Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Quotes

Random texts I got from a girl I don't know.

Way to go! You're awesome :)

The girl somehow responded to everyone who received a mass text from a different friend. It wasn't clear that was how she got my number until I asked after the second one. It was awesome getting those random texts though, it made my day.

"There are no special effects, except the toilet flushing." -Beth
"Right or left?" -Beverly
"Doesn't matter." -Ronnie
Beverly goes left.
"I would have gone the other way." -Ronnie
"You were directing us!!!" -Laura

"That giant bird just cut in front of us!" -Beth

"Those are the buffest twelve year olds I've seen in my life." -Beth

"I love a good beard." -Beth

At work: "Yes we had a conference call about your inability to participate in contests." -Andy (my coworker is still technically from a temp company)

"Sorry my knees are really long." -Beth
"Your knees or your legs?" -Laura

"He didn't mind growing up to look like Santa Claus." -Beverly

All of the things from Gettysburg:

The names Ethan was called by various people: Larry, Ian, Theenuh

"Take a gander..." -Ethan
"Gander? hahahah" -Me
"I'm sorry that not everyone uses the word gander in the vernacular." -Ethan
"Vernacular? hahahah" -Me
"I give up!" -Ethan

"I reckon..." -Ethan
"Reckon? hahaha" -Laura

"Hot dang!" -Ethan

"There's something in that tree." -Laura
"It could be a kite or a beach ball... or a small child." -Ethan
"A beach ball? Who brings a beach ball to Gettysburg and gets it stuck in a tree?" -Laura

"Are you a jumping bean?" -Laura
"If I were to be a legume..." -Ethan

"You do not have talons!" -Matt to Ronnie

"You can touch her!" -Laura to Spencer

"Somebody stole my unicycle in Hawaii!" -Ethan

"Hey Luke... uh I mean Matt..." -Laura
"And how do you know my brother?"

Apparently I reference a lot of unexpected things, or say things my friends wouldn't have expected me to say...
"Blithering Idiot!"
"Brother from another mother!"
"I will cut you!"
"Nope... Chuck Testa!"

Post Gettysburg:

Creepily: "I've never been down that hallway before..." -Laura

"I called in sick at work. I've got a fever... dance fever!" -Matt

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