Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finals Scare

Finals are usually one of the most hectic, scariest parts of the semester. You realize that you have a ginormous amount of information to remember or learn if you didn't understand it the first time. Finals weeks is straight from the devil, and lucky for you, you get to experience it EIGHT times (more or less depending on how long you take to graduate). You think that nothing can make finals worse, but oh there are things that can.

Yesterday I was studying in the library. I took a two second break to pull out my computer charger and plug it in. I untangled the cord and wrapped the velcro around some of the cord that I condensed. It took awhile gathering the cord and when I turned around my friend Dustin was a few inches from my face! Apparently he had been waiting for me to turn around. As I turned he startled me and I jumped a little bit. Luckily I did not scream or anything since I was in the library, I was just startled and made a face. He went to sit down and I couldn't help but laugh and think of this hilarious video of people getting scared.

The rest of the day I was especially jumpy and I reacted to every little thing. Anytime someone walked past I turned around to make sure they wouldn't attack me. If I took a two second break I would involuntarily turn around and check to see if anyone was creeping on me. It kind of made studying a little less productive but every time I caught myself doing it, I would laugh at myself so I guess that's one good thing. Finals week is not the same to me anymore, a little scarier than before.

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