Monday, January 23, 2012

BYU Bucket List

This year we have decided to start a BYU Bucket list for random things we want to do here. This is in part because my friends Kara and Hannah are leaving! Kara is graduating at the end of this semester and Hannah is leaving for France next school year (probably). Even though I still have another year, I thought it would be fun to be apart of this because many of the things I still have yet to do.

A couple of weeks ago we did our first thing on the list! We went to Shirley's Bakery and got some of their rolls. We got a dozen, where half were raspberry rolls and the other half were orange rolls. They were deliciously amazing!

This past weekend we did some a few things on the list.

Firstly, we ate King Kong Kones at Maceys. In one sitting!! It took Kaitlyn about 30 minutes, and everyone was surprised at that speed. Kara probably took about an hour, then Hannah and I finished within minutes of each other at about an hour and twenty minutes. Last was Anna at around two hours, granted she did drive from Maceys to our friends and got hers last.

Look at the size of those!! It was something like 12 swirls. Completely ridiculous!

I tackled (or tickled if you're Kara) the ice cream!

The gang. L-R Anna, Kara, me, Kaitlyn and Hannah. 

Secondly we took Hannah to Ikea! Hannah is from Alaska and they don't have all the same stores as we do on the mainland. We decided that going to Ikea is a must, even if it isn't a BYU thing.
Looking at the Ikea map.

Thirdly we took Hannah to Chic-fil-a. Again, not exactly a BYU thing but it needed to happen. I mean she had never been to Chic-fil-a! It's a favorite fast food place for most people. Sadly no pictures for that one, but you can imagine what that looked like.

My official Provo list includes:

  • Going to Jump on it
  • Sammy's for pie shakes (Anna has never been)
  • Eating at Pita Pit
  • Dumpster diving for Krispie Kreme doughnuts
  • Comedysportz--I've been but I want to take my friends
  • Sparks for mocktails--just because everyone thinks of the restaurant when I say I visit my friends at Sparks II
  • Diet coke and mentos--I have always wanted to do this and why not at BYU
  • Shakes from the Malt Shoppe
Kara has some things she wants to do that I would put on here but facebook isn't working... stupid facebook and I can't remember them. Hopefully we can get these all done before my friends leave!! I'll probably add more posts with the pictures I take.

My official BYU list

  • Get a note at the Testing Center
  • Throw pennies from the top of the SWKT stairs, make it a race
  • Run into Cecil O. Samuelson, shake his hand
  • Look at the liger in the Bean Museum, find Hedwig
  • Find a train ticket, join the Flash mob on campus
  • Try and pet the feral cats on campus
  • Find the fish tank in the WIDB
  • Go tunnel singing
  • Get published in the Daily Universe
  • Roll down the hill by the library
  • Stay in the library until midnight
  • Grill chicken in the library

Edit: I'm sorry if this was not what you were expecting, but it's just my personal list (I also never intended for it to be shared). Half of these are inside jokes but take what you will from it! Just some fun stuff to do when bored around Provo! I gave more commentary here since it was shared.

And here's a great bucket list from the 100 hour board. 

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  1. Mentos and coke: several science projects on that topic