Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pennsylvania at a Glance

This is just a list of everything I've done, just for my own sake.

  • Week One- An introduction to the area, and I went to the ghetto mall by my hotel.
  • Week Two- The vice-president of my company came, and West Virginia trip.
  • Week Three- My mission call! Memorial Day barbecue, and cleaning the girl scout camp.
  • Week Four- Break the fast at the New Oxford building, then my New York trip!
  • Week Five- Party with Hershey ward ladies, start of my acid degree value testing, Romeo and Juliet in the park, and the Walk for Autism.
  • Week Six- Hershey museum, YSA barbecue in the park, and the DC temple.
  • Week Seven- The infamous rolls incident at Texas Roadhouse, City Island with Ivan, Drive in movie and the beach.
  • Week Eight- Trip to Lancaster County, and Ronnie's house for a pool party.
  • Week Nine- John Bankert's birthday party at Ronnie's, RS swim dessert party, and our overnight Palmyra trip.
  • Week Ten- Making cookie dough brownies with Beth, I gave away a Book of Mormon, and the Philadelphia trip.
  • Week Eleven- Murder in the dark with our super late night, cupcakes with Ethan, and the Gettysburg conference.
  • Week Twelve- Frisbee golf, watching the Olympics, book club pool party, pizza with Beth, and more Olympics.
  • Week Thirteen- Swimming, my family came to visit me, Hershey Park, skydiving, and the Sister Surprise.
  • Week Fourteen- Dinner at Beth's with Ethan, Matt, and Emma, dinner at Ethan's house, my going away swim party, and my flight home!

So this list is kind of crazy. I did a lot of things... A lot. I look back on it and think that it is amazing I fit all of this in. But then, there were some times I was bored and thought about the time I still had left.

All I can say now is that I am so glad for this summer. It was probably the best summer I've ever had. It was so much fun, and I did a lot of things I have wanted to do for awhile. Living in PA has allowed me to do a lot of traveling which is one thing I don't do enough of. It will be interesting at home for the next six weeks without the amount of activities, I will surely get bored. Anyway, that's it!

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