Sunday, February 5, 2012

Skateboarding Experiment

When I lived in Texas, I had some awesome teachers! All from elementary school until middle school they really wanted us to learn and have fun. One of those teachers was my 7th grade science teacher, Mr. Hall. He was so great, everything in class was made to be fun and to make sure everyone learned what we needed to.

One of my favorite lessons was when we were studying basic physics. We were just studying the association between mass, time, velocity and acceleration. He decided that it would be a good idea to do a physical example of this. We went outside onto the blacktop and rode skateboards to get data to calculate with. Someone would push the person sitting on a skateboard and yell start. Another person with a timer would start the timer and wait for the person to cross a line 20 feet down then stop it.

As I child I was never proficient using a skateboard. My friends and I would try to do this on the sidewalk between our houses. I was always terrible. At some point during our fun, I would fall off and skin my knee or get my fingers run over.

That being said, you can see where this went during our experiment. I got on the skateboard and was pushed forward. I went the whole distance, but the stopping part didn't work out so well. I tried to put my foot out to stop my momentum, it was a nice idea but not in practice. Instead of just stopping, my flip flop took all the force and broke. Not only was I stupid enough to wear flip flops during a skateboard experiment but they were not allowed at school, and they broke. I ended up calling my mom and having her bring another pair of shoes. I was just an awesome middle schooler.

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