Sunday, January 15, 2012

When Voldemort Falls in Love

I usually don't watch scary movies. I have a few times but I always find them pretty boring generally because I don't get scared (same as haunted houses as mentioned here). The fun part about scary movies is watching with people who do get scared easily because they are the entertainment.

Anna and I watched a few movies over winter break including Maid in Manhattan which stars JLo and one of my favorites Stanley Tucci. We looked through the information for it and realized that the love interest is played by Ralph Fiennes better known as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (Voldemort!!).

Usually someone who plays a villain in one movie can easily switch to a hero type role or love interest with no problems. Ralph Fiennes however cannot, which created our scary movie. Why do I think this? There are a few reasons.

His smile shows you that even when he is supposedly happy, he still wants to kill you.

His death glare.

Any reference to Harry Potter-esque things could be taken badly. 
  • In Maid in Manhattan Ralph Fiennes is at the zoo and says, "Come on, we haven't seen the snakes." This could be taken as a death threat. He is luring JLo and her son to Nagini for lunch.
  • In another part of the movie, he goes on a date with the girl JLo impersonated. She thought it went well and kept bugging him, to which he responds, "Caroline, the first lunch was a mistake. A second would be complete torture." I could easily see that if they went on a second date it would end with him using  Avada Kedavra and killing her.
The first week back from the break Anna and I got it from the library to watch with our friends. The first response when we showed them the cover was from Kaitlyn who yelled,  "Voldemort!!!" and then hissed. 

From the beginning, this movie did not mix well with Kaitlyn. She sat on the floor hugging her knees and whimpering. Then he would smile and she would go into hysterics for the next few minutes. She eventually pulled her scarf from her lap and wrapped it around her head like a turban and pulled at it. When he wanted to go see the snakes, Kaitlyn couldn't take it. She got up and ran into the back screaming, "SNAKES!!" with her eyes bugging out. We thought it was hysterical and a little over the top. Anna decided to be nice and help her so she brought out her stuffed sheep to calm her. For the rest of the movie, Kaitlyn sat there in her turban, petting a sheep. It was a little weird but helped calm her down. It was definitely one of the most entertaining "scary movies" I've seen in awhile.


  1. Snakes! SNAKES!!!!...I'm glad I got to be yalls entertainment in that horrific romantic comedy.

  2. Oh my gosh I never would have known! I recently watched Maid in Manhattan and didn't know!!!

  3. I'm sure if you did know you would have though differently about it!