Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Scaring the Roommates

First, if you didn't see my facebook...

1. Do I own a Hannah Montana poster? Yes.
2. Did Anna and I move it into the back of her new roommates closet to scare her? Yes.
3. Did I put it at eye level so she can stare her down? Yes.
4. Did I cry from laughing, on the ground when this all occurred? Yes.

Well my sister's roommate moved in! When she saw the picture she said, "Are you a fan of Hilary Duff?" This for real happened. It blatantly says Hannah Montana on the poster. But whatevs not everyone can read.

Secondly, after this weekend I am now self-conscious about my hiccups. Thanks friends for pointing out how weird they are every time I hiccup. They come singularly and are strangely high pitched, almost like a chirp. Many people who haven’t heard them before say, “Bless you.” And after they realize what it really was, they act all awkward. So now every time I hiccup I cover my mouth, apologize and look around to see who heard it. Then people make fun of me for being self-conscious about it, so its a vicious cycle. I told my friends that they're lucky I didn't sneeze.

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