fil-a. They were trying out various new shakes that summer and some of them they were giving out for free. The text said they had peach shakes for  free when you showed them your text. My plan was to grab a shake and go to work and leave it in the employee fridge. It was a great plan but not so much in reality.

I got my shake and drank about half of it. I then transferred it to the cup holder in the car. That day I was driving my mom's minivan which has kind of weird cup holders. They pull out and there is a piece on the bottom to hold the cup up and one that only goes partially around the side, like a semicircle.

I put my shake in the holder and started driving across the parking lot to work. In the two minutes it took to drive over I spilled my peach milkshake on the floor because the cup didn't fit adequately.

In that moment I discovered that a peach milkshake looks exactly like vomit. It looked disgusting! The color was spot on, and the consistency was perfect down to the various sized chunks. The smell was the one thing that made it apparent it wasn't vomit. It smelled sweet and peachy and not at all bad. I cleaned it up and that was that. If I had kept it in the sun it might have produced a nasty odor, which could have been good for a prank... If only I had that on my mind when I did this. That would have been hilarious.

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