Saturday, April 21, 2012

Goodbye Provo

Today I left Provo! It's been a sad, crazy, jam-packed 24 hours.

I'll just start with a picture. Do you see the funniest line?

Rachel: Yes!!!!

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning. Then I went up the canyon to a barbecue! It was a bunch of my friends from Sparks. We had really delicious pulled pork sandwiches, accidental sugar free cornbread, chips, and some of my cookies. Then interestingly enough, we went up to Squaw Peak. If you don't know, Squaw Peak has this funny connotation, it's basically the place where couples go to make out. It's not so much a group activity, which made it a tiny bit strange for us to be surrounded with couples. We got there just as the sun set and we looked out over Provo. Then we watched Megamind, a really awesome movie. Lastly, we went back up the canyon and looked at the stars. It was slightly cold, but that just meant we got to snuggle up.

After all the fun, I went home and cleaned until 2 AM. I even slept on the couch just because my room and bed were a mess! I woke up at 6 AM and then cleaned the rest of everything up. Around noon, I went to my friend's house at Sparks. We chilled watching a movie, then went outside to read. A couple hours later I went back to Sparks to drive to a wedding reception. The reception was super fun, however I didn't even know the couple! Some of my friends were going and they did not want to say good bye to me any earlier which was okay with me. I got to eat amazing food and dance for a few hours. There were some incredible dancers there since the couple met swing dancing. They were a little intimidating, especially to my amateur steps. The weirdest part of the reception was that I was apart of a pseudo shared date. Some of my friends came with dates except for three of us, me and two guys. Although one of the guys has a girlfriend who wasn't present. So yes, really strange. At some point I'll get the picture of us, there's one that may be slightly creepy looking that I'm sure is hilarious. Now I am about to pass out because of lack of sleep.

It's been fun, Provo. It's been real. 'Til we meet again, whenever that may be.

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