Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sometimes Anna Spits on Me

Over Christmas break my mom, Anna and I went to Sam's Club a ton, maybe 5 or 6 times over both weeks. As I've mentioned before my family gets smoothies or icees a lot there, and we have since I was younger. The week before, we got home from a semester at school. When our parents picked us up, our mom had a cough. Anna has taken a lot of medical type classes and automatically yelled that she had chronic bronchitis (even though she didn't). These accusations continued throughout the break.

At one of these trips to Sam's Club our mom had one of her coughing fits. We were right by the registers so she gave me some money to buy something to help. One of the things I like getting there is a triple berry ice cream where it is layered ice cream and berries. When we were looking I saw that they had a similar thing but as a smoothie. The original is delicious and so I decided we should try the smoothie.

Anna and I ordered then got our smoothie. Anna had the first sip and she had issues getting anything out because there were still a couple of fruit pieces that weren't blended. We decided it would just be easier to grab a spoon and eat it that way. I took out the straw so that I could eat the smoothie at the bottom of the straw. I turned it upside-down to get it all easily.

Tipping the straw turned out to be a big mistake. Apparently Anna had filled the straw with her spit when she couldn't get anything out. I'm not even sure how that happened. I would think that sucking would pull a vacuum which would make sure nothing went in or out. Maybe when she gave up it went in? Well anyways, Anna's spit came out of the straw and all over my hand. I thought it was nasty and Anna thought it was hilarious. At least we were still in the store so I could clean up!

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