Thursday, January 12, 2012

That Time my Grandma got Black Eyes and I Laughed

That title makes me sound like a bad person. And that is true. I laughed because my grandma got black eyes and now, while I'm writing this I'm laughing again.... well here we go.

Every month throughout college Anna and I have gone to our grandparents house  so we could have family dinner on the fourth Sunday. My freshman year they came up a few other times to give us things or fix stuff that was broken. I can't remember why but they came up the third Sunday to help us with something.

I was at a dinner for my ward, and it was in September so we were outside eating. I had gotten calls from my grandparents saying they were there but I didn't hear my phone since I was outside. Luckily my roommate went back for something and saw that they had tried to go into our apartment. She also saw that my grandma had fallen while going down the stairs and needed an ice pack. She helped her then came back to get me.

When I was back at my apartment I got a good look at her. She had two black eyes and a rug burn on her chin. It looked really bad. I was very surprised because my roommate did not mention anything about my grandma. We were all wondering what happened to her. Apparently she fell because one of the landings was small and had a sharp turn. Her feet didn't quite turn on the landing and she tripped over them and fell down the rest of the stairs.

The next week we went to their house for fourth Sunday dinner. My grandma told us about her week at school as a teacher. Everyone commented on her black eyes at school, because they were scared for her. It apparently looked really bad, like she was beaten up, for the first couple of days. This is what I got to see.

Her face is not so funny (supposedly) but for some reason I thought it was hilarious (and still do). That Sunday I was making brownies with Anna. My grandma had come in and out of the room a few times. I couldn't stop thinking about how weird her face looked. I started laughing while I was making the batter and I got to the point where I started crying because I was laughing so hard. I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom so I could calm down and stop crying.

I have laughed every other time I've looked at that picture. Luckily I'm not that bad and I haven't laughed until I cried because of her black eyes since.

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