Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Just Hit that Kid with my Backpack

The best way to realize a friend is in your class is probably not how I did last week.

One of my friends, Sheilagh, is in my physics class. There's over a hundred people in our class so I don't usually find her to sit by. Last Tuesday I saw her walking into one of the aisles in the classroom to sit down. Our class is in the Clyde building and so the aisles are really small.  There were two seats where she was headed and I followed a few paces behind her and called her name. She turned around and was happy to see me.

When we got to the seats, the people next to them said they were saved. I had to turn around so that I could find another seat. I didn't realize that there wasn't enough room to turn around and I hit the guy in front of me with my backpack. I couldn't even turn around to apologize because I would hit someone else so I walked forward and found a seat.

I sat down and I looked to see who I had hit in the head. If they were looking I could hopefully mouth that I was sorry. He was turned around but I could still recognize him. It was news to me but my roommate's boyfriend is in my class. That's probably not the best way to find someone but it's just how I roll!

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