Sunday, August 5, 2012

Week Twelve

Monday I went to the park with Ethan. We played frisbee golf which was fun. There was a random man with a metal detector there, not sure what was up with that. A few holes in, I almost hit a dog with my frisbee, then I cleanly broke off a tree limb and the frisbee kept going which was entertaining. Later, Ethan lost his frisbee in the woods, meaning that I won by default (my favorite way to win). Then we went to the store and got ice cream and different candy and chocolate things to put on top. Mmm.

Wednesday Ethan and I watched the Olympics. I really wanted to watch the women's team gymnastics final so we watched it on DVR from the night before. It was amazing to watch the women's team take gold! We also had watched some synchronized diving and some swimming. In the diving, the Mexicans and Canadians (?) won silver and bronze. They were visibly excited and were hugging and smiling. The Chinese won gold and it was kind of hilarious because the commentator said, "For the Chinese it is business as usual." They were unsmiling and it looked like they just wanted to leave and go home. Seriously? You just won in your event at the Olympics, show some sort of emotion!

Thursday I went to a pool party with Beth. Not many people were there (five total), so that just meant more fabulous dessert for me. Afterwards, I watched more Olympics, specifically the women's individual all around gymnastics final. Gabby Douglas won gold which was really exciting!

Friday I went to Beth's and we made pizza. It was delicious, with pepperoni, spinach, olives and mushrooms. Then we watched Pride and Prejudice, (the Kiera Knightly version) and went to Wendy's for frostys.

Saturday I went shopping for more mission clothes. Then I watched the Olympics for a few hours. After I couldn't take my hotel room for any longer, I went to Ethan's house. We watched the Olympics, (women's trampoline) and played Stratego. Since he had not had nutella in years and wasn't sure if he liked it, I forced him to try some on peanut butter cookies we made. He is now a fan!!

Two month mark for my mission! And two weeks here in PA. So that means you won't get these obnoxiously long posts anymore, not true actually, wait two months!

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