Sunday, April 22, 2012

Internship Details

For anyone who doesn't know, I'm going to Pennsylvania for an internship! It will be sweet! The deal is I live in a long stay hotel by myself though. I'm living in a hotel!! No roommates for the first time ever! That is also somewhat of a problem. I move in on a Monday and will only know people at work for the first week until I go to church. That means I will have a lot of time my first week to do anything. I'll probably end up writing a lot on here and probably even after my first week. I highly doubt I will be doing things on a daily basis.

My internship is in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania which is actually ten minutes from Hershey, so yes I will go there and eat chocolate all the time. I will also hopefully travel to different sites around the north east. I really want to go to NYC again, I haven't been since eighth grade. Possibly I'll go to church history sites like Palmyra for the Pageant and the Sacred Grove. I'll be sure to put all the fun things I do on here. It's bound to be a fun exciting summer with lots of things going on! But we'll get to that ;) There's definitely a lot in store and I'm looking forward to it!

A few highlights for my internship:

  • I will be working with a company named Dairiconcepts--check it out
  • They make cheese products that other companies use
  • The facility I'll be at makes super concentrated cheese powders
  • Did I mention I will live in a hotel?
  • They are paying for me to fly out, my hotel room, a rental car and I get $12/hour
I kind of feel like this is showing off a little but seriously, people have asked and I want people to know!

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