Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Awkward Things from This Week

1. I went to my friends' apartment complex on Saturday. They were having a barbecue and it was really awesome. I know a lot of people there and I even met some new people. We jumped in the pool and I sat around and watched as a bunch of guys showed off to everyone watching. I think it's hilarious because usually it's not all that impressive. They do the same two flips into the pool over and over. Or they try to dunk the basketball that someone throws to them, and usually miss.

After they finished showing off, we got a game of water basketball going. That was fun except so tiring. After the game we swam around for awhile and decided to start Categories. One person, who is it, picks a category and everyone picks something in that category. The person who is it guesses a bunch of things and then dives in if someone in the group chose one of those things and he hears them swimming. At one point I was it and dived in after someone. Diving into a pool with contacts in is something you shouldn't do. I lost my contacts and ended up walking home half-blind. I mean it wasn't dangerous... kind of. I could see the blobs of cars at least. And some creepy old man helped me cross 900 E. So, actually it was really awkward.

2. So I dyed my hair over the weekend. To chocolate brown! Here's a really awful webcam picture of it. Don't you just love webcam pictures.

Kara was the one to dye it and there were a few times that she just accidentally stuck her gloved hand in my ear. That's fine (jk it really is awkward to have fingers stuffed in your ear) minus the fact that she put dye in my ear! Luckily we have a technique to get rid of that, just add lotion and all the dye sticks to the lotion. I did not thoroughly wash the stuff out though, and I had what looked like a thick blob of dirt in my ear for the day. I didn't notice until I had spent the day with friends, so that's cool. They probably think I don't have good hygiene.

3. I just barely I used the phrase "I have to go get homework done." Awkward. Sometimes I really just don't speak clearly.

4. I have a post about how awkward I am. That's awkward.

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