Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week One

First, I should have put this in my last post but I didn't so it's going here.

New glasses!  Also, you can see a small portion of my room. I'll get real pictures sometime...

Here is my car, a 1999 Ford Taurus. I decided to name him Magellan.

I don't have an oven! That means no baking and limited cooking which makes for a sad Laura. The thought crossed my mind I should get an easy bake oven (I've never owned one) but I don't think that will happen.
I ate out at a sit down place by myself for the first time. It was a sandwich and soup place although I thought the sit down part was unnecessary. Basically all they did was put it on a nice plate and I had to pay a tip for it.

Roads here are ridiculous. There is one intersection where I have to turn left at an angle that is practically a u-turn. The intersection was made up of about 8 roads coming together. I have no idea who approved that, not a good idea.
My first day at work. It wasn't much only because it was all paperwork. We went out to eat for lunch. I got a chicken bacon ranch stromboli and it was really delicious.

I did cheese tasting! I tried some of the normal cheeses and then some concentrated cheeses. They purposefully made me taste some nasty ones.
I made up a few concentrated cheese samples from blocks of cheese and various ingredients. Concentrated cheeses are very strong smelling. If you accidentally pour some on your hand or if you work with it too long you smell like cheese. Sometimes rancid cheese.
I saw my first Amish or Mennonite people. They looked exactly like polygamists with the long hair in braids and long dresses. They live close by so I'm sure I will see more. One of my coworkers promised to bring me some of the baked goods they sell on the side of the road.

I made up sloppy joe mix and put in various concentrated cheeses. This was my first time working with our products in other goods.
I went grocery shopping and I accidentally bought stuff I need an oven for! Luckily I can do some baking at work.

I made up some salad dressings to try with one of the cheese concentrates. I used a recipe but I had to add in a few ingredients and change amounts of ones I already had. So this was my first real product development! It's just an introduction for now, I'll get to pick something I want to work on later when I get the hang of it. I'm thinking cheesecake and adding a cream cheese concentrate to it. I could definitely do various types of cheesecake all summer. That would be awesome.

I went to my hotel pool and hot tub (I know surprising it took me a week to go). A horde of 12-14 year old boys greeted me with stares for the first couple minutes I was there. Awkward. They had a game of marco polo going and were rough housing. At one point a couple of them almost ran into me but one of them told the other, "Watch out for the lady!" At least they had some sort of manners. I was in the hot tub and some 14 year old girls came and sat with me and we talked a little about how the boys were being awful with their noise and games. This goes to show that I'm pretty popular with the middle school crowd.
I ventured to the mall by my hotel. It's kind of ghetto. There was a store called Rainbow and it was pretty colorful. In the display there were striped rainbow leggings with stars on them. It was insane. One of the major stores at the mall is Bass Pro Shop. Right outside of it there is a huge display so I took pictures. You're welcome.

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  1. I require rainbow leggings. Not really though.