Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Life in Pictures

First a funny picture from BYU Memes, then all things from the end of the semester until now.

Ryan Gosling, no explanation necessary.

Kara is now graduated! That is ridiculous! And she even rocks the giant nightgown look! 

Sam's Club had Oreo's for $3 with three packs inside! They even had birthday cake ones in there! Kara and I hunted for them this semester and they were all out, so my mom and I couldn't resist buying the last seven boxes... whoops!

 Anise cuddling in the blankets at my dad's feet.

Friendship bread!! For Kaitlyn, Hannah and Anna. Also, I think friendship bread should be renewable since it is magic and can last FOREVER.

Matching hot pads I made with my mom at a Relief Society workshop.

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