Monday, January 30, 2012

I make a Fool of Myself

Sophomore year I started taking food science classes for my major. Fall semester I took the intro class with other beginning food science majors and other similar majors. Winter semester I took the first one that was more specified for food science majors, called Food Analysis (which stunk). I was in the class the whole semester, and really only skipped once or twice.

The last day of the semester I went home to my apartment where another food science major sat on my couch. First of all, it was super weird seeing him at my apartment. Second, he was apparently on a date with my roommate (although I didn't make that connection at the time). Since we knew each other I thought it would be awkward if I didn't acknowledge him. As it turns out, I was wrong.

I said hi to him and said something like, "Aren't you a food science major?" He looked at me like I was crazy and creepy for knowing that. I tried to make it sound better, "We're both in Food Analysis with Dr. Lloyd, remember?"

Luckily that sparked some memory. "Oh yeah." But that realization was only that we had to be in the same class for me to have known that, not that he recognized me. We chatted for a little bit and then I awkwardly ran into my room to grab a few needed things.

I went to my neighbors' house because we were doing a sleepover. Katie did my hair, and it turned out super curly.
Notice that I am sitting in a closet. Also, this set of pictures never made it to facebook, so this is the most anyone's going to get.

After doing our hair, we all chose coordinating outfits except that I had to change into a shirt I didn't have with me. I tried walking past saw my roommate and her date but my hair confused them and they asked me about it. Then I had to explain that we were just doing a fun girls night for the last day. Although they were less confused, I'm sure that didn't make it any less weird.

We were also going to take pictures but I was the only one with a camera that had charged batteries. The problem? My camera was in my room. I grudgingly went back to my apartment again and saw my roommate and the boy again. This time I did not make eye contact and went into my room to get my camera. I'm pretty sure I just looked ridiculous and my cheeks were bright red until I left for good.

Meaning of the story? If you aren't sure if you know someone well enough (or at all) to have a short couple minute chat, then don't assume anything. You will just make a fool of yourself and they will think that you are a creeper.

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