Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week Three

Mission call to Arcadia, California Spanish speaking. There will be a full post about this....

Pool party for Memorial Day!! I went at around two, and it lasted all day. Apparently the ysa has all day crazy parties. I'm up for it, except when I have to sleep for work... We had barbecue early on and watched a movie. Later on we got in the pool and swam. It is a circular pool so my first thought was to have a whirlpool, and I convinced them to do it. It was awesome. When we were going around we started throwing the balls around. It was kind of hilarious since we were going in circles, and we were all pretty bad at aiming at moving targets.
After the whirlpool we went inside and played on the Kinect. There were a couple dance games we played for most of the time-- Just Dance 3 and Dance Central. Those are the games on the wii or Kinect I like doing at parties. At one point I did like five songs in a row and was exhausted. Then we ate pizza and I left. I don't know how some of these people party all day it was tiring!

More salad dressings!
Institute. I was going to stay for volleyball but they didn't start until late so I left. Basically not much happened.

My coworker's birthday was yesterday but he took the day off (he had a four day weekend jealous!) so we partied today. We ate a cake and Mississippi mud pie. They were both delicious. He received some candy for his birthday from his relatives and shared with us. I ate one and later that day he was talking about them. There were two varieties bacon caramel and chocolate stout. I had the chocolate one and apparently it was made with some type of alcohol! Hahaha! I guess that's what you get when you leave Provo, people think everyone drinks alcohol. Apparently chocolate stout is a type of alcohol and he assumed I knew. I guess it's not any worse than using cooking wine, the alcohol content is reduced somewhat but does not dissipate completely. Anyway, it was funny yet sad, so I hope this doesn't happen again.
I got gelati at Rita's with a girl in my ward. Rita's is an east coast Italian ice/gelati place that somehow missed my area of Virginia so I haven't had it before. I got a fudge brownie gelati with vanilla ice cream. I definitely want to go back! We spent the time planning things to do this summer. She studied history in school so she will go to any historical site no matter how many times she's been. So that means.... road trip!! I'm really excited to go anywhere and everywhere!

I had an upset stomach so I didn't do salad dressings today. Instead I made up some velveeta type cheese. I already thought the stuff was disgusting and after making it I don't want to eat it ever again. It's cheese melted with a bunch of oil and other stuff. The oil does not go in very well and it just looked like a greasy mess.
I looked into some applications of our products. That meant I got to browse recipes online. Basically it was awesome.

One of the QA people just got a new job in Pittsburgh... That means that from the time she leaves until they find someone new I can help out with her job.
Yesterday I only made a similar product to processed cheese (velveeta) but today I actually made it. I even poured it into a loaf pan to make it all rectangular. Ewww, how does anyone eat that stuff??
There were thunderstorms all afternoon followed by a tornado warning. It was awesome. I don't like rain except on two conditions. 1. It is either raining but the sun is still out. 2. It is crazy raining like you can barely see and get drenched in a second and thunder is involved. It was exciting.
I got chinese food for dinner with my new friend Beth. It was delicious and it was in a really cute area. After dinner we went to a game night which was fun. The best part? When playing Loaded Questions the person reading accidentally read the wrong answer but it totally fit and was hilarious. Q: What are you most likely to go to jail for? A: Body odor. It was so hilarious I don't even remember the real answer.

I was sitting around and decided to go out to a thrift store I've passed. It was really awesome and much more vintage-esque of a thrift store than DI or goodwill. Almost everything was dated at least twenty years. I found some things for my mission, two skirts and a button down shirt. The guy at the counter was super nice. The machine for their cards wasn't working so I had to pay cash. I had $9 in ones and I could scrounge up the remaining two dollars in quarters and dimes but he didn't care, he just let me take my stuff for less. I tried pulling out more change but he really insisted, such a nice guy!
A few stakes around here bought a camp for boy scout camp and girls camp. I went to help clean it up and get it ready for the summer. Beth and I stopped at an out of the way grocery store to get chips and cookies to eat with dinner. We had a fire and we cooked hot dogs and ate lots of food. We made smores using Reeses instead of chocolate and they are totally the best! I was so happy to see the Reeses and that someone else knows that trick. Although it was small, only four people it was still fun.

Random additions:
My car here in PA has a couple programmed radio stations. The two on there are country and I was too lazy to find new ones... There's Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift which I'm used to mixed in with everything else, but I find I like most of it. That is kind of a new idea for me. I have always been against country but now I see that it was more my lack of getting used to it and actually listening for more than two seconds. Of course there are songs that I listen to that I don't like but I see most of them aren't as awful as I made them out to be. In fact a lot of them are hilarious , or not so serious and they tell stories much better than normal stuff on the radio. It is actually nice to understand 95% of the lyrics and I haven't heard many that swear either which is awesome.
The organist forgot to play the last verse of a song last week or maybe the week before. It was really funny, the director stopped and everyone turned to look at the organist. She had changed the stops after she finished playing so she had to readjust and it took a couple minutes before we starting singing again. It was pretty entertaining.

I used an eye make up remover with the warning: keep out of eye. I realized that when it got in and stung my eye. Why did I even buy it!?!?  It's not like I put it in my eye on purpose but if it happens I don't want it to hurt.

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